Microwave Healing a sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Microwave Healing by Pastor Don Moore

Below is the text from the closed captioning for the video (slightly altered for readability).  But still go to the link above to get the booklet in PDF file for microwave healing.

SHOW 141

Now last week we did a teaching that, for me, was very important.  I don’t know how many of you brought or still have your Microwave Healing with you.  Does anybody bring it besides me?  Lift your hands if you have one.  If you have one.  That’s good.  That’s very good.  Very good.  I want to touch on a few points of it and answer your questions concerning it.  Because Jesus’ emphasis was on teaching the people.  He believed that healing was the bread, as the scripture says, the bread of the children.  But to understand healing, we must do what He said, He sat the people down and He taught them.  So, this little pamphlet, and for those of you who are watching by television, it’s free.  All you have to do is contact us, we’ll be glad to put it in your hand.  Yes sister.  [it’s on the website]  And it’s also available on the website, free of charge.

And those of you that don’t have web, then just contact us.  We really want to see the body of Christ blessed.  [amen]  That’s what it’s really about.  So, we’ll send it to you free of charge.  If I have to, I’ll bring it to your house.  [amen, laughter]  I better be careful with that.  [laughter]  We are going to have to go to New York City and visit TBN and maybe have a meeting or two down there to meet the other people that constantly are in touch with us.  We love you and we love to hear from you.  Ok, let’s give our attention now to Microwave Healing.  I read the whole thing.  But I want to touch on a few points and have you ask your questions and get some answers.

The purpose of this writing is that sometimes we get healing confused with different people’s theologies and teachings, and whimsical ideas.  Your whimsical ideas will not heal you.  But, guess what…  The Word will.  [amen] Amen.  [amen]  Now, we want to just touch on some of the main points here.

I tried to point out in the first series of pages, are you willing to be different?  The reason is that change is necessary, but change is difficult.  We usually want God to heal us, but we don’t want to change anything.  But God’s view is, if you’re not willing to change, He is not willing to heal you.  The reason would be because He would heal you and you would just go back to where you were again, but in worse shape and worse condition.  Everybody got that?  So change is necessary.

Now that change must occur on two levels.  First of all, we must change physically what we are doing, but also we must change mentally what we’re thinking.  And if we’d be honest about it, we have wrong thinking.  This week on Thursday night Bible study, I’ve been ministering on the authority of the believer.  And last week, I was reading some of the books in my library.  I have a lot of different books.  And I found one of my father’s old books from the 30’s. From 1936.  And in this book it was talking about the teachings of the early church.  And in the book, the author of this book, in 1936 said very clearly that the Church did have, after Jesus departed from the earth, did have signs, wonders, and healings.  And then, he went and said, that those signs, wonders, and healings that occurred in the early Church, after Jesus, were no longer necessary because of scientific and medical advances that have occurred, that were equal to the things that were done supernaturally, we can fix those things naturally, and therefore, we saw a decrease in signs and wonders, as they were not necessary to administer the Gospel to people…

Whoa!!!… Whoa!!!  I always wondered as a young Baptist boy, how we got to the place where we had accepted something that was so different from the Gospel of, the Gospel teaching.  How did we get to the place where things looked so different?  How did we do, I wonder who was the first person that prayed, “Lord, if it be Thy will.” … In reference to not making a determination on something in their life, but making a determination as to the willingness of God to bless His children with the healing mercy.  Do you follow me?  [yes]  When did that question get in?  When did we become so unsure that God is a healer and that He is willing to heal us?

Even though in the Scriptures, when the man with leprosy, dread disease, a death sentence in Jesus’ time, when the man with leprosy comes to Jesus and asks the question, “Are you willing?”  And Jesus answer is, “Yeah. You know, like wow.  Yeah.  I’m willing, even to…” what?  “Even to touch you.”  [amen]…

What we have to understand is that over the years, there is thinking, there are thinking, there are ideas that have crept into our theology, that are not Biblically supported. But they are based on failure over time.  Meaning, if we don’t do things the way Jesus said.  If we don’t come to Him they way He says, and we fail, we will develop a defensive mentality and we will defend our egos and ourselves.  We feel we are good people.  So we begin to think, well, I’m a good person.  I prayed.  I didn’t get healed.  Therefore, that stuff doesn’t work.  Anybody get that?  [yes]  And so, over the years, the Church has developed these theologies of defending failure.  I prayed for Grandma, she died, God doesn’t heal anymore.  I prayed for my foot, my foot didn’t get healed, God doesn’t heal that way anymore.  And the worst theology that has crept in was, I’m not worthy… [hmm]

Well, no, no, no.  The problem is you didn’t understand the mechanics of it, and you didn’t have Bible type faith, and therefore, when you substitute something from it, you end up with a series of failures and as you fail, and since you’re a good person, you identify yourself as a good person, you say, “Well it didn’t work that time, therefore that stuff doesn’t work.”  And so we have developed a suffering, listen to me carefully.  We have developed a suffering theology which is, God will be with you in your suffering, but He won’t do anything about it…. Come on now.  [that’s true]  I’m just speaking the truth here.

And so, we have to understand that books like that one, and hundreds of other books in the last 2000 years have been written to support people’s failure.  Rather than them saying, hmn, I prayed, it didn’t happen.  Let me go back to the drawing board, and find out where I missed it.  [amen]  Amen.  You see, God has no problem with doctors.  God is the one who gives doctors revelation as to how things work.  And how do we know?  Because God designed it.  So we must rely  upon whatever information  they have.  After all, Doctor Luke wrote the book of Luke and recorded more healings than anyone else.  So doctors are not against healing.  But healing is the process by which God enters into the natural and brings about His miracle either quickly or over time.  [amen]

So, we have to then, understand that if we’re going to have microwave healing, if we’re going to get what we’re asking for, we have to be able to look carefully at ourselves and our lifestyles, and embrace change.  [amen]  The Child of God, should not be afraid of change.  [amen]  We shouldn’t be afraid of change in the way that we eat, the way that we exercise.  We shouldn’t be afraid of changing the way that we think.  We should examine anything and everything and we should be able to say, I have been given a physical body that is gonna last for a certain number of years, and I need to be cognizant that if, if I am not helping it, I should accept the fact that maybe I’m hurting it.  In which case, I need to change.  Alright?  [yes]  So, we need to prepare to be different.  We need to be motivated and willing to change.

And then, the next number 2, is a very interesting concept.  Are we ready to be different? … Change means that we have to think, see, and we have to feel different.  Meaning, if we’re going to change, we want God to move in our lives, we have to address all three areas.  You have to worry about what you’re thinking and what you’re seeing.  How many of you know you can get two people in a museum, look at a picture.  One person looks at the picture and says, “That’s beautiful.”  And another looks at it and goes, “eeech.”  [laughter]  Isn’t that true?  [yes]  Come on, isn’t it?  [yes]  Huh?

I’m sure there’s someone today that, the woman’s meeting was wonderful last night.  But I’m sure there’s somebody that this morning woke up and said, “Boy that was a waste of time.”  [laughter]  Because why?  It’s what you’re seeing.  You know.  Today there’s nobody in here wearing sunglasses.  But there are many times that you people have on sunglasses in their life.  They wake up in the morning, you know, I wake up every morning, and go, “It’s a beautiful day.”  Just cause it’s cloudy doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful day.  [right]  So it’s the way that we see.

I always get a kick out of people that have a difficult time.  There are people that have no sense of humor.  So they see things completely differently.  You know, they think, well Pastor should always be serious and dead.  [laughter]  You know, and then there are other people that, well, don’t get too serious, tell us a joke.  I know some people come to church and want to be entertained.  That’s ok.  But then there are other people who want to come and want to be taught.  And then there are other people who come and they don’t have any idea why they’re coming.  [laughter]  And that’s because we see things differently.  But guess what?  You can choose how to see things. [amen]  So we can choose to feel.  You can choose to feel.

I remember going to the hospital and this lady, terrible, terrible sickness, and the doctor said she was in constant pain.  You know, when she saw Pastor, she got a smile up.  And I thought to myself, what just happened here?  She chose to feel happy even though she was, what, in pain.  [amen]  And it’s a choice.  We can do that.  Can’t we?  [yes]  And so, then, we have to choose to be ready to be different.

Then the third area is the one that I perceived last week, the most confusion on.  We can change by accepting that we are not going to change.  [right]  or be different.  We can choose to accept where we are, who we are, and what we do and just be content… But here’s what I said in the passage.  It’s going to take supernatural ability to do that.  It’s going to take supernatural ability to be content even though you’ve chose not to change… But you can choose not to change.  You can be a disagreeable person and say, I choose to stay disagreeable.  My momma was disagreeable, my grandfather was disagreeable, I’m just going to be a disagreeable, hard to get along with person.  You can decide that.  [right]  But, if you decide that, you need to also be content that that’s what you’ve decided.

You can decide to get sick and die and go to Heaven.  And I will agree with you, if that’s what you’re content with.  God has given you life and a body, and you can say, “Pastor Don, I need to lose fifty pounds, but I’m not gonna.”  Well, in that case, be happy about it.  [laughter]  Why should you be miserable?  Be happy that you’re not gonna do it… Just be content that you’re not going to do it.  You just love every ounce of it and you’re going to keep it all.  [laughter]  Well, if that’s the case, don’t be miserable about it.  Don’t complain about it.  And don’t put yourself down for it.  Just be it.  And be content.

The Apostle Paul says, in all things I find myself, I shall be content.  [yes]  He says, I have learned to, I’ve been abased, and I’ve been exalted, and He says, but whatever situation, I will be what?  [content]  I’ll be content.  But to have that type of contentment will require what?  Supernatural help.  [that’s right]  You’ll need supernatural help from God to be able to be content whether there is filet mignon, or Burger King.  But if it’s Burger King, and you’re not going to do anything to get the filet mignon, eat the Burger King happy.  Be happy.  Be grateful.  Don’t be negative about it.  Don’t complain and sit there and eat the burger wishing you had a steak.  Be happy you got the burger.  [amen]  Be ha..ha..happy.  [happy. alright]  Alright, any questions about that?  Cause I know that’s a hard one.

Being content with where you are is a hard one.  You know.  Got a knucklehead for a husband.  Be content.  [amen]  You know.  That’s hard.  By learning that I’m not going to change, but if you are going to change, and you want your knucklehead husband to change, guess what?  Guess who has to change first?  [you]  Rocket science.  You have to change first, and then that will initiate and cause a change in him.  [that’s right]  Alright?  [ok]  We’re good?  [yes]  Ok.

Now, the obstacles to healing were pretty simple stuff.  But you need to read it in detail.  The first is we misunderstand God… We do, we misunderstand God.  We think that our ideas are greater than Him.  We think that our sin is greater than Him.  [hmmm]  We think that we’ve been so bad we deserve to be sick or we deserve this, whatever.   You know, that’s not true.  Jesus didn’t ask people to qualify on the basis of their righteousness before he healed them. [amen]  You know, He took the lowest of the low and healed them.

I always wondered when, a few times in Scripture, when Jesus said, “Now go your way and sin no more.”  I kinda wished that they’d written in there what that person had been doing.  [laughter]  Never mind, I don’t know, that appeals to me.  I would like to know what was he doing that got him that sick.  [hmmm]  The paraplegic, remember they lift off the roof, let this guy in, and Jesus says, Jesus says to him, “Your sins are forgiven.”  He forgave his sins before he healed him in this case.  [that’s right]  And the people got all upset, and then Jesus said, “Well, it’s easier to say your sins are forgiven, just as it is to say, pick up your mat and walk.”  And he says, “Just to show you, that the Son of Man…” hallelujah.  “That the Son of Man has authority on the earth,” He says, “Pick up your mat and walk.”  [amen]  And you know what happened?  The guy’s limbs popped and crackled and lined up.  And he got up and he took up his mat and walked.  [hallelujah, praise God]… I wonder what had he been doing to get that sick.  [laughter]  “Go your way and sin no more.”  I wonder what they would have been doing.

You see, the ancient Jew recognized that there was a connection between sin and sickness.  [yes]  Our culture, we’re trying to get away from that.  You know, alcoholism is a disease.  There’s no demons involved.  There’s no demonic activity.  There’s no bad habits.  There’s no such thing as physical, mental, and spiritual decisions that we make.  It’s a disease.  Well, the ancient Jews felt that all disease had a sin connection…

So, Jesus had to straighten them out though, didn’t He?  A little bit later He says, “Huh, neither did this person’s father or mother sin, and neither did this one sin.” … How many of you all remember that story?  I’m telling it right, right?  [yes]  Back me up, Tony.  Am I telling it right?  [yes]  He said, “Neither, there was no sin involved in this.”  So we have to, in the 21st Century here, we’ve got to speed up and catch up.  There’s some sin that is caused by, there’s some sin that causes disease. And there’s other sin, that just is, cause it is.

Now, I never understood that.  till I looked out at trees and nature.  And realized that some trees are growing in the middle of a field, and they’re beautiful.  But there’s some trees over here on the cliff that are growing in a craggy rock, and they’re trying to grow.  There’s some people that deserve, that deserve to be broken, busted and disgusted, because why?  They were raised in the most difficult of situations.  You know, they grew up in the most difficult of situations.  You know, we have a member of this Church was, between 8-10 foster homes growing up… Some of us wouldn’t be able to survive that.  But she was bounced around 8 different foster homes.  8-10 I think it was.  Bounced all around.  You know, from one foster home to another, to another, to another, to another…That’s rough.  You all want to do that?  [no]  I don’t want to do that.  Not unless it was my foster home, the foster home was my house.  I wouldn’t mind living in my house…

I want you to think about that.  Some people are hurt and difficult to deal with because their life was hard.  [that’s right]  They just had to go through some stuff.  How much greater is the glory for them?  [amen]  How much greater is the glory for them when they get on the other side.  [that’s right]  Isn’t it beautiful?  Hallelujah.  [amen] Thanks be to God.

So, there’s some sickness that comes just because life is that way.  When you’ve been truly blessed, when you’ve been truly blessed, you should be truly a blessing.  [amen]  But there’s some people that have had it very rough.  And therefore, when sickness comes to them, it is not cause they’ve sinned, it’s not cause their parents have sinned, it’s because the devil is an abuser who takes advantage of people.  Takes advantage of weak and difficult situations.  Amen?  [amen]

Now, the other issue, and we’ll have to close with this is, that physical death is a doorway to Heaven and eternal life… Our visit on earth is based on how we’ve treated our bodies, based on physical strength, based on our purpose, and based on God’s sovereign plan.  Now I want to just close with this.  Physical death is a doorway.  We have to, in our experience with the Lord, if we believe that Heaven is a place, if we believe that the Earth is a place where we, what?  Are preparing for Heaven, not the other way around.  Then we have to realize that everything that goes on down here is temporary.  [right]  This is gonna pass.  And the more you fight to hold on to this, the less you have the ability to hold on to Heaven.  [amen]  You can’t cling, you can’t cling to earth and try and embrace Heaven.  [amen]

What did the Apostle Paul say?  He said the only reason I’m hanging around here is for you guys.  Cause it would be much better for me to leave and go and be with the Lord.  You know.  Historical records shows us that Paul had his head chopped off probably in his early 60’s.  He was about maybe 62 when they chopped his head off and killed him.  But did you know, you realize he was looking to die before that?  [yeah] … He was looking to be with the Lord.  He was looking for that greater glory.

So we have to realize that we are here for a purpose which gives us a certain amount of time.  There’s certain things that I am been given the privilege to accomplish on earth.  Certain things that you’ve been given the privilege to accomplish on earth.  And when those purposes are done, and God’s sovereign plan for you in your life is completed, then it’ll be time for you to make a decision to embrace death.  I personally want to embrace it. I don’t want to fight it when it comes.  [amen] … But in the mean time, I don’t want to permit death’s early arrival to any part of my body.  [amen]  Because why?  That impedes my purpose, and doesn’t help me complete God’s sovereign will in my life.

So the correct attitude should be, I walk in divine health until I’ve completed my purpose and fulfilled God’s sovereign plan.  Then I go Home because I’m an alien here.  [amen]  Heaven is my home.  And then the next time you see me, I will be back on the earth to rule and reign and complete God’s sovereign plan.  To me that’s Good News.  [amen]  That’s Good News.  Can you say, “I know I’ll be back?”  [I know I’ll be back]  Arnold Schwarzenegger – (deep voice) I’ll be back.

I’m not talking about coming back the same way I left.  I’m talking about coming back in a glorified body.  I’m talking about coming back with faith from Heaven.  I’m talking about coming back in a life and a mind that has no doubt and unbelief in it.  I’m talking about coming back where there is no sickness, death, or disease, in any part of my body.  I’m talking about coming back and having supernatural ability to traverse across time, to go across galaxies, in the blinking and thought of an eye of a moment.  I’m talking about coming back and being able to go, definitely go wherever I want to go, whenever I want to go, under the direction of God, to do what?  To accomplish His will on the earth. I’m talking about coming back in power and in might.  I got some power now, but when I’m coming back, I’m coming back in more and more and more power.  I’m going to have resurrection power, in every part of my body, from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.  I’m talking about coming back where there is no death, no sorrow, no pain, no disappointment.  I’m talking about coming back as a Child of God, who has seen the victory over this life, and has entered into the victory of Heaven.

Am I alone or or you with me?  [hallelujah – applause]  Well, let’s stand to our feet.  We want to pray for you.  Hallelujah.  If you don’t have a copy of this, you need to get one.  And then follow the simple, easy steps, to enter in to this thing.

Let’s pray.  … sha da da ta ta ta, Lord grant us the ability to embrace healing.  To embrace signs and wonders.  Father, grant us the ability to walk in the strength of Your Word…. And to know that You love us.  You put Your arms around us.  You surround us with your love.  And Father, help us to have the hope that is beyond the grave, and know that that, too, is healing.  That too is healing.  And we just thank you, Lord….We just thank you.  We’re filled with the anticipation of getting better and better at this thing.  We shall grow stronger and better and better at this thing called life.  (laughs)  We thank you, Lord, that You’ve prepared and provided a way for us, and we just thank You… (singing) Surround me oh, Lord.  Surround me oh, Lord.  Surround me oh, Lord.  Let your presence fill this place.


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