Grounded in Worship – sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grounded in Worship by Pastor Don Moore

First things first, I pray you have a wonderful and blessed New Year – may you continue to grow in the Lord and become more what His best is for you in your life!!! God bless you – Heather

Below is the transcript for Pastor Don Moore’s TV show SAY AMEN 137 – Grounded in Worship. Remember, what is in [brackets] is what the congregation says.  I left the text as it was spoken. Pastor Don is an incredible Bible teacher and I count myself blessed to sit under his teachings..

SHOW 137

I’m just so blessed by a song that Brother Barry and Brother Ray and Joy, they played this morning.  I don’t know what the name of it was,  it was about the one before you did Promise Me, the worship, it was about worship.  [“Let the Worshippers Arise”]  Yeah, “Let the Worshippers Arise.”  Amen.  And, for the last two or three days, we’ve been before the Throne, worshipping and pretty serious about it.  You know, praise God, we’ve always had that here at Living Word, where we wanted to enter in and we’re quick to do that.  And people are usually amazed at how fast we, you know, we’ll plug into the Spirit of God, and worship here.

But I was thinking, as he was doing it, there were, as I just scanned the crowd, there were some people that were unplugged.  And my heart goes out to the people that, when worship is going on, I’m not being critical, but I’m just being observant.  Sometimes when worship goes on, there are people that cannot plug in, or are not able to.  And they will find other things to do.  Here at Living Word, we have some people that are ADDDDADDADDDAD [laughter]  DHEDDDHTHED  And we have some people that are just plain old schizophrenic, you know, and thoroughly confused.  You know what I mean.  And we have some neurotic people that just can’t sit still for anything, anytime.  They bring their cameras, and they take pictures or they draw pictures or they walk around and they go see what else is going on.  They are observers.  I call them spiritual observers.  But today I hope you won’t be that.  I hope that you’ll be a participant.  Come on somebody.  [yes]

Now, why should you participate?  You should participate because there is something that is inherently important in worship… There is something that is very important in worship.  We all know the usual things that are taught.  You know, we worship because God is.  We worship because God is great, and so forth.  But we live in a time where people are concerned about, well, what’s in it for me?  Why should I do it? What’s in it for me?  I want to impress upon you that there is something very positive and wonderful for you in worship.

The reason, one of the reasons that we should worship is because there are very few opportunities in life and very few times in life where we can get out of ourselves.  You may be the most wonderful person in the world, but if you only hang out with you, you’ll become very dull.  [laughter, yes]  And we need to hang out with God and by the Spirit, so that we can get some feedback from someone else.  We need to have a, it’s like if I marry my wife, and I’ve been thinking about doing that, [laughter]  but then I don’t have any time for her… I don’t spend any time with her.  Then I am not very married am I?  I might be married in name or I might have a ring, but the reality is that I would still be alone.  I would still be very alone.

I shared a story of the Ten Lepers the other night.  How many remember the story of the Ten Lepers?  That’s not enough.  Oof.  Let’s go to Luke, Chapter 17.  Let’s read it, that’s not enough.  That’s not enough.  Ok, let’s do it.  Now, for those of you that are here for the first time, it’s an open Bible study.  Pastor Don is not like all the other preacher, teacher guys.  I’m not afraid of you.  So if you get confused, or have a question, just raise your hand, I’ll deal with it right now.  Ok?  [ok]  Everybody got that?  [yes]  Let’s practice.  Ok, what is it?  [laughter] Ok, good, she got it.

In the 17th chapter, let’s look at a few verses here, and then we’ll see a reason to worship.  17:11 “Now it happened as He went to Jerusalem that He passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. Then as He entered a certain village, there met Him ten men who were lepers, who stood afar off. And they lifted up their voices and said, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”  So when He saw them, He said to them, “Go show yourselves to the priests.””

Now the reason He said that is because the Jewish Law of Moses required that if a leper or a person with a skin defect or any type of visible disease, if he received his healing, or a cleansing, or got delivered from it, and was healed, he had to go to the Priest and the Priest would verify that.  So the role of the Priest in those days included, not just spiritual things, but also medical things.  And so the Old Testament guys were aware that there’s a connection between medical problems and spiritual problems.  [amen]  They knew that there was a connection.  They did not divorce it.  They realized that sometimes sin and sin alone is the cause of sickness.  Come on somebody.  And they realized that if you don’t live right, don’t act right, don’t think right, bad things happen to you.  [come on now, unha, unha]  Bad things happen, and they will be manifested in the physical.  Now it’s true, you know, you could just be clumsy and fall down and break a leg and the devil had nothing to do with it.  You’re just a clumsy thing, you.  [laughter]  So there are things that happen to us in the physical, you know, there’s birth defects.  Things just don’t go right.  Every tree that grows doesn’t get to grow in the middle of the pasture.  Some get planted on a cliff or a hillside, so there’s a difference in the circumstances in situations.

But in this particular case, the Lord is going to receive or give a healing to these men, and they are to follow the Law.  Jesus is not a lawbreaker.  Say it.  [Jesus is not a lawbreaker.]  So the Law of Moses required that if you receive your healing, you are to go show yourself to a priest who would declare that you were sanctified, that you were clean, that you were set apart, that you were consecrated, and then you could, once again, join the spiritual community.  Everybody got that?  [yes]  Let’s roll.

So he said, “”Go show yourselves to the priests.” And so it was that as they went…”  Come on, say it.  [as they went]  “…as they went, as they went they were cleansed.”  As, what?  [as they went]  As they went.  You come for healing and I lay hands on you here, some of you are going to be delivered instantly, but then there’s a time factor.  Others of you will have to get healed as you went.

That means you’re going to have to leave from here.  Now why does God do that?  Doesn’t He have the ability that if you have the faith, you’re standing here right now and you have the faith, why doesn’t He just heal you right then?  The reason is God knows the statistics just like I do.  Only 4% of the people that receive an instant deliverance and healing, only 4% will hold onto it… [laughter]  Only 4%.  Therefore, it is necessary for God to allow you to germinate your faith.  To be forced to stand in faith and operate in faith so that over a time you become more effective at being able to hold onto what God has given you.  [amen]  See, sometimes we just get instant, you know we’re a microwave generation.  If God just does it right now, we go,…  I’m really something, ain’t I?  We start taking the credit for it, and God goes, “I’ll get you, I’ll get you next time.”  [laughter]

There’s just something about the reality that we need to practice our faith.  Faith cometh … [by hearing]  and hearing… [by the Word of God]  Faith cometh … [by hearing]  and hearing… [by the Word of God].  My goodness, what a good church.  I love you guys.  So therefore, there is a process of being able to learn faith.  And the only way you can learn faith is by practicing faith, and the only way you can practice faith is to speak it and speak it and believe it and believe it and speak it and speak it and believe it and believe it and speak it and speak it and believe it and believe it and speak it and speak it and believe it and believe it, speak it, speak it and believe it, believe it, speak it, speak it and believe it, believe it and speak it, speak it and believe it. [laughter]… Amen.  [amen]

The best things in life come with the responsibility to go out and achieve it, nail it, and get it.  I wish, I really wish I could have, I wish the Lord had just, you know, just opened up Heaven and decided to bless me with a healing anointing, without having to ever have to be sick.  [yep]  He could have done that… But what do you do, where do you stand when there is no anointing?  And you’re just in your flesh.  It’s just you and your flesh and your problem and there’s no anointing.  What do you do then?  What do you do then?  You better know how to fight.  [amen]  You better know what to say and how to say it…

I can remember sitting in the doctor’s office, age 24, blood sugar all off, all whacked out.  Blood sugar is all… he said you got, I’ve got to put you on insulin immediately and you’re going to have this condition the rest of your life.  And something just bubbled up in here and it said, “Pray and fast 10 days, I’ll heal you.”  So I just, you know 24, I didn’t know much scripture or anything, but I just said, I believed it was the Lord, cause I sure enough wasn’t thinking of fasting.  I like eating too much.  I don’t want to fast 10 days and pray.  You know, I’d rather go and play basketball.  But you know what happened?  I said, “That’s the voice of the Lord.”  So I said to my doctor right there.  I said, “I’m going to fast and pray 10 days and I’ll be back to see you.”  And he said, “Young man, your sugar is so high if you do that, you’ll go into insulin shock.”  He says, “You can’t do that.”  That’s not good advice.  [laughter]  … Glory to God.

Now, I believe in doctors.  Do what your doctor tells you.  Do what, what?  [your doctor tells you]  Do what your doctor tells you.  Take what medicine he gives you, prescribes.  He’s looking out for you.  But he’s looking out for you in the scientific, physical.  He knows what’s going to happen if you take this and you do this, scientific, physical.

But sometimes you need a Word from the Lord.  [amen]  I said, sometimes you need a Word from the Lord.  [right]  And I had a Word from the Lord.  Come, everybody say that.  [I had a Word from the Lord]  Don’t be inventing words.  Don’t be wishing words or creating them on your own.  You need a Word that comes outside of your thinking and outside of your consciousness and you know it’s from God.  [amen]  I went back 10 days later and my blood sugar was fine. Been fine.  I took that little blue card he put on my key chain, that said I’m a diabetic.  I took that off.  He said I was going to collapse in the streets and die.  Gonna die.  [laughter]

But you know, I didn’t really learn faith yet? … It was six years later that I had the incurable lung disease… I had another doctor tell me, “You’re gonna die.”  Every time they see me I’m dying. They said, “We can’t cure this lung disease, you’re gonna die.”  But see, I still hadn’t learned faith again.  Cause I went back, after having stress diabetes, I went right back to eating and living the way I was eating and living before.  Which meant what?  I was not a faith person yet.  Come on, somebody.  [yeah]  I wasn’t in faith yet.  So then this incurable lung disease falls on me, and I still hadn’t learned faith…

So, there’s some circumstances and situations that you’re in right now that are gonna require the process of learning until you learn how to stand.  And then stand some more.  Some of you think I lost my track.  Worship helps you to stand.  [yes]  And stand some more.  [amen]  Now you all see where I’m going?   [yes]

So we’ve got 10 lepers here, that He says, “Go, show yourselves to the priest.  Go show yourselves to the priest.”  Let’s see what happens with these guys.

How you doing?  Everybody ok today?  [yes]  I wish it was all instant soup.  Man.  I wish it was instant, instant healing, instant deliverance, the one I’m really praying for, for you all, is instant marriage.  [laughter]  Just like, “Lord this is the one I want.”  And then, poof!  You’re a perfect husband.  Poof, perfect wife.  I had a guy sit in my office one time and say, I said, “Why don’t you marry this girl?  She’s a good girl.”  He said, he said, “I’ll marry her when, you know, when she proves she can be a wife.”  And I thought to myself, how does she do that?  [laughter]  You know, your sleeping with her don’t make her a wife.  So how’s she going to do that?  What are the other pieces to the puzzle that she has to learn to meet your standard, when you don’t even know that the first place that it begins is with some honor and respect and some love?  [amen]  I better move on.  Somebody’s going to get mad at me.  [laughter]  When she proves herself to be a wife.

That’s like looking at a teenager and saying, “I will let you drive the car when you prove you’re responsible.”  [laughter]  …  And I know a bunch of you all said that.  Don’t you realize that the kid is never going to learn responsibility till you just let him do some stuff and mess up. He learns by messin’ up.  [yep]  You’re going to have to let the boy do some stuff.  And let him mess up and then, then you realize he is responsible.  He’s not going to be responsible with you withholding opportunity.  He cannot prove himself.

Trust.  I love this.  This is a woman thing.  “I can’t trust you.”  … [laughter]  How would we know?  “Can’t trust you.”  You know, trust doesn’t come because he failed once or twice or even a hundred times.  You have to just keep trusting until he develops that ability.  [amen]  Thank you Mary, Mary’s shaking her head, yes.  I love you Mary.  Alright.  I trust you Mary.  Now, let’s go on.

So He says and He went, go show yourselves to the priests.  Verse 15 “And one of them, when he saw that he was healed,…”  When he saw what?  [that he was healed]  What did he do?   [He returned back]  “He returned back quietly…”  [with a loud voice]  without making a ruckus.  [with a loud voice]  He came back, and sat on his hands.  [no, no]  He came back and with his, I’m one of them quiet worshippers.  [laughter, no]  I’m one of them quiet worshippers.  I’m worshipping just as good as you, I don’t have to open my mouth to do it.  [laughter]  Well, the Word says, [loud, loud voice]  I think I made the point, right?  [yes]  And verse 16 “…and he fell down on his face at His feet, giving…” what?  [thanks]  “…giving Him thanks….”  And I love the next line, that cracks me up.  “And he was a Samaritan.” …

You know what the scripture’s saying?  He wasn’t even a Jew.  He wasn’t even a sanctified, set apart one.  He was a gentile.  He was a bum.  He was considered to be a dog.  How many dogs have we got here?   He was considered to be a dog.  A gentile.  He was outside of the blessing of God.  We don’t even know, if the only reason he’s hanging out with the other lepers is because why?  They felt that their status was so bad because lepers were all rejected people.

Isn’t it funny that people have to get rejected to realize we’re all human?  [hallelujah]  You know, before we really will realize that, that when God said there’s no male, no female, no Greek, no Sabian.  When He just threw out race, just threw out sexism, He just, God just threw it all out.  But we have to get beat upside the head before we open our arms and embrace everybody.

Now, that’s not us.  That’s not our church.  But there’s some churches today that are meeting, that are all white.  [amen]  There’s some churches meeting today, all black.  [amen]  All Korean.  All Puerto Rican.  All Cuban.  All Mexican.  There’s probably even an all Philippino Church, somewhere.  And all Messianic Jews.  Some Messianic Jews can’t find a Gentile.  That ain’t right.  Aren’t you glad Jesus is coming back?  [Glory, yes]  Aren’t you glad Jesus is coming back?  Hallelu… I say Hallelujah.  [Hallelujah]

So Jesus was in a room and He was ministering and people were coming, and this woman comes in.  Sister Myrna loves this. Thank you brother.  Sister Myrna loves this.  She does a dance with the alabaster box.  You know.  Where’s Sister Myrna today?  [she’s home]  She’s home, she’s not coming today?  She’s not feeling well?  Father, we just ask that you lift her up and bless her.  We ask, Father, whatever challenges she’s facing, You would let her, remind her today, that You are Her God. And that she has, she has the victory, in Jesus’ Name.  [amen] Amen.

So the lady comes in with the alabaster box, and she’s ministering to Jesus.  And the owner of the house is watching this and he’s saying, “Doesn’t He know she’s a harlot?  Doesn’t He know she’s a low-life woman?  You know, if Jesus was all that, wouldn’t He know that this is a woman of the night?  And here she is touching Him, and carryin’ on.”

And so Jesus, I want to make this point very clear…   Jesus by the Spirit, knows what you’re thinking.  And that’s why, that’s why, no matter how cool you think you are, even though you say, “Well, Pastor Don took drugs and hung out, whatever, whatever.”  And you think you’re more righteous than me, the reality is, but Jesus knows your all thoughts.  He knows your thoughts.  He knows that you were thinking about doing what I was doing.  [laughter]

So, this woman, she’s washing Jesus’ feet with her hair, and the fragrance of the oil is filling the room and everything.  And the owner of the house is going, “Doesn’t He know she’s a low-life?  Doesn’t He know that?”  And Jesus knows his thoughts.  And Jesus says, you know, tells him a little story.  He says, “You know, there was this rich guy and one guy owed him a little bit and another guy owed him a whole lot.”  And He says, “Which one is loved more?”  And he said, “The one that owed the most.”  And Jesus said, “Well, this woman, when I came in was grateful and thankful.”  And she what?  “She’s pouring out this love on me because her sins were so great, that she loved the most.”  [Praise God]  She loved the most.  And He says, “But you, you’re ungrateful because you think…”  Notice, I said, “Think.”  “You think your sins aren’t equal to hers, and therefore you don’t love as much as she loved.”  [wow]

Boy, Jesus is rough, isn’t He?   [yeah] Jesus is rough.  Now, here’s what I want you to think about.  We could be a lot more grateful in life if we realized that people outside of the anointing cannot read our minds.  [amen, amen] … People outside of the anointing, unless the Holy Spirit tells them, people cannot read your mind… Jesus can, under the anointing.  But the rest of the time He can’t read your mind.  So, we should be real forgiving because whenever we presume to know why somebody did something, or said something, or acted a certain way, and we take offense, you should be careful.  Because we don’t have the ability to always read their mind.  You know…   How are you doing Nick?  You alright?  [I’m good]  Yeah.

Now, why do I mention that?  Because Jesus said the number one way to get in trouble with Him is to permit a spirit of offense to separate you from Him.  Now, that means then, that when we come into worship, if we want the best that God has for us, shut out everybody else.  Don’t be lookin’ around, tryin’ to wonder what they’re thinking.  [amen]  Don’t be lookin’ and wondering what they’re doing.  What they thinkin’? What they doin’?  Forget about that.  Forget about that.  Enter in with an attitude of gratitude.  [amen]  Not worrying about what they’re thinking.  Because the only person that matters in worship….  [amen, amen]  Amen?  [amen]

So, last night, not last night, in the afternoon, yeah it was last night.  I turned the TV on and Florida was playing Florida.  Which I think is redundant, but that’s the two schools.  And they’re playin’ football.  And there’s a Christian on the team named, Tebow.  And Tebow has broken all the records of all the records of all the records of all the records.  And they kind of have a problem with this young man, because he’s a devout Christian.  And he’s not quiet about it.  Hallelujah.  [hallelujah]  He’s not quiet about it at all.  Matter of fact, he’s so glad to be a Christian, and wants everybody to know his Jesus, that on his eye shadow, here, he writes scriptures. [laughter & applause]  And so when he takes his helmet off, and the camera does a close up, he’s preaching the Gospel that the Lord’s put on his heart.  [cheering & applause]  Praise God!  You need to pray for Tebow.

Now, Tebow, a football player, is walkin’ around.  He takes off his helmet, and you can see, it said, Hebrews, and I just don’t want to give the punch line away.  But here’s what it said.  It said, 1 with a dash, and a 2.  So, he runs for 46 yards, 46 yards, and five of those guys from the other team, they grab him and one of the guys grabs the football and it rolls out and fumbles, boom, hits the floor, the other’ guy’s floor to jump on it.  The score at this point in time was something like 30 to 3.  But that didn’t matter.  He fumbled the ball.  Then the announcer says, “Well, we’re really going to have to look up that scripture.”  I couldn’t make this up.

Then, here’s the scripture.  He says, that scripture, watch this, what he said, he said that scripture is Hebrews 12:12. That’s what he thought it said.  And therefore he figured this, He said, “Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees.”  And so, he said, well I guess that scripture fits…   And I thought to myself, I’ve been reading some Word for a while.  I saw the boy’s face.  It didn’t say 12:12.  It said 12:1-2.  (Heather’s note:  Hebrews 12:1-2 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.) Come on, somebody.

Listen, I want you to understand, the things that happen to you in your life, stop waiting for another human to understand you.  Stop believing that somehow we’re going to win the world and they’re all gonna love Christians and they’re all gonna love Christ.  Get it out of your head.  You are going to be misunderstood until the sky cracks and Jesus Christ lands on the earth.  You’re going to be misunderstood in your actions, your thoughts and your deeds.  You are going to be misunderstood. It’s what goes with the package.  And when you’re not misunderstood, the world is going to retranslate it and come up with a different answer.  [amen, that’s right]…

We have to be grounded in worship, so that we know the King that we are worshipping, and His opinion is the only one that counts.  [amen]  His is the only one that counts.  What the world has to say, they’re gonna twist it, they’re gonna turn it, they’re gonna turn it to their own way.  And we as believers, have to realize we are not in these last days supposed to be winning the world to a political or social system.  We’re to be winning them to Jesus Christ.



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