Understanding the mind – Say Amen 169 transcript – sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Understanding the Mind – Say amen 169 transcript by Pastor Don Moore


Alright now, lift it up.  Lift it up, come on.  This is [This is]  the Word of God [the Word of God] it’s in my hand [it’s in my hand]  in my heart [in my heart]  in my mouth [in my mouth]  I love [I love]  the Word of God [the Word of God]  Amen [amen]

What we’re going to do today, you need a Bible because we’re going to look at a lot of Scripture.  And I’m going to try my best not to embarrass anyone.  If you can’t keep up that’s ok.  Write them down and then study them at home.  We need to look at a lot of Scripture but it is impossible to cover all of the passages of Scripture that are on this sheet that pertain to what I want to talk to you about.

The human mind is an amazing, a very amazing piece of equipment.  It can process thought, but it also stores thought.  It stores information.  It begins working at the moment conception is achieved and then it works until the day we leave our body.  The problem is that if we do not understand the mind, then the mind can be just as much a problem to us as it can be to our advantage and can be a blessing to us.

The problem happens to be that most of us, when we think of our minds, and the operation of our minds, we treat them with what I call, “independence”.  We let our minds function as if they are independent of anything else that is going and if I thought it, then it is so, and we don’t get a picture of the reality that the mind, if left without control, can be your worse, worse, worse worse worse worse nightmare.  [come on now]   It can be a terrible thing.  Your mind can stress you to death.

I’m very glad that in the years of ministry there have been things that I have taught that I didn’t have scientific information for.  But I’ve happened to live long enough to find that the scientific information is now available to all of the things that I have taught.  [amen]  I’ve taught from this pulpit that cancer is man-made and that we are as much the cause for it in our culture and in our environment as anything else.  And it wasn’t until recently that all the research, and here’s how they did the research.  They dug up all the old dead people they could find.  And they tested their DNA that was left in their bones and checked everything they could, to find out what were the different causes of death.  And here’s what they found.  They couldn’t find any ancient skeletons, any ancient ones, that when they went beyond, this is amazing.  When they went beyond 500 years or so, they couldn’t find incidence of cancer…

I need you to think about that.  We have a lot of skeletons that are 1000, 2000 years old.  And those people died.  But they did not die from malignant cancer like we have in our culture now.   The world that man has created for us in these last days is killing us.  The stress that we expose our bodies and our mind to are unnatural.  Can you say “unnatural”?   [unnatural]  Red, yellow dye, soplo die, cholesterol, bly, bly blug, glud, monosodialmug bleg seg db dubed. jub, zablet vob bob bop.  Everything that they have invented to enhance our lives is a pollutant to our body and it is killing us.

In addition to that, our minds have told us that we can think the way that we want, and as a result, we are thinking overtime.  We’re having trouble sleeping.  We’re having trouble getting up.  We’re taking pills to go to bed, pills to get up, and then during the day we’re looking for any other pill or medication we can find.  We’re running after lust and pornography, and excitement.  Football is now on all the time.  Baseball’s on all the time.  I have on my digital TV, I looked last night, over twenty channels of mental distraction.  [amen]  …

You need to hear what pastor’s trying to say to you today.  [amen]  We are killing ourselves and we’re the source of the sickness that is running through our bodies.  And I mean we, I’m talking about we can’t put it all on Monsanto, Monsanto, but we have to take and accept the blame for it ourselves.  We don’t even choose our movies wisely these days.  And we put our minds in the motion of excitement.  Our culture has told us that smoking cigarettes is ok.  After all, everybody comes home from work, has a double martini and starts smoking cigarettes in order to relax.  And the reality is, all that does is wind you up.  I don’t need to go on with that train of thought because I know you know I’m telling you the truth.  And now I have the scientific information to back it up.  Don’t mess with me.  [laughter]  Don’t you mess with me.  Alright.

Now, what is the greatest problem then in this whole thing?  We can get the information but it depends upon how we think about the information that will determine what we do with the information.   Did you hear what I said?  [yes]  You can get all the right information, but then when  you think upon it, you can choose to think whatever you want and therefore either use the information, or have something go in the process of the mind that doesn’t permit you to use the information.  Everybody got that?  [yes]  Alright.

Naima come up here because you’re young, quick and you can move fast. Come.  Now the first principle that I want to talk about, come up here honey doll, is very simply this.  Naima is a spirit being that lives in this physical body.  She has a mind, but she also has a will.  Make a fist.  She has a will.  No make a fist like, yea, that’s it.  She has a will and she has now both hands up in the air.  Emotions.  Open your fingers and go wah, wha, wah.  [laughter]  Emotions.  So she is a soul, a living soul.  She has a mind.  Her spirit lives inside this body.  She has a will.  She also has emotions.  If she dropped dead right now, [laughter]  don’t do it honey.  Yeah, you could do it.  We’ll bring you back.  [really]  In the Name of Jesus, yes.  [Do you want me to just drop?}  I’ve been waiting for years for somebody to do that.  Just like pft. If you have, Your mom’s here, we’re here, we’ll pray.  [laughter]  Listen to me carefully.  She is a spirit being, living inside this body.  If she keeled over dead right now, her spirit is going to come up out of her body.  [right]   So, if she’s dead right now, just look at, you’re fine.

Close your eyes now like you died.  Her spirit will come up out of her body, will hover on the ceiling, looking at us at church, and the discussion will begin.  The Lord will say to her, “Naima, you just dropped dead at Living Word Chapel.  Do you want to come home, be with me?  Or do you want to go back because you’re young and you haven’t lived out the fullness of  your capacity to live.  What do you want to do Naima?”  Naima would then think and make a decision, and the decision would be made between herself and God, as to whether she is going to return.  Close your eyes, you are dead.  [laughter]  She’s going to return to this body or if she’s going to go be with the Lord eternally.  Everybody got that?  [yes]  Alright, now thank you.  Give her a big hand. [applause] You’re still alive.

Now you just took it, you just heard what I said, and you just took it.  Does it sound believable and plausible to you?  [yes]  Here’s what you didn’t think about.   If her brain is laying here on the floor dead, and she’s talking to the Lord, who’s talking to the Lord?   [her spirit]  If she has to make a decision, how’s she making a decision?  [by her spirit]  Everybody got this?  [yes]  We have made a mistake in that we think that when we die our brains cease to exist but our spirit being has a mind.  [yes]

God is a Spirit.  Can God think?  [oh, yes]  … Some of you aren’t sure about that.  Absolutely!  God is a Spirit, and He thinks.  He makes decisions.  Let me ask you a question.  Does God have emotions?   [yes]  Ok, does God have a Will?  [yes]  Alright, so then, when you die and when I die, we still have a mind, we have a will, we still have emotions, but we’re all out of the body.  … Let me say it again.  We have a mind, a spirit mind.  We have spirit body.  We have a spirit, remember, you said she’s floating over the…  well, who’s floating?  Her spirit body is floating.  [right]  right.  She has a will.  She has emotions.  But she left her physical body.  Which means then, that as she’s laying here, her mind, which is mostly water but electrons, electrons, protons, and all that jazz, working in there, is now dead.  The mind in her body cannot think.  Isn’t that right?   [right]   Ok.  Now, how many of you are with me so far?  I didn’t lose you.  Alright.  So, here’s the problem.

We have to realize that what I’m trying to convey to you and to the young people and everyone here, you have more than one mind.  [yeah]   You have the mind of the flesh, of your physical body.  But you have a spirit body that is inside the physical body and that has a mind.  Your spirit mind thinks differently from your physical mind.  Your physical mind questions the reality of the spirit.  Your spirit mind knows it is a reality.  And therefore there are certain things in the area of faith, and there are certain things in the area of the unbelievable, that your spirit mind, which is sitting here right now listening to me, your spirit mind has no problem hearing what I am saying by the spirit.  It is your flesh mind that may have difficulty because you can’t cause it to focus because it’s carnal, because it wanders.  Because it is indirectly tied to the devil and evil one of the earth and therefore it does not want to hear, nor does it choose to understand the things that are spiritual.  [right]  … We ok?  [yes]  Everybody alright?  [yes]  Alright.

So there’s a part of you that thinks in the spirit realm and is more inclined to think God things.  And there’s a part of you that will always think earthly things.  It will think carnal things.  It will think lusty things.  It will be a distraction to the Spirit man.  Everybody ok so far?  [yes]

Now, if we begin to hear what God says about thinking, thought and the mind, and we begin to realize that we can listen to it from a spiritual standpoint, we then can live a happier life.  [hallelujah]  The process of living a life of wisdom and truth is that you begin to think with your spirit mind, and it begins to dominate your flesh mind.  [hallelujah, amen]  How am I doing?  Am I alright?  [yes]  Alright.

Now we’re going to go through some Scriptures.  And we’re going to zip around in this.  Don’t be afraid.  I’m not going to hurt anybody.  But we have to learn a few things.  I want you to find the book of Samuel.  …

Now, what’s happening just now?  (two people left the sanctuary)  Their flesh mind and their carnal mind just overrode their spirit mind… Look up here, I’m serious.  Do you understand what just happened?  Right before your eyes?  Their flesh mind said, “Let’s go.”  And their spirit mind had to take a back seat when the truth is being emanated, the flesh mind will shut down the spirit.  [definitely]  … In 15 minutes your flesh mind will shut some of you down and put you to sleep.  In order that you do not hear the fact that your spirit man needs to have dominance over your flesh man.  [amen]  Your flesh mind will not give up ground easily.  It will fight every step of the way to maintain control over you.  [hmnn]  And we just saw an example of it… They need this more than they need what they’re going to go do today.

Samuel, First Samuel, the beginning of the front of your Bibles… 1 Samuel chapter 26.   Father, I ask that you would bless them and open up their eyes, their spiritual eyes so they can see that they need you more than they need whatever it is they’re going to do.  [amen]  In the book of 1 Samuel we’re going to just look at one verse.

1 Samuel, chapter 2, verse 35  Everybody there?  Yes.  What does it say?  It says, “Then I will raise up for Myself...”  This is God speaking, “…a faithful priest, who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind….”  [Jesus]…. God is saying, I’m gonna find Me a priest who’s not operating by his heart, his mind, his will and emotions, or his mind.  But he’s operating by the heart and the mind of God.  Everybody doing alright?  [yes]

Ok, see if you can find, Isaiah 46… Go back a little further.  we’ll run through a bunch of these and then we’ll then give our example.  Isaiah 46, verse 8.  46, verse 8. “Remember this….”  Do what?   [remember this]  Now, where are you remembering it at?  [mind? spirit?]  Well, let’s find out.  What does it say?  He says, “Remember this, and show yourselves men;  recall to mind, O you transgressors.  Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other;…”   Remember this.

Look up here.  I want you to think about this.  Your mind is doing what the mind does.  What causes things to be remembered?  … You’re thinking about whatever you’re thinking about and doing whatever you’re doing about.  And then all of a sudden, something goes oop.  Remember, you were going to go to Wal-mart.  Oop, remember you hate your mother.  [laughter]  Oop, remember, you’re going to get them back.  Oop, remember, you were going to give back the money that you stole.  Remember.

Where does remember, where does memory come from?   It seems that it functions independent of your consciousness.  Meaning that as your consciousness is functioning, something pops up and says, “remember.”  In other words, call it to mind.  In other words, have it come to mind.  Well, where is it coming from to get to your mind?  How come your mind didn’t have it?  Most of you think you produced it.  But your spirit is trying to speak to you but also your flesh is trying to speak to you.  So we say, God is telling us remember.  Meaning, you have the ability by your spirit mind to call to the mind of the flesh things that need to be remembered.  [amen]  Everybody alright?  [yes]  Let’s look at a few more here.

Go to Jeremiah 44. In back of this is the book of Jeremiah.  Chapter 44… Jeremiah 44 verse 21.  …. “The incense that you burned in the cities…”   are you there?  [yes]  “…that you burned in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem, you and your fathers, your kings and your princes, and the people of the land, did not the LORD remember them, and did it not come into His mind?  So the Lord could no longer bear it, because of the evil of your doings and because of the abominations which you committed.”  Well, what is He talking about here?  He is saying that even God who has a spiritual mind has to cause or call things into remembrance, but since God is a spirit being, He doesn’t have any trouble getting in touch with what’s in the spirit mind.  Cause He walks outside of a fleshy body.  But He is saying that it is possible for us to call certain things to mind or cause them to come to mind if we would begin to, get this lesson today, that you have a physical mind but you also have a spiritual mind.  [amen]  Alright?

Now, let’s go to Jeremiah 51:50. 51 go back a little bit further.  Verse 50.  Are you there?  What’s the first word?  [you]  “You who have escaped the sword, get away!  Do not stand still!  Remember the LORD afar off, and let Jerusalem come to your mind.”  That’s one of my favorites.  What’s he trying to get us to see here?  He wants us to see that even in a dangerous situation,  after you’ve escaped it, you godda, you stand still, do not stand still, he says, and notice, he saying, do not stand still. He’s not referring to don’t go running anywhere.  He’s not talking about go down the road a mile, go down the road a mile, he is saying, do not stand still in the presence of your mind… Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut, in the presence of our mind.  And we’re standing still mentally.  Well, he is saying, do not stand still but actively do what?  Remember the Lord afar off.  And let Jerusalem come to your mind.

In other words, everything that’s running on, around between your ears, there is something better that you can choose to be thinking upon.  [right]  … Wave your head if you’re starting to get this.  You are not subject to the train running in your brain.  You can pull it off the track at any time by causing something to come to mind that emanates from down in here that is of the Spirit of God, that brings you into remembrance of what God said or to remind you what your spirit man said, but you don’t have to stand still in your mind pondering, worrying and wondering about the same garbage that fills your mind.  You can do something about it.  [yes, hallelujah]…

Daniel, Chapter 2… Go back a couple more books here to the book of Daniel.  Chapter 2:29  Chapter 2.  Daniel Chapter 2… Wonderful to come to church and really read the Bible, isn’t it?  [yes]  Daniel, Chapter 2, … You there?  [yes]  Verse 29.  Daniel 2:29  “As for you, O king, thoughts came to your mind while on your bed, about what would come to pass after this;  and He who reveals secrets has made known to you what will be.”  Oh my goodness.  Let me just read it again.  We can handle it again.  “As for you, O king, thoughts came to your mind…”  When?  “…while on your bed, about what would come to pass after this; and He…”  In this case, God.  “…who reveals secrets has made known to you what will be.”…Verse 30.  “But as for me, this secret has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than anyone living, but for our sakes who made known the interpretation to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your heart.”

If you didn’t think I was right yet, maybe now you’re getting plugged in here.  The thoughts of your heart, there is something that your spirit man is thinking that your physical heart and your fleshy mind are not aware of.  [right]  There are things that are going on in the spirit realm between God and what’s on God’s heart and what’s on God’s mind, that can be made known to you in your thought life even while you sleep.  [that’s right, amen]  …

I don’t know, maybe become old, they say old men’ll dream dreams, but I must be old since age 24, cause from the age of 24, God entered in to my life through my dreams.  And I learned how to write down my dreams and interpret them to hear the voice of the Lord and separated from just the faint wanderings of my fleshy mind.  You see, when your fleshy mind wanders in a state of dream, the God who is God speaks to your spirit and then it interrupts and then when you wake up, you have greater clarity concerning something that is from the spirit realm.  [umhnnah]  And if that dream is still clear to you three days later, guess what?  God visited you in a vision in that dream, and it was not the idle patter of your fleshy mind.  I know I’m not too deep for you all cause you all are the deepest church on the planet.  And the people who watch me by TV are the smartest people on the planet.

You have to understand, that what God is saying to Nebuchadnezzar, is “Huh, I got an answer for you, but guess what?  Your fleshy mind is so filled with nonsense I can’t speak to you during the day, but at least at night, you’re kinda quiet down so then I can burst into the scene and bring something to remembrance.”  [applause]  Oh, don’t mess with me, I’ll preach today.  [amen]  …

We have to know that we are a Child of God, and that He wants to speak to us and give us the secrets, but we’re so busy, so filled with nonsense during the day.  [amen]  How dare you get up out of that bed without talking to your Master and Savior?  [hallelujah]  How dare you go through your whole day and get to lunch time and the only prayer you’ve offered up to God is bless this food.  How dare you get to eventime and sit at the table and just give God thirty seconds as you thank Him for you food.  And you haven’t spent any time with Him.  Well then, guess what?  He’s going to have to keep you up at night if He has to.  God never sleeps nor slumbers.  And if He can’t get to you during the day, He’ll speak to you in the night.  Don’t want to miss these God opportunities where the spirit of man is resonating with the Word of God in the night to get your mind to receive what He wants to say.  …

Acts, Chapter 17 in the back of your Bible.  Acts, Chapter 17.  Acts, Chapter 17, verse 11  Acts 17, verse 11.  Watch what happens here.  “These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.  Therefore many of them believed, and also not a few of the Greeks, prominent women as well as men.”

Look at 11 again.  They received it with more fair-mindedness.  The word there means more readiness.  Well, the question is, where were they ready?  [spirit?]  No.  They were ready in their flesh mind.  [oh, yeah]… The flesh mind says, “Let’s let this information come up.”  They were more ready to receive in their flesh mind, let’s let this come up.

See, there was somebody got up today and said, “I’m going to church, I’m gonna get a word.”  Guess what they did?  Their flesh mind was put on notice, I’m ready to hear what the spirit mind is gonna to say.  Somebody else says, “I’m going today cause I want them to see this new dress I got.”  [laughter]  “I look good,”  Well that person has no readiness of mind.  Another person says, “Well, I’m gonna go but I hope they don’t criticize me or get on my case, but I’m gonna go anyway, maybe the music’ll be good.  Maybe I’ll get to see Bill and Joe.  Maybe I’ll get to… maybe, whatever.”  That person’s mind is not ready.  There was no readiness of mind.  Why do we do praise and worship?  Why do we do the dance?  we’re just trying to prepare people so that they’re ready to eat the main course.

To be continued.

This was an awesome, powerful, impacting sermon for me.  I know that it will free you as well, if you apply what it is saying in your life.  God bless you.  Wait until you “hear” the rest tomorrow!



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