Judging, judgment, justification part 4 sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Judging, Judgment, Justification Part 4 by Pastor Don Moore

This is the last installment of Pastor Don Moore’s sermon, I have included links to the first three parts.  I hope you are as blessed as I was by this teaching.  This is a closed captioned transcript from a sermon.  What is in [brackets] is what the congregation says.  As I was editing this, I made what I considered important the main points in bold.  I

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SHOW 150
Preached on 3/21/10

We are ministering to you in the area of judging, judgment, and justification.  It’s a mouthful.  Today is our day on justification.  But before we get there, we have to just clear up a few things… Alright, now,

Romans, Chapter 12, verse 19…  “Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says…” who?  [the Lord]  says who?  [the Lord]  “…the Lord.”

In other words, if we have a situation where you want to get vengeance, then bring it to the Body, or turn it over to the Lord.  [amen]  Let the Lord fix it.  He’ll give you judgment… Wave your hand if you got that.  You get vengeful, who’s supposed to take care of it for you?  [the Lord]  The Lord.  And guess what, He can hit ’em a lot harder than you can. [come on, amen]  Amen.  Glory to God.  He can hit a lot harder than you can.  

Go to 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 1.  Can you find it there?  It’s after Philippians, right in front of, no Titus, Timothy.  Alright.  2 Thessalonians, Chapter 1, we’re going to go to verse 5.  You guys there?  [yes]  “…which is manifest evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you also suffer; since it is a righteous thing with God to repay with tribulation those who trouble you

[hallelujah]  whoo, whooo, whoo.  [glory to God]  who, who, whooo.  Some of you all got that, right?  [yes]  Can I break it down for ya.  [yeah]  Huh?  Guess what?  Your covenant includes that if people are hassling you, if people are being difficult, your righteousness in Christ, because of the work of Jesus, God says, “Turn ’em over to me.  I’ll trouble them.”   [hallelujah]

Now, how does God trouble people?  God troubles people by removing His covering…  See, the devil wants to do evil all the time.  So God doesn’t have to go do evil, all He has to do is take away the covering.

Come here Brother Joe.  Come on Sister Goldie.  Come up here.  Come up here.  Now I’m going to do it with Goldie.  This will be, no, I’ll make you, you get over here.  We’ll do it the other way.  We’ll do it the woman chauvinistic pattern, so women won’t think we’re beating up on her.  Now, let’s say brother Joe here is a believer.  Brother Joe is a believer.   Loves Jesus and Goldie wants to beat him up.  And she represents the devil evil one, and he wants to beat up everybody.  But, as long as I’m here, try and beat up Joe.  (demonstrates)  [laughter]  Whoa she’s a tough one.  Ok, hold it.  Time out, she’s a tough one.  Whoot.  [she’s from the Bronx]  She’s from the Bronx, there you go.  [applause]  Ok, you get the point?  [yes]  stay, stay.

As long as God is your covering, is your protection, as long as Joe is living right, as long as his righteous faith is in God, he can see the troubling hand of the devil trying to get to him.  He can see that.  But as long as he stays in faith, believing. Come on, somebody.  As long as he holds to his confession, as long as he keeps his feet firmly planted in the Gospel, as long as he examines himself and keeps the beam out of his eye, as long as he keeps that right, guess what?  God is on commanding duty.  Now I know she’s tough so I’m going to hold her tighter this time.  [laughter]  So God is on duty and say “No.  I’ll not let that.”  He says, “Joe you look at the threat, but you realize she can only reach a little bit through, but no,”

Now, here’s what God says.  God says, this is what God says.  Come here brother Gary.  [oh boy oh boy]   [I need another help]  No, no, no, watch this, understand this.  Understand this.  If…[thanks] he’s your worst nightmare, what do you mean, thanks?  [I’m sorry]  [laughter]  If, listen to me carefully, if out, well let’s do this… there’s two ways of doing it.  I’m going to do it the first way.  If brother Joseph steps out from under the covering, if God, I’m standing in the position of God.  And Joe steps out from under the covering, go ahead Joe.  Then not just the original but the additional [right]  is coming.  [laughter]

Did anybody see what I did?  [yes]  God just folds his hands and says, “He’s stubborn, hard headed.  He knows better.  I’m not covering him.”  … But the devil, when he comes this time, he brings more.  [right]  He brings more.  Now, let’s do it the other way.  Gary get over here.  You know, you have to stand next to Joe here.  If Gary, human (points to Gary)  spiritual (points to Goldie)  human (points to Gary).  If Gary is troubling the righteous, and Joe calls on the name of the Lord, [help me]  (Pastor pushes Gary away, and pretends to attack Gary)  [you’ve been smoked]  You’ve been smoked.

Do you understand who you are, oh Child of God?”  Do you understand the position that you hold in the favor of God?  If you step out from under His covering, you are in trouble.  But if you stay under His covering and call for help, Then, your enemy can come under the troubling hand of God.  [amen]  And guess what?  When that happens, satan stands for all he can do is watch.  He is bound.  Cannot come. That is what this verse is telling us.

That if we will take the beam out of our eye.  If we’ll walk in the righteousness of God, God sees us as justified, just as if we never sinned.  Thank you very much.  [hallelujah]  Thank you very much.  [I don’t mess with her]  Amen.  That’s especially effective if you’re married to a Puerto Rican from the Bronx.  [oooh, laughter]  … God is good, isn’t He?  [all the time]

So, let me read it again so you make sure you know, I’m on this here.  [yes]  Verse 5.  2 Thessalonians verse 5, Chapter 1.  “…which is manifest evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you also suffer;”  When the devil was trying to get at Joe, he was suffering, but guess what?  Here’s what God says about it.  “…since it is a righteous thing with God to repay with tribulation those who trouble you,…”  And that’s when brother Gary came under attack.  [that’s right]

You don’t have to go after your enemies You have to release them so that God can fix them.  [amen]  As long as your bad talking about your enemy, as long as your tongue is attacking your enemy.  As long as you are carrying the hurt that your enemy put upon you, you are standing in the position of God and God is unable to avenge you.  [hallelujah]  This will change your life if you get this.

Therefore, it’s not necessary to down-talk your enemy, try and find out ways to get at him, or hurt him.  It’s just forget it.  Just walk in your righteousness and your truth, and you’ll live to see God fix him.  [amen]  You will live to see God fix him.  I got five minutes more, and let’s go.  You ready?

Now, let’s look at the verses of justification.  Man, there’s just too many… Well maybe you know, maybe I’ll print ’em out and put them up so everybody can see em.  Ok, Romans 4, Romans 4…  There’s just too many.  Let’s do a few and we’ll call it a day.  Roman’s 4, verse 5, let’s read the whole thing.  Verse 5.  “But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness,”  Him who justifies the ungodly.   “…just as David also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes…”  that means gives “…righteousness apart from works:  “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered;…”  Lord have mercy, this is getting good now.  “Blessed is the man to whom the LORD shall not impute...”  that means count “…sin.”  … Does this blessedness then come upon the circumcised only, or upon the uncircumcised also?  For we say that faith was accounted to Abraham for righteousness.”  [yes]  … sssssssshhhhosss…

Chapter 3, verse 26…. “…to demonstrate at the present time His righteousness, that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.”  Hallelujah.  I got 10 or 15 more of those.  Just too many to do today.

Can I help you?  Can I help myself?  Are you ready to be blessed?  [yes]  You know, some people get upset about blood songs.  They don’t like them blood songs.  They say, sing something else but (singing)  “I know it was the blood.  I know it was the blood for me.”  Or how about the other one, you know. (singing)  “Nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood, nothing but the blood of Jesus.”  We’re not cannibals.  But we recognize that the blood of Jesus was spilled for the remission, the taking away of our sin.  [amen]  Now, either you believe that or you don’t…Either you accept it, or you don’t.

But the reality of the situation is, that if you believe on Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, if you have ever taken communion and drank the blood, drank the wine, as the blood.  Drank the grape juice as the blood, as a substitutionary law, here’s what it says.  If you believe it, then guess what, that act of believing, God counts it as righteousness.  And He justifies you.  Even though you don’t deserve it and you do have sin, you are counted justified.  Just as if you never sinned.

This is impossible for us to understand, because we carry grudges.  Somebody hurts us and we carry that grudge for years and years, they hurt me, I’m never going to forgive them.  I’m never going to forget.  But God says, guess what, “I’ll remember your sin no more.”  He says, “I will examine your righteous deeds, looking for the cleansing effect of the Blood of God.”  [amen]

Brother Ray, would you come?  Brother Ray, I’m going to use this example.  And I’ll give you, while Ray’s coming.  Ray, come over here and stand by that.

Just write these down, study them.  I’ll make them available to you.  That would be Romans 5:18, 19.  Romans 8:33-34.  Come on now, you gotta write fast here.  Abbreviate.  Just make an “R”.  R 5:18-19, Romans 8:33-34, and Romans 2:16.  That was one of my favorites.  What?  Romans 2:16.  Here’s what it says.  It says, “…in the day when God will judge the secrets of men...”  He’ll judge them “…by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.”   Lord have mercy!  That’s powerful stuff.  Alright.

Can we do this demonstration?  [yes]  When we say the word “justification” use this little, this little thing.  It means that God is judging me, just as if I never sinned because of the Blood.  [right]  Now, let me take it again.  If you have faith that Jesus died for you and spilled His Blood for you.  If you have faith, that supernaturally Abraham, who is the Father of Faith, believed what God said, and God counted him as a righteous man because he believed what God said.  Therefore, God will count you as righteous if you believe what Jesus said.  And Jesus said, He gives His life to cover and remove your sin.  That He is the propitiation of your sin.

In other words, yes, you’re guilty.  Yes, you’re a liar.  You’re a fornicator.  Yes, you’re all of those things.  You’re guilty.  You’ve done em, you’ve done em.  But it says that when Jesus comes, on the Day to judge the sins of man, here’s what’s gonna happen.  Are you ready?  [yes]  Are you ready?  Brother Ray, take that tray behind you.  Lift it up like this.  Come a little closer.  When Ray comes before the Lord Jesus Christ, He’s going to be carrying His sins on a tray in a sense.  The Lord God’s gonna pull it off.  He’s going to open it up.  He’s going to look at it.   He’s going to say, “Ray, I see here back in the 80’s you were a drug user, you practiced pharmakia.  You called it, “partying with the devil.”  Participated in the use of drugs.  But I see, I see that it’s been bathed in the red blood of Jesus Christ.  [yes, hallelujah]   I see that it’s been washed.  Therefore, we won’t count that against ya.”

The Lord will say, “Ah, brother Ray… ah, I hated this one.  I see you’ve been divorced… And I hate divorce, but I notice something, it’s been washed away, in the Blood of the Lamb.”  [hallelujah]  … “I see that, I see that, I see that it’s gone…. It’s gone.”  He says, “I can’t hold that against you.

Let’s see what’s up here…. Brother Ray, you came to the Lord and you did pretty good, but I see here there’s some, just these little slips from time to time, little disobedience an arrogance here, but to my surprise,…”  [yeah]  “To my surprise, your arrogance and your disobediences been covered, it’s covered in the Red Blood of the Cross… Won’t be held against ya….

Ah, Brother Ray…”  [laughter]  “…I see you have some children here.  I see that at a young age you didn’t commit your children to the Lord, and I see some difficulties in the family here.  And, but wait a minute!… I see that the Blood brought ’em to the Lord.”  [amen]  And even though you weren’t the best of fathers at different times, I see that the Blood changed you…  I see that it changed you and that, look at this.  The Blood is even covering, even unto the third generation.  Ray, He took care of the first and the second generation, ah, I can’t hold those early mistakes against you.”   Lord have mercy.

“Let’s see what we got here…. Brother Ray, I see some doubt and unbelief here…. There were some times you didn’t trust Me… But I see that the Blood, Lord, look has wiped away the doubt and unbelief.  Let me open up and find out why?  Why would that be?… Look at that.  Look at those little… do you know what those little spots are here?  That’s his heart.  You had doubt and unbelief, but your heart never left me.”   [wow]  … [amen, thank you Lord]  “Your heart never left me.”  Thank you Lord.  No, don’t you pick up that sin!  [laughter]  “But they’re mine.”  “No, they’re not yours.  The plate…”  [is clean]  “is clean.”   [applause and cheering]  “Can I have the clean plate?”  You get to have the clean plate. Thank you  [yeah]

Now, here’s why.  Stay here Ray and hold the clean plate so they can get this.  Him keeping the clean plate now means that his works, the works, the good things that he did do… the good things that he did do.  The fact that he’s been a good husband with his second wife.  The fact that he’s been a good father to his kids since he came to the Lord, The fact that he has served as a musician in the House of the Lord.  The fact that he’s been a student of the Word.  The fact that he’s been kind to people.  The fact that he has worked in the Church for all these years in serving and never, never ever once, if I asked him to do it, he always would do it.  All of those good works, money that he might, Ray was on the first mission trip to Haiti.  Brought his camera and chronocalized it, first trip mission to Haiti.  First trip to Israel.  All the different good works that he has done now get placed on the tray.  [oh, hallelujah]  And he will get to present these to the Lord at the Great White Throne…. Now they count for something.  Because why?  They have been purged in the cleansing fire of the Lord... [praise God]  Now, I’ll start crying, you get off of here.  Go take your good works.  You get to keep the tray.  [applause]

What does justification do for us?  It removes the punishment that was due us... It does what?  [removes the punishment that was due us]  There is a punishment that was supposed to come to us because of our unrighteous acts.  But the full weight of that punishment will not come upon us.  [amen]  The full weight of the punishment of my life of sin was that the devil could bring sickness on my  body, but when the devil tried to use that sickness to kill me and take my life away, the Lord said, “No, I remove that punishment because of justification.  Don will live and not die.  And he will declare the salvation of the Lord.”   [amen]  Anybody hear me?  [yes]  Remission or removal of punishment is what God’s justification will do. 

Number 2.  Restoration of favor… I love this one.  When we get the right definition of the Grace of God, we realize that because we are now justified by the blood.  That’s a beautiful thing.  We’re now justified by the blood and He has removed our punishment and He has returned to us favor.  [yes]  Favor.  … Favor… Favor… Do you know Daddy loves you?  [yes]  Do you know that He counts you as more valuable than anything else?  Do you know that He favors you so much that if you had a race for life that was 1000 yards long, and you were racing against the devil’s fastest, fastest, fastest, fastest people, that the devil could beat you in that 1000 yard, let’s make it 100 yard dash.  There’s a 100 yard dash, and the devil’s got the fastest runners against you, favor means they start at 100 yards, you start at 10… [amen, oh hallelujah, amen]… Some of you all didn’t get that.  Favor means you’re starting on the 10 yard line, the rest of us starting at 100 yard line.

Favor means that God gives you the advantage when you don’t know what to do, He will step in and help you do.  Favor means, that you have God ideas that you can access when everybody else is trying to figure it out in their carnality.  You get a God idea from somewhere that you didn’t know exists.  Favor means that He supernaturally will send angels to minister to you in different situations to bring you to the victory.  Favor is when you don’t have the money to get it done, God opens up a window from Heaven and He says, “You my one, you’re the one.  You’re the winner.  I’m going to have you win and nothing can stop it.”  What’s favor?  Favor is that when sickness falls on your body, it’s only a symptom, but to somebody else it’s a death sentence.  That’s what favor is.  Favor is when your children, you think they’re going out, you got to realize they are trampoline children.  [yeah, oh boy, hallelujah]  They’re just going to bounce back.  [yea!]  Favor.  He will return favor to you that you thought you lost, he’ll return favor to you.

And number 3.  (clap)  Give you back  your righteousness… He favors you so much he’ll give you back your righteousness.  He will impute righteousness to you… The last one I’m going to give you, I’m going to close this teaching series,

Number 4.  Are you ready?  He gives you new legal status... Now, some of you won’t understand that.  All at the end of it, He gives  you new legal status.  You don’t deserve to have it.  But He gives you legal status to get there.  You don’t deserve to be blessed.  But He’ll move Heaven and earth to get you blessed.  He gives you new legal status in that you were a foreigner to God, but now He makes you an heir.  [that’s right]  Your legal status is, an heir, and this in Galatians is amazing.  Joint heir with Christ.  [hallelujah]  …

Do you want to know what really has bothered my mind?  I would say this, how could I be a joint heir with Christ, that would have to mean that He loves me as much as He loves Christ.  And I couldn’t get that.  Gary I struggle in that.  How could Jesus Christ love me.  I mean how could the Father love me as much as He loved Christ.  That He would give me joint status with Christ.  That whatever He’s going to give Christ, He’s also going to give me.  [amen]  Whatever He’s going to do for Christ, He’s going to do for me.  [amen]  Whatever He said in love to Christ, He’s also saying it to me.  [amen]  Joint heir means that I am sitting in Heavenly places, with Christ.  [whoo, amen]  Whoa, if I can get, if you can get a sense of that, if you could just get a sense of that, then guess what?  All the stuff you’re worrying and struggling with  [come on]  come on gets reduced down to what it’s worth, and it’s worth nothing.  [amen]  It’s worth nothing… [laughter]  What is that?  I’m sitting on the throne next to Jesus Christ.  [amen]  (laughs) I mean can you just…


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