Say Amen Show 152 Share your testimony; testimony of Joy Pollard, resources available

Transcript of a Say Amen TBN show – I slightly edited for readability, and took out a few of the audience responses where they repeated what Pastor Don said (to make the transcript less confusing). There is also a testimony on a show called Just Say So (you can find site on Facebook), and a mention of one of Pastor Don’s books. He has published many more since this show was aired.

SHOW 152

You know, let’s do this. Everybody stand up.  Now that you’re up, hold on now.  Hold on, there’s a purpose to this.  I want everyone to, if you’re with your wife, don’t do it to your wife, just turn to someone else.  Everybody else find a partner.  Anybody.  So you’re looking at a person that you didn’t come to church with.  Ok?  Now just face them directly.  Face them directly.

Quiet, quiet.  Quiet.  Quiet.  Quiet.  This is not a social thing.  I’m teaching.  You need to know how to do this.  We teach people how to be kind and to be polite.  We teach them a lot of things.  But we fail to teach them how to save souls.  And it’s quite easy.

Look at the person that you’re with.  Who are you with?  Who are you with Brittney? [nobody]  Well then go find somebody.  … Thank you.  Ok, does everyone have a partner?  [yes]  Alright.  Ok.

Now, each person just greet the other person.  Say, “Hey, how are you doing?  Glad to meet ya.”  … Ok?  Ok, now let me just as a question.  Did the other person look you in the eye?  [yes]  Ok, now, offer a handshake.  [laughter and chatter]  Ok, let go.

Listen to me carefully now.  I’m trying to help you win people to the kingdom. When you gave that handshake, was it limp and unaffectionate?  Give the person a handshake.  Take their whole hand.  And you don’t want to squeeze; you don’t want to hurt.  But you want to let them know you’re there.

Alright.  Alright, give me your attention.  I’m glad you’re having fun but there’s a point to this.  When we greet and meet people, if we don’t immediately by eye contact and by touch, if we don’t immediately say I care, we’ve already made ourselves a problem.  We have to look them in the eye, and let them feel your flesh.  If you have to, put two hands on their hand.

But if there’s just a casual acquaintance, you don’t do that.  Look them in the eye and let them feel your presence.  Let them feel that you are sincere about meeting them, or sincere about saying hello to them.  This works with friends and it works also with foes or light acquaintances.

Now the next thing is this.  Listen, we end up wasting our lives talking about things that do not matter.  [amen]  In 30 seconds, you can say something that will change a person’s life.  After you’ve greeted them and they’ve greeted you, and they say their nonsense to you about the weather or how about those Yankees, or whatever, whatever.  [laughter]  It is very simple to see, listen to me, to see if the Holy Spirit is going to open the door for you to witness.  And it’s very simple.  You ready?

Just look at the person in the eye, “May I tell you what happened to me?”  Then you wait for the response.  If the person says, “No!”  Which is very rare.  They usually won’t.  Then it may be the possibility that the door is open.

These kids in this particular case, it’s very simple.  They would just say, “Can I tell you what happened to me?  Yo.  Yo.  I went to a convention and I had an experience that has changed my life.”  Did you notice, there was no “Christianese” in that?  [right]

Come on, so look at ’em and say, “Let me tell you what happened to me.  I went to church this week and something happened.  Do you want to know about it?”   In each case you are giving the person an opportunity to exit.  But if they don’t exit, you have their attention.  And you have their curiosity.

Now I want everyone, everyone here, take turns.  I want you to tell them exactly what happened to you this Sunday.  As if this Sunday was over right now.  You still have had something about the Lord that has happened to you in the last hour.  You should be able to share something and be able to say, that you have a relationship with the Lord.  Ok?  Go… [conversations]  …

Stop.  Listen.  You should have in 30 seconds been able to plant a seed as to your experience this Sunday or your experience with the Lord.  Were you able to do that?  [yes]  Now, let’s give the other person who was listening to you, the same 30 seconds.  Go…. [conversations]  Five seconds, go ahead.  [conversations]  Ok.  Ok.  (whistles)  Good, that was 30 seconds.  Did you get your point across?  [yes]  Alright.  30 seconds.  Now.

At the point that you have given your 30 second introduction to here’s what happened to me.  This is what I experienced at church.  This is what I experienced at a convention.  This is the Jesus was in, all that, 30 seconds after that, you then say to them, because you love them, you’re interested in them.  “Has anything like that ever happened to you?”  Let’s go!  [Has anything like that ever happened to you?]  … Alright.

Hold up.  Now, the reason that you ask them that is multiple.  One reason that you ask ’em is because you want to show interest in their lives.  The second is you want them to expose to you the reason they have not accepted the Lord.

At that time they will say, “Something like that did happen to me when I was seven years old.  But, in the Church that we grew up in, they were mean and judgmental, and I haven’t been to Church back since.”

Now, you’ve got an opening that you can help answer the question.  The other one will be like the guy said to me at the basketball court last week.   He says, “It’s all fairy dust, none of it’s real.  And it’s all fairy dust.”  Now I know how to address him.

They may say to you, “Well I prayed once and my grandmother died.  And so I haven’t talked to Jesus since then.”

You have to show them that you care about them, you’re interested in them, but you also want to know how to approach them.  Cause you don’t want to beat them up with a Bible if they say to you, “Church and all of that stuff is nonsense, and I don’t go.”  Everybody got it?  [yes]

What was the last question you asked?  Has anything like that happened to you?  Then, after they tell you, you’re not interested in doing cross counseling psychology here.  [laughter]  Here’s what you tell them.  You tell them, “Well, I have found out…”

What have you found out?  “I have found out that I used to think the same way you did, I used to feel the same way that you did.”  Watch this now, are you ready?  “But I had an experience.”  … [amen]  …

Now, we don’t get into a debate about Darwinism and the 14 proofs of the Bible.  But it’s, “But I have had an experience.”  [yeah]  … Ok?

Hello?  Eye contact.  Warmth.  Communicate that you care.  May I share with you or tell you about my experience?  You got 30 seconds to hold their attention and get their interest.  Has anything like that ever happened to you?  Can I tell you about my experience?  Your experience is, you have a relationship with a supernatural God.  [hallelujah]

If you break it down any other way, than an idol worshipper, a satanist, or anybody else can match you and go toe to toe.  You have to say, “I’ve had an experience with a supernatural God.”  [hallelujah, amen] … Ok?

Then if they show any other interest, then you can invite ’em to church, you can invite them to a Bible study, you can go out for coffee or tea with them.  Or whatever, whatever.  It is no problem.  It takes one minute.

Don’t tell me you cannot witness.  [amen, applause]  You cannot witness.  [applause]  Ok, everybody be seated…


Hello everybody.  I’m Pastor Don Moore, your host on Say Amen.  It’s an honor to be with you and we thank you for letting us come into your home.  You know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is quickly understood by the testimonies of people who have met Him and had experiences with Him.  These are the testimonies of real people, people just like you and I who have been touched by the Lord.  And the Lord has done wonderful things in their lives.  Our host for this show, Just Say So, is Sister Julie Evans Porto, so right now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Word of God through personal testimonies.  God bless you….

JULIE:  Hello.  And thank you Pastor Don for that wonderful introduction.  My name is Julie and I’m here today with Joy Fischer Pollard and she’s going to tell you her story of salvation.  Welcome to the show.

JOY: Thanks Julie.  I’m really glad to be here.

JULIE: Thank you.  So, there’s so much territory to cover.  But I want to cover some of the important things.  Ok.  Number one.  You’re a person that can be trusted cause you’re from the Midwest.

JOY: Yes!  Just like you.

JULIE: That’s right.  And you went to a pretty progressive college, right?

JOY: Yes I did.  Yes.  I escaped from Davenport, Iowa and went to Antioch College in 1966.  So it’s sort of a center of… everything.

JULIE: Everything?

JOY: Yes, and when that wasn’t chaotic enough, I moved to Woodstock.  (laughs)

JULIE: So let’s go back a little bit. I want to talk about your, the love of music that was birthed in you, young.  You had a grandmother.

JOY: Yes.

JULIE: And she used to set you on the piano bench.

JOY: She taught me the piano from the time I was four.


JOY: And the best thing about piano lessons with grandma was that she never judged me when I didn’t practice.


JOY: It was the only time I got to be alone with grandma, with no other sisters.  And, eh heh, yes, now I have six.  In those days there were not quite that many.

JULIE: Right.

JOY: But it was also a time to just be with her.  And that was very special.  And she taught me to love it and to enjoy music.  And she played for us.  We all sang as a family.  The extended family all sang in harmony and that was how we entertained ourselves.

JULIE: Must have been beautiful.

JOY: It was wonderful.

JULIE: Now, when you were young, did you have an affliction, a physical affliction?

JOY: Yes I did.  And the root of it, I’m not sure all of where it came from.  When I was nine, my brother, my only brother died of leukemia, and it was a terrible shock to my parents and they pretty much shut down.

And because it was the fifties, everybody thought that the solution was to have another child.  So I have a sister who was born nine months and a week after my brother died.  And she was the first of the sisters that I raised almost completely by myself because they were just not emotionally able.  And by the time I was 12, there were three of them. By the time I was 14 there were five sisters. There are five altogether.

JULIE: Five.

JOY: And I was in charge.  And the weight of it was too much.  And I think that’s part of where the scoliosis came from.

JULIE: So you did have scoliosis?

JOY: I did have scoliosis.  But also, there’s a spirit of infirmity that runs in my family, where you get special attention by being disabled, or crippled, or fragile.  And my grandmother, who taught me piano, had that same spirit on her.

JULIE: So when you say a spirit of infirmity, it means that there’s a sort of a predisposition in the family for a sickness?

JOY: Yes, and for a particular type of sickness experience.  So it isn’t always the same sickness, but there’s not enough attention to go around, and the one way you can get attention is by being special: specially fragile, or specially sensitive, or specially weak, or something like that.

JULIE: So take me to the day where you said, “No.  I’m not going, I’m not going to have this sickness on me.”

JOY: Oh, that’s interesting.  Because it didn’t happen until my daughter was diagnosed with it.  When she was ten, I was 48.  And we took her for her regular physical, and the doctor said she’s developing a scoliosis.  And I called my Pastor and I said, “No!  We’re not going here another generation.”  And we prayed over her.  We knew that she had faith that she would be well. And we had faith that she would be well, and Pastor said, “Pray over her when she goes to bed three nights in a row.”

And the third night when we came back to bed, my husband said to me, and it wasn’t really.  It was his voice, but it really was the Spirit of God speaking to me saying, “He wants you to be well too.”  And I’d been healed of the headaches associated with it a couple of years before that.  But it had never occurred to me that God would also heal the structural issue as well as the functional issue.

JULIE: Yes, Our God is a God that cares about every little detail.

JOY: Yes He does.

JULIE: He sure does.  So, we’ve jumped around a little bit and before you even came to the knowledge of Jesus …

JOY: Oh, yes.

JULIE: You had another visitor from that spirit of infirmity.  And what was that one’s name?

JOY: Oh, that was called lymphoma.  I had lymphoma when my daughter was 11 months old.  And it hit me really hard.  Because it was exactly 30 years after my brother had died of leukemia.  And they’re related.  And it hit not only me, but also my family.  My mother was so panic stricken that she wouldn’t come to see me.  She had already lost a child to cancer and I think she was too afraid to lose another one.

JULIE: Right.

JOY: And in all of my adventuresome, I’m smarter than everybody, I’m going to go live the new modern life in Woodstock, I had really turned my back on everything that I knew from a child about the goodness of God and figured I could do it myself.  And my next sister got saved in high school, while I was in college.

JULIE: That was Suzie?

JOY: Suzie.  And Suzie prayed for me faithfully.  For 20 years.  For over 20 years she prayed for my salvation.  And then I didn’t get saved.  I got cancer.  So then she prayed, “Lord, heal her so that you can save her.”


JOY: And God answered her prayer and healed me unsaved.  I thought I was doing all of my modern spiritual… I did everything.  You know, I did the chemotherapy, I did the radiation, and everything the doctors said.  But I did acupuncture, and moxabushin, and I did shigong at 3:00 in the morning because if you have cancer that’s when you’re supposed to do shigong.

JULIE: According to?

JOY: Chinese herbs, and all of that stuff.  And, I thought, well, I’ve done it.  That’s what I thought.

JULIE: How did you get saved?

JOY: How did I get saved?  It was actually a kind of subtle, slow process.


JOY: After I’d finished chemo, I was walking down the street in Kingston one day.  And ran into my old friend, Don Moore, who I hadn’t seen in about 15 years.  Cause we were musicians in Woodstock together.  So we had known each other for years.  But we’d kind of gone out of each other’s lives, and to his credit, he said, “So what’s going on?”

And I said, “Well, I’ve been through cancer, I’ve been through chemotherapy, I have a little baby, you know.”

And he said, “Well, you know we have this church out in the middle of nowhere, but we have a piano and nobody to play it.  Are you still playing the piano?”

And I said, “Yeah.”

So he said, it was near Christmas, he said, “Would you come out and play some seasonal music for us?”  Very non-threatening pitch.

I said, “Sure.”  And I took Lilly, she was just two at that point.  And I came out and played some Christmas music.  She sat on my lap and twirled my hair which was what she did.  And I would give her a couple of notes to play.

JULIE: Right.

JOY: You know, and then he called me again in the spring.  And said, “Would you come and play some seasonal music for us.”  I said, “Sure.”  And then for reasons that I now understand better than I did then, I just kept coming.  And Pastor Don was not the pastor then.  And it seemed, you know, I had been steeped in the new age.  And it seemed like everything that this pastor said was reading my mail, in my business, ewww, be quiet.  And   I kept coming anyway.  And I couldn’t quite understand it.

JULIE: Was there a day that you came to the altar and gave your life?

JOY: No.  There wasn’t.  There was a day when I called up my sister on the telephone.  My sister Suzie.

JULIE: Right.

JOY: And I said, “Listen, this born again thing.  Do I really have to get up in front of all those people and do that prayer and stuff?”

And she said, “No.  I’ll pray with you right now over the phone.”

And I said, “Listen, I don’t want to be turned into church lady.  I don’t want to be one of those people who says, “Hallelujah and praise the Lord.”  all the time.”

And my sister, and I know God forgives her, said, “Joy, God loves you just the way you are.  And He’s not going to turn you into church lady.”

Which of course is a total lie.  But now I’m ok with it.  You know.

And she said, “What’s going on?”

And I said, “I feel like God is drawing me and I’m holding Him at arms length.  And my arm is getting really tired.”  And that’s how I came to salvation.

I have a real gift in my life because a lot of people don’t get to see everything that God has done behind the scenes to bring you to that place.  But I know some specifics.  I know that the day before I bumped into Pastor Don on the street in Kingston, the Holy Spirit had told him very clearly to go and find me.  And he argued with the Holy Spirit and said, “I haven’t seen her in 15 years.  I don’t know if she still lives around here.”  And the next day there I was.  And to his credit, he didn’t say, “Hallelujah, the Holy Ghost sent me to you!”  Cause I would have run down the street in the opposite direction.

And my sister, the day I got saved, she woke up and was praying and said, “Thank you Lord, for a beautiful day.  I’m going to get in the shower.”  And the Holy Spirit told her, not to get in the shower. And she said, “But Lord, I’d really like a shower.”  And God said, “No.”  And ten minutes later I called ready to give my heart to Jesus.  Thank you Lord.  And she would have been in the shower and that moment would have passed.

JULIE: So, every moment counts.  Timing is of the utmost importance.  So when you hear the Lord say, “Go.”  Go.  When you hear the Lord say, “Tell him your story.”  Tell him your story.

JOY: That’s right.

JULIE: When you hear the Lord say, “Pray.”  Pray.  And I want to thank you Joy, thank you so much for touching people with your story.  Thank you.  We’ll see you next time on Just Say So.  (music)…


Hey my friends.  We love ya!  This is Pastor Don.  I want to tell you about two new resources that we have.  Well, they’re not so new.  We’ve had ’em for awhile.  But they’re new to our listening audience.

One is this wonderful little book here, called Christianese.  It’s called the Language of the Believers.  I find that as Christians we say some things that don’t make sense to unsaved people or uneducated in our language.  We say things like, “I’m on fire for the Lord.”  Things like, give me a couple.  “Born Again.  In the flesh.”  We say things like “Spirit-filled.”  What do all these different terms mean?

What is the point of being in a faith where we don’t communicate the language of our faith so that people… I mean, can you imagine you’re trying to get somebody, lead ’em to the Lord, and you say something like, “I have a burden…” when you really mean you want to go on the mission field.  Why should you express it as a burden?  But in our language we speak about these things.  Washed in the blood.  Boy, that sounds like cannibals.

So we have to understand that these terminologies cause confusion to unsaved people.  And so we need to be able to sometimes give em a book that would help them understand when we talk about the dominion of darkness, who is satan in our Christian faith?  And who is Jesus?  What do we mean when we say, “The Light of the World?”  And I can go on and on with all of those terms.

This book explains all those terms.

What is it, our holidays?  Does Easter make any sense when it’s the celebration of oestare the goddess of fertility?  How do we explain those confusions?  What’s Passover and all those holidays?  And how do they fit in?

So this book will help you with all those terminologies, and also is a great gift to your friends and family that think you’re out to lunch.  So you want to pick up on that.  Ok.

Also, I know, when you turn on our show, you hear some great music.  And our intro and our outro, most of that music is on this CD called, “He’s Still On High.”  So, if you like that music, and you want to get that, come on.  This is new school praise music and it’s very hip.  But it’s also great worship stuff.  It is my favorite music to vacuum or do the dishes by.  And you’ll just love it.  Anyway, I get a kick out of this stuff.  Some great music, and we want to make it available to you.  So on our website, you can get it.  Or just call us and we’ll send it to you.  If you are broke, we have an inflation fighting deal for you.  So call us up and let us know, cause we want you to have it.  Cause we love you.  God bless you.  See you next time.

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