Betrayal – John 13 – taught by Pastor Don Moore

Betrayal – John 13 – taught by Pastor Don Moore

Notes from Bible Study taught on 7/26/13

Betrayal – the word in Greek means to take someone and turn them over to someone else. Spiritually turning the relationship and heart over to someone else with a negative view, not handing them over with the truth. Blaspheming, being hypocritical, not a love relationship, or turning them over with offense, hatred, or insult. Handing over because of an emotional level.

Judas is handing over Jesus to betrayal. He is not reporting what Jesus is in truth, but spreading disinformation about Him.

The betrayer distorts and magnifies their impression of who they think the person they’re betraying is. Instead of handing over the truth, they’re giving a reflection of their (the betrayer’s) anger and distortion.

A son who betrays the father uses a different image of the father – an image formed by the son’s hurt or offense. The son maligns or blows out of proportion the person who is betrayed.

It is important to look to the motivation of the betrayer. Betrayal usually doesn’t lead to reconciliation. It leads to destruction and separation.

Some people think that, by betraying the person, they will fix the person, control, or manipulate them. It is a desperate act of frustration.

Judas wanted Jesus to use His special power to control the Roman Empire. When he realized Jesus was not going to do that, Judas betrayed Jesus.

You don’t usually get the truth about why the betrayer did what they did because the betrayer usually vacates the scene. The heart of the betrayer that was once compassionate for you, now turns passionate against you.

The betrayer is a liar.

Hurt people hurt people. When an act of betrayal is done in the mind, they don’t trust your efforts to heal the situation. Some emotional responses are so destructive. You cannot approach the betrayer for reconciliation; the betrayer has to approach you and tell you how to restore the situation. Sadly, their demands are often impossible to meet and the betrayal stands.

What is the spiritual way to deal with betrayal?

1. Focus on – I’m going to walk in love.

Proverbs 25:21-22 If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat;
 and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; For so you will heap coals of fire on his head,
 and the Lord will reward you.

2. Resolve – I will not go to combat over this.

When the devil shows you the holes in your betrayer’s armor, you might be tempted to hit back, but don’t.  Brother Kenneth Hagin was frequently attacked for his faith message. When asked how he dealt with it, Brother Hagin said, yes, the attacks hurt. It disgusts him that they are applying negativity to this. But he resolved never to respond, defend himself from attack, counter it, or answer his critics.

3. Pray for patience and peace in yourself.

The enemy, satan, wants you to make a disruptive response. Betrayal is a deadly poison. If you eat it, it will poison you.

Someone asked Pastor Don if he prays betrayers out of the congregation.

He said you don’t pray out a person who planted or seeded betrayal, unless that seed begins to sprout. If the seed of betrayal sprouts and begins to hurt the other members of the congregation, then you may need to pray the person out. If nothing comes of the betrayal, then keep the person in, you never know when God can work on a person and bring about the healing necessary for them to grow beyond betraying. And if they are close to you, you are aware of what they are doing. The devil wants you to spend your ministry defending yourself so you get distracted from genuine ministry.

In the establishment of a ministry or church there is a honeymoon period of about five years. In the latter stages of a ministry, no matter how good or effective you are, satan aligns against you so you have to defend your work instead of finishing what God sets for you to do. The flesh of people will rise up to attack you and make you defend yourself.

Pastor Don gave the example of Creflo Dollar, when the devil caused one of his children to attack how he disciplined his children. The devil tried to destroy Creflo’s ministry, but Creflo Dollar chose not to speak against this child’s accusation, not to defend himself, not to do anything. The problem disappeared. Had Creflo Dollar said anything it would have become a bigger issue and might have destroyed his ministry.

The devil tries to stir up the church to nullify control, family, funds, etc.

Judas fulfilled the plan of God. Don’t look at the one thing they messed up on, look at the whole picture.

Betrayal will happen to all of us on two levels. 1) Realistic – they will lie about us and plant seeds of betrayal and 2) they will invent you and then use their invented image of you to vent on you.  An example is if a person was abused by their father, they will try to make you into the image of their abusive father or into the image of a perfect father that they desire – you can’t be either of those so they vent on you.

When betrayal happens ask the question, why are they saying this about me? Then say, wow, I can do this. I can walk in love, I don’t have to repeat evil for evil, and I can have the patience to wait it out.

When Jesus gives the bread to Judas, He tells Judas – go and do what you planned to do.

When you are betrayed, don’t take the blame – the ball is in their court.

Your response to betrayal shows your character. Don’t respond to the act of the betrayer. Tell them this an action you made, you initiated it.  When someone gets in your face, you need to respond, but don’t respond to the betrayal act. Rather, respond to the character of the betrayer.

Regarding Judas’ character – Judas had the money purse, he was a thief, greedy, a deceiver. We can get confused about things based on character.

We can’t stop betrayal. It doesn’t initiate from you. The devil finds someone with a flame and inspires them to attack you.

Pastor Don is not talking about a spirit of correction.

Job 23:10 But He knows the way that I take;
 when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.

Pastor Don had to officiate at a funeral so Joy Pollard taught the last few minutes of the Bible study. I will put her teaching on another post.

Have a blessed day,


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