Isaiah 61 part 1 the anointing by Pastor Don Moore

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Isaiah 61 Part 1- the anointing by Pastor Don Moore

Revelation of Christ and His mission, anointing, and calling.

We are disciples of Christ and we commit ourselves to be a follower.

We need to be aware of what image and mission are we following, the Lord’s or the enemy?

Are we willing to suffer like Him (Jesus) and be empowered like Him? Everything we read in the Bible is available to us as a believer, for the asking and the taking.

Isaiah 61:1  The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon Me, because the LORD has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

Yeshua, Messiah. The Spirit of the Lord is upon Him.

Pastor Don shared that his father, who was a pastor for 44 years, before his father began preaching he always prayed, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor.

The word anointing implies smearing an anointing on something.  It takes contact, rubbing it on, willfully, equipping.

The Holy Spirit smeared the anointing and that anointing made it possible for Jesus to do what He had to do.

God absent ->God present

God is always present but when the anointing comes people are aware of His presence.

Sometimes the Spirit anoints robes or clothes, cloths, aprons for a specific purpose.

Specific works are empowered by the anointing.

If you want to hang sheet-rock on the wall you can’t hold it up next to the struts and expect it to stay there. You need to fasten the sheet-rock with something.  You need a Black and Decker with screws.  If a carpenter comes along, he may loan you the Black and Decker and screws.  He may help you to hang the sheet rock but there is also work that you will have to do.

God tells us, “I’ve given you the drill so you can put it up.

Pastor had us laughing.  He said some men pray, “Lord, change my wife.”  God answers, “I did, I gave her you.”

The anointing is the enabling ability to accomplish the work of God under the power of God, at the time God wants it done.

You can’t do it in your own flesh, you need the anointing.

Pastor said, “The anointing can be felt and telt, but it can’t be seen by everybody.”  You can feel or tell people are anointed, but you can’t always see it.

People look at you through their own filters. If they are blaming, angry and resentful they won’t see the anointing because their filters will block their perceptions.

In Jesus’ time they did not see the fruit of His anointing, they crucified Him.

You can do the work of God and not everyone will cheer you on.  Jesus said that a prophet is not honored in His own home town.

The anointing is not discerned unless the beholder can see that aspect of the Spirit.

When the anointing is on you, you won’t win popularity contests, they will do the same things to you that they did to Jesus.  They will take from you what they can gain from you, but not be willing to bless you.

The anointing is the ability of God to do something God wants you to do in His power.

No one has the anointing on them all the time.  It’s only on when God wants to accomplish something.

Pastor Don spoke that when he has the teaching anointing on him, he can communicate to you what God wants taught.  The teaching anointing is the supernatural ability to teach the Word and the supernatural ability to understand.

The anointing responds to your spirit.  It is not on you all the time, sometimes you are just you.

All of us flow at something.  We shut off our mental gears and just flow.

We need to be aware of the anointing on others. Sometimes we kill another’s anointing and are a distraction.  We need to discern when we are killing an anointing and stop doing that.

Only God is capable of being in the anointing all the time, the human flesh is incapable of this.

The mind is the enemy of the Spirit. You have to turn off your mind.  God gave us the ability to speak in tongues to shut off our mind so we can be in the Spirit.

Your body can’t rest if your mind is still grinding.  You can’t worry yourself well or worry yourself taller.  You can’t worry your problems away.  If you are worrying you are magnifying your problems. Worry is prayer for trouble.

Under the anointing the answer will come, and if the answer doesn’t come under the anointing it may indicate that you are asking the wrong question or it is something that God feels you shouldn’t worry about.  God is not obligated to answer the wrong problem.

When we don’t get the answer or the answer we want, sometimes we try to play God.

You can’t access the anointing but you can access getting into the Spirit. God knows your need and your ability.  In the Spirit let him take over and He will do what He needs.

Get in the Spirit, then identify the anointing and what the Holy Spirit is transmitting.

The Spirit of the Lord is inside us, but the anointing comes upon us.  You can be in the Spirit and not anointed.  You can have the anointing stirred up in you by the laying on of hands which transfers the anointing.  Jeremiah asked for a minstrel to get him in the presence of God so he could get the Word of God.

What matters to God is not the ability of the minister but the sincerity of the heart. Worship is not bound by limitations of carnal desire.  Worship of God is getting in the flow, disregarding your carnality. The Bible tells us that in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of Joy.

Christ’s anointing + the Purpose  The first is the anointing, and the purpose is what we do with it.

The purpose is to preach good tidings to the poor.  Good news to a poor person is that they don’t have to be poor. Poor is the absence of prosperity, substance, material, and the condition of all things of the heart that makes you feel a lack of empowerment.

Jesus teaches contrary to the feelings of impoverishment, and He brings good tidings.

Just because your Grandma and Momma were on welfare doesn’t mean that you need to be on welfare.

You can break the curse of poverty over your life – now that’s good news.

You can take the anointing as big as you make it.  God facilitates you as long as you stay humble and meek. There is value in meekness (which is not weakness) and God will reward you and send good coming your way.  Blessed equals happy and cared for.  Get off the idea that the only blessing is money, you can be impoverished in other areas as well.

Your blessing can be being happy and content, well provided for, healthy, wisdom, friends, family – and money, but it is not just money.

Lowly is only negative if you put negativity into it, meekness has positive aspects.  Jesus was meek but he wasn’t weak or a whimp.

Matthew 11:29-30  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Not prideful.
David was humble.  Moses was humble, and he was the Prince of the Egyptians.  Moses was humble to a fault for when God sent him to do his task he kept telling God that he couldn’t.

Pastor Don spoke about his visit to India.  He was laying hands on people and praying for them but the Indian pastors were only laying hands on people of their own caste or higher.  There are still remnants of the caste system among Indian believers.  Not all pastors are like that, but there are still remnants of the caste system in some pastors because the caste system is still well ingrained.

No one is trash or rejected, as believes we are all equal to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In Africa it is a tribal system, and people look to see if you are “with us or with them”  Pastor Don’s behavior put him in a position of eldership and people would call him, “Uncle.”

Good news is you can raise up from where you are.

Jesus told his disciples that the poor would always be with us, so we need to work to help lift them higher.

Heal the brokenhearted – It’s always hard for someone who has been through a difficult season or time to be healed. Zaccheus was short and when Jesus said, “I’m visiting you,” it was that that allowed him to rise above himself and make changes in his dealings with people.

Jesus honors people that many do not honor, for example, tax collectors and women.  When Jesus raised the young man from the dead he was honoring the mother.  Without the son, the mother would have been impoverished.

One way to begin to heal from brokenness is to have compassion for others who are hurting. If you can get outside of yourself, then you can begin healing.

Proclaim Liberty to the captives the opening of the prison to those who are bound –

You can be born again and filled with the Spirit, and still stay in jail.  The jail door can be opened but some do not walk out, they stay in their former prison.

Some of us are bound by traditions.  Others want everyone else to change but we are the ones who need to change and get a different vision.

Pastor Don spoke about how a pastor can get a sermon from the Spirit and preach it, and people think that he wrote it just for them. Sometimes people come up to him and speak about how what Pastor said read their mail, but Pastor never said what they said he said, they were hearing from the Spirit.

You don’t step in the pulpit and say, “I’m going to write a sermon to get to so and so.”

You can preach the best sermon and unless people are receptive and hear it it falls to the ground.

You can hear a word of the Lord from an idiot.

Proclaim means to say, to put people at liberty, to tell the prisoner he can come out.

Isaiah 58:6  Is this not the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?

You can untie the cords that bind a person to the yoke, but they have to walk out of their yoke.  You need the anointing to help lift off the bonds.

You proclaim the truth of God, and that helps to push out the old stuff.

Jesus died for you and for me, and because of that we are free.  Bury what binds you and don’t take it up again.

The prison doors are open but it is hard to be free if we carry anger, bitterness and unforgiveness.  Are you ready to drop the baggage.  If I let go of the old, God can replace it with something better.

The opening of the door is the Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom helps you to turn the key.

The opening of the door takes the anointing and time.  We need to realize that God is on our side, He is not out to get us.

Pastor, when he decided to step out of the music/entertainment world into ministry he asked God, “If I give up the worldly stuff is it going to be worth it?

He was giving up babes, money, drugs, popularity, groupies.

By giving up that stuff he found a better babe (his wife) and better promises. It was worth it.

I will continue Isaiah 61 tomorrow.

I hope your day is blessed, we are sort of snowed in here – weather man is saying 8 – 14 inches.



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