Being daughters after the second order by Genary Maxwell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being Daughters After the Second Order by Genary Maxwell

Genary Maxwell has oversight of the Women’s Ministry Department in Apostle Lafayette Scale’s church – Rhema Christian Center

We are grateful and thankful about where God has brought us from, he has brought us from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of the Son – the Kingdom of light and truth.

Life throws stuff up and discombobulates us. We begin to ask who, where, what, why and how is this happening to us?

If I forget to mention it, Genary used the Amplified Bible for her passages.

1 Peter 2:9-12 AMP  Now if [all these things are true, then be sure] the Lord knows how to rescue the godly out of temptations and trials, and how to keep the ungodly under chastisement until the day of judgment and doom, and particularly those who walk after the flesh and indulge in the lust of polluting passion and scorn and despise authority. Presumptuous [and] daring [self-willed and self-loving creatures]! They scoff at and revile dignitaries (glorious ones) without trembling, whereas [even] angels, though superior in might and power, do not bring a defaming charge against them before the Lord. But these [people]! Like unreasoning beasts, mere creatures of instinct, born [only] to be captured and destroyed, railing at things of which they are ignorant, they shall utterly perish in their [own] corruption [in their destroying they shall surely be destroyed],

We were once away from God because of our sin nature; but now we are drawn to Him, to be in the Presence of God by the Blood.

When we receive Christ we are new creations, but often when we look in the mirror we don’t see ourselves In Christ the way God sees us.  We see ourselves still after the old order, under our sin nature.  We need to learn to see ourselves as Christ sees us, under the Blood.

Before we knew Christ, we were spiritually dead, separated, we had no impartation of Spirit to spirit.  We were under the order of our fleshly, sin nature.

Adam and Eve had a relationship with God, Spirit to spirit. God’s Spirit imparted to the soul and physical body so that His glory could fill the earthly realm.  They dwelt in two realms, some time on the earth, other times through Spirit to Spirit they received from Daddy, God.  God created them and loved them.

There are no other beings like us.  We are created in His image and likeness.  We embody all that God is and who we are.

The first order failed – sin caused man to become broken and traumatized . God did not want us to walk around as abused, broken, fragmented vessels.

God says that He will call the seed of the woman to raise up One to bruise the head of the enemy.

God was not surprised by Adam and Eve’s sin – he knew that sin happened. God knew that we would blow it. He set provisions in place before the foundation of he earth to deal with our sin.

As parents we know the kinds of mistakes our kids will make and we try to help them through it so they can get on with their lives.  God does the same for us.

God made a plan and set it in place, another order.

Under the first order there was a problem, people got jacked up and beat up by the enemy.

The second order is the restoration of things for us.  As daughters we are royal priestesses, and God has restoration for us in the new order.

The old has passed away and we have a new, whole life ahead of us.

God has an abundance of life to give us through Christ.  We do not have to be subject to the fleshly body or be held in bondage.

1 Corinthians 15:39-47 AMP For all flesh is not the same, but there is one kind for humans, another for beasts, another for birds, and another for fish.  There are heavenly bodies (sun, moon, and stars) and there are earthly bodies (men, animals, and plants), but the beauty and glory of the heavenly bodies is of one kind, while the beauty and glory of earthly bodies is a different kind.  The sun is glorious in one way, the moon is glorious in another way, and the stars are glorious in their own [distinctive] way; for one star differs from and surpasses another in its beauty and brilliance.  So it is with the resurrection of the dead. [The body] that is sown is perishable and decays, but [the body] that is resurrected is imperishable (immune to decay, immortal).  It is sown in dishonor and humiliation; it is raised in honor and glory. It is sown in infirmity and weakness; it is resurrected in strength and endued with power.  It is sown a natural (physical) body; it is raised a supernatural (a spiritual) body. [As surely as] there is a physical body, there is also a spiritual body. Thus it is written, The first man Adam became a living being (an individual personality); the last Adam (Christ) became a life-giving Spirit [restoring the dead to life].  But it is not the spiritual life which came first, but the physical and then the spiritual.  The first man [was] from out of earth, made of dust (earthly-minded); the second Man [is] the Lord from out of heaven.

This passage compares the earthly verses the spiritual.  The physical comes first.  Then God breathes the breath of life and there is the Spirit.

In just the physical we tend to go toward physical things. Our soul (mind, will, emotions) if we are focused on the physical will gravitate toward the physical.

But God gives us access to spiritual places, giving us something to help us move away from earthly-mindedness to Spiritual things.

The Holy Spirit is our connection to the spiritual being that God has called us to be, to those Spiritual realms or places.  We always have access through Christ to the spiritual realm. Christ has torn down the veil that separated us.  God’s connected to us spiritually so we have access to Him.

This is the picture of power and authority that we have available to us as Daughters after the Second Order.

When God designed us, He knew us before we were in the womb.

Jeremiah 1:5 AMP Before I formed you in the womb I knew [and] approved of you [as My chosen instrument], and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you; [and] I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

Using the movie The Transformers, Genary made some wonderful illustrations.

We are in earth, and we mingle with those on earth, but we have something placed within us, that when challenged, that something lets us transform from Earthly to Spiritual.

She spoke of the transformer machines that were normal on earth until an enemy attack, then someone would say, “Transformers, transform” and these ordinary machines would turn into giant machines that could battle the enemy.  A little VW becomes an huge creature with many weapons to fight the enemy.

The weapons we have are not earthly when we transform from physical to spiritual.

2 Corinthians 10:4 AMP For the weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood], but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds,

We need to be careful how we use our authority.  We are not to use our authority to murder, mutilate, or hurt others.

God made us to dwell in the earthly realm but gave us access to boldly go before the Throne of Grace. We do not have to go through a priest for we are of a different order – Royal Priestesses who go boldly before God and get what we need. We are not bound to the earthly realm.

Hebrews 11:1 AMP  Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

We are on assignment to fill the earth with God’s glory. When we bring His glory into any environment we enter, we cause the environment to shift and change.  God made us to be His glory.

Many of us have come out of dysfunctional families, but God sees our new self.

Genary said that she came from a dysfunctional family,  When God sees her (or when He sees us), He sees a Holy Ghost filled, tongue talking, faith filled believer. When we look in the mirror we might still see the hurt, but God sees what is under that hurt – His image of us.  We are like onions and we peel back the layers until who we are in Him shines through.  Who we are in Him is the reality, what we see in the flesh is the wrong image.  As we pull back the layers, we can begin to see that our future is filled with His glory.  We want to function and be and do the work of God.  We want to do it after the new order.

We can get stuck in our old image, but God will reveal things to us.  Sometimes we tell God that we can’t do what He has told us that He wants us to do, but that is not true. God will not tell us to do anything that He is unable to equip us to do.  God says, “I called you to do it.”  Sometimes when God calls us we want to tell him let so and so do it, they are better at this than me, or let Sister so and so do it, I can’t. But God tells us, “I called YOU to do it.”

God perfects things in our life and He will help us to do what He wants us to do. And as we step beyond what we think we can do, God gets the glory It’s all about Him.

Sometimes when God tells us to do something we duck and hide, but when we run, we run smack dab into God.  God saw our running from before we were born.  We serve an all-knowing God. God will set the atmosphere and arrange things so that we have a way of escape from our rebellion, and then we can come to our senses and get back on track.

For example, with Adam and Eve, God knew they would disobey, and he had a plan in place before the world was created – that the woman’s seed would destroy the enemy.

With Saul/Paul – God set up the divine encounter so that He would stop killing people of the way and become a powerful force for the Kingdom.

God speaks with us Spirit to spirit, and we eventually bow down and give in to the will of God. Worship gives Him access and then He shines through.

When we give God access, then God transforms the environment and God shows up in power, strength, and we become His light bearers.  No matter how dark our circumstances, a little light can change the atmosphere.  We are daughters after the new order and God has given us a mandate.

Mary is not a deity to worship, but she was a woman that God used to bring forth Jesus, the second Adam.  Mary is a picture of the Daughters After the Second Order. She was a young virgin, preparing for marriage.  The Lord knocks at her door.  Genary said to us, “Haven’t you noticed that when the Lord shows up, it is often at he most inopportune time.”  The Angel tells her, “Hail, highly favored, the Lord is with you.”  When God knocks at our doors and greets us, the next thing we can expect is for our life to change.

The angel informs Mary that she will conceive the Holy Ghost will cause her to be pregnant and she will give birth to the Messiah.  Her reputation changes, people will think she got pregnant before her marriage, or was not a virgin.  She still is willing to obey and do God’s will.

God proves His point and she gives birth to the Messiah.

To be a daughter of the new order, we need to walk in obedience.  Mary said, “Be it to me according to Thy will.”

When we say yes to God, this gives God access to our lives.

God gives us free will, so we have the ability to say yes or no to God. God wants us to function out of obedience, but it is our choice.

God deals with Mary and her seed grows and expands.  This seed of Mary’s will grow and expand to destroy the enemy and help the people.

What God has said about you is already out in the atmosphere.

God’s protective hand was over Mary. What God ordains will transform the earth.  When God speaks to you, God is after His will and His plan, and God wants our obedience.  God has a time and a season for His will to manifest.

Mary obeyed God, and was excited about what God was doing in her life.  She made a trip to visit Elizabeth, who was also pregnant by a miracle of God.  You can celebrate with another sister what God is doing =.

Mary’s obedience brought forth the Christ, which changed life and the atmosphere.

Psalm 45:9-13 AMP  Kings’ daughters are among Your honorable women; at Your right hand stands the queen in gold of Ophir. Hear, O daughter, consider, submit, and consent to my instruction: forget also your own people and your father’s house; so will the King desire your beauty; because He is your Lord, be submissive and reverence and honor Him.  And, O daughter of Tyre, the richest of the people shall entreat your favor with a gift.The King’s daughter in the inner part [of the palace] is all glorious; her clothing is inwrought with gold.

The position we have is from God, we are royal daughters. The deity on our lives is an expression of God.- God is a symbol of royalty. We are in the royal palace. God desires us as His daughters. When we are in God’s palace, people see our deity, not the fleshy part, but the part that let’s God’s glory shine forth.

Hebrews 10:16-22 AMP  This is the agreement (testament, covenant) that I will set up and conclude with them after those days, says the Lord: I will imprint My laws upon their hearts, and I will inscribe them on their minds (on their inmost thoughts and understanding), He then goes on to say, And their sins and their lawbreaking I will remember no more. Now where there is absolute remission (forgiveness and cancellation of the penalty) of these [sins and lawbreaking], there is no longer any offering made to atone for sin. Therefore, brethren, since we have full freedom and confidence to enter into the [Holy of] Holies [by the power and virtue] in the blood of Jesus, By this fresh (new) and living way which He initiated and dedicated and opened for us through the separating curtain (veil of the Holy of Holies), that is, through His flesh, and since we have [such] a great and wonderful and noble Priest [Who rules] over the house of God,  let us all come forward and draw near with true (honest and sincere) hearts in unqualified assurance and absolute conviction engendered by faith (by that leaning of the entire human personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness), having our hearts sprinkled and purified from a guilty (evil) conscience and our bodies cleansed with pure water.

God transforms our lives from our old, common lives to our new life. We are no longer of the flesh and the devil.  No longer need we sacrifice the blood of lambs or goats, for Jesus paid the price with His blood and now we can freely enter into the Holy of Holies as daughters after the new order.

The perfect picture of transformation is the butterfly.  The caterpillar enters the cocoon and when it emerges it is an entirely new creation, a new body. The butterfly can’t go back to being a caterpillar, as we cannot go back to our old lives, for God has transformed us.

When God brought us out of our Egypt, He cancelled the sins of the past.

The caterpillar forms a cocoon, a secret place, where it goes to transform, and call forth the butterfly that was inside the caterpillar.  God strategically fashions and molds the caterpillar until everything about him is changed.

As His daughters, God is calling us to the secret place where He will change us and transform us so we are daughters of the second order – no longer caught in our sin lives.  We will be completely transformed from our issues, much the same way the woman of with the issue of blood was transformed.  The woman with the issue of blood was sick, probably had headaches and depression.  Had spent her fortune on doctors who could not heal her.  One touch, and she was transformed.

When God transforms us, He changes our lives and there is no remnant left of the old.  People will try to remind us of our past, but we are no longer that person. When God transforms us we overcome the enemy by the word of our testimony.

Revelation 12:11 And they have overcome (conquered) him by means of the blood of the Lamb and by the utterance of their testimony, for they did not love and cling to life even when faced with death [holding their lives cheap till they had to die for their witnessing].

As daughters of the Kingdom, we want to be who God has called us to be.  What God does in our lives is truly amazing and nothing is impossible if you believe. You can obtain all that God tells you He has for your life. We have victory in Christ. We need to press beyond what we think we can do. What it boils down to is if we trust God or not.  Trust God.

I hope this teaching blesses you as much as it blessed me.



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