Atonement for sin – sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Atonement for Sin by Pastor Don

Below is the transcript for the Say Amen TV Show on TBN East Coast. Remember what is in [brackets] is what the congregation says.  This is typed verbatim.  Praying your day is blessed.

Say Amen
Show 132

Tonight when the sun goes down I will enter into the fast for sundown to sundown.  So, Pastor Don won’t be eating.  Is it required of you Gentiles, those of you that are Gentiles?  No, it’s not required, but why do we do the Jewish holidays when we’re not Jewish?  We do them because the Bible tells us that these Jewish things, the feasts and the holidays, were sent to the Jews as a tutor.  They’re to teach us something.  Therefore, when a Gentile comes and knows that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.  Whoa!  What a novel idea.  Jesus was Jewish.  [hallelujah]   Whoa!  What a novel idea.  Ought not we then know some Jewish stuff?  [right]  It is required of us to understand that if our Savior was Jewish, and lived in the Jewish land, and ministered to the people through the Jewish text, and revealed and then fulfilled the feast holidays, if He was the fulfilling of all the things that were Jewish, then we ought to know some Jewish stuff.

It doesn’t make us a Jew because it says that we are grafted into the tree.  Which means that originally we were something else.  And then we were joined to someone else and we became a new creature in Christ.  Didn’t we?  [yeah]  Didn’t we?  I said, “Didn’t we?”  [yes]  And so I ministered to you from 2 Corinthians 5:17 that if you are in Christ, you are a new creation, old things are… [passed away]  …passed away, and behold, [all things]  not a few things, how many things?  [all things]  All things become new.  Therefore, we have to understand, what is this newness that God has given us, and why has He given it to us?

Why can’t we just stay the same old person, doing the same old stuff?  Well, the reason is, we’ll get the same old results.  [come on]  And if we keep doing, it’s a definition of insanity, if you keep doing the same thing, you think you’re going to get a different result, you’re crazy.  If you keep doing the same thing, the same way, you’re going to get the same result.  But in Christ, He has come to us as a Jewish Messiah, trying to give us, through the Jewish law, an understanding of what He was really about and what His goal was, and what was He trying to accomplish.  So, let’s do a little bit of basic, basic little mind game here and see if we can’t go all the way back to the very beginning and understand a few things.  Are you ready?  [ready]

Eternal God who sits in Heaven is a supernatural being.  He is a spirit being.  And in our understanding, God knows that we couldn’t fully understand Him.  There is no way that the creature can understand the Creator.  That’s a basic principle.  The creature cannot understand the Creator.  Ladies, if you make an apple pie, the apple pie has wonderment as it bathes in it’s juices and sauces, and it looks up at you.  It goes, “What is she?”   The apple pie only knows about apple seeds and trees.  It has no comprehension of the wonder of the creator of the pie.

Therefore, you as a created creature, how dare you think that you can understand and define God.  [amen]  So we have to realize then, that the reality is that we don’t understand everything.  [amen]  We only understand what God reveals to us at the time that He reveals it to us.  Can you live with that?  [yes]  Obviously, some people cannot…

Some people’s faith stop at their level of knowledge… I’m going to let that just sink in for a minute.  Should I say it again?  Some people’s faith stop at their level of knowledge… They only have faith for what they know, the way they know it… And when they get into an area where they don’t know everything, their faith is… weak.  Amen!  [amen]  Hallelujah!  [hallelujah]  Praise the Lord.  [Praise the Lord]  Glory to God.

So, God steps out into space, or wherever He steps, whenever He steps.  We don’t know where He steps, because no man has really, truly seen God.  So we don’t really know where He stepped to, when He stepped out in space.  [laughter]  And He gets a great idea.  He says, “Let Us…make man in Our own image.”  We can’t really wrap our heads around that.  We are a Spirit  being who lives in a physical body.  That’s a problem.  Because our physical body then tries to comprehend and understand the Spirit.  Problem.  God though, doesn’t have that problem.

So God gives us a little information when He says, “Us,”  He is talking about this triune being.  He’s talking about this great Spirit, the Father, who also has a Spirit, the Son, who also has a Spirit, the Holy.  [Spirit]  Right, no I’m just calling Him the Holy, He’s just the Holy.  The Holy Spirit.  And then we find out that there are seven spirits of God.  That’s Isaiah, Chapter 11 if you want to look it up.  So, now, what does God say?  He says, “Let Us make man.”  And then He says, “Okay, we’re going to make man.  Good idea.”  And He makes man.

Only difference is that man is a spirit who is in a physical body.  God is a Spirit, but He’s not in a physical body unless He wants to be.  [right]  Come on, somebody.  I said, unless He wants to be.  [amen]  So, God is a Spirit, who can be in a physical body, if He wants to be.  But His general condition is God is Spirit.  The Son of God, is a Spirit.  He is a Spirit who chose to be in a body.

Now we have to ask ourselves, why would the Son of God, who is a Spirit, He is the Word, the Logos, that’s His real name.  His real name is the Logos.  He is the Spirit or the voice of God.  He is the Angel or the Messenger of God.  In the Old Testament, that’s what Jesus is described as.  But Jesus doesn’t exist until Jesus goes into a physical body.  Therefore Jesus technically, watch out now.  Let me shake you up.  Jesus is not the direct definition of who the Logos is.  [right]  The Word.  It says the Word was God, the Word was with God, and the Word is God.  Well, wait a minute, if the Word is God, who’s Jesus?  Jesus is the Word who came into a physical body  [right]  2000 years ago…  He put on a man suit, for a reason, 2000 years ago.

We would be more appropriate when we pray to pray to the Word… Or to pray to Adonai, or Elohim.  The old Jews knew that there was a problem because the word, “Us,” is multiple as opposed to a singular.  So God expresses Himself as a singular God, multiple manifestations.  So we run into a problem when we, the created one, wants to understand this sovereign God.  And so great debates, great theological debates are raged over who is God, what is God, how are we going to define God?  And we’re going to reduce God down to something that we can comprehend.  You cannot comprehend the Creator of the universe.  [right]  How are you going to do that?  How in the world are you going to understand the multi-faceted, supernatural, all powerful, omnipotent, omniscient, gracious, holy, merciful, great, expansive, all knowing, super ability, super power, unlimited capability.  How are you going to grasp that?  How are you going to wrap your brain around that?  You don’t even understand your wife.  [laughter]  How can you understand God.

We can only go by what He says that we can kinda, kinda hope we can understand.  [that’s right] … You know, one of the greatest men that ever lived was Job.  And Job goes through all this wonderful, great wisdom, and talking and God finally interrupts the conversation, and says, “Hold on a minute.”  He says, “Now I will question you.  I will question you.  How did I put the stars in the sky?  How did I make Leviathan, and Behemoth?”  And He starts asking Job these questions that he can’t answer.

So, when you listen to the radio and TV to these guys who wax eloquent about there is no God, and they understand God, and whatever.  You need to laugh.  I just laugh at them.  I mean, I laugh at them.  They don’t even know how their bodies work, let alone they’re going to understand God.  But we can understand what God has said in His Word that He wanted us to know.  And here’s what He wanted us to know.  When He stepped out on space, He decided He wanted to make man, cause He wanted to hang out with us.  [amen]  That’s about as far as you can get to the purpose of God making man.

Because God, unto Himself, is fully complete.  He needs nothing and no one else.  He is El Shaddai.  He is Jehovah Rapha.  He is Jehovah Tsidkenu.  He is all of those Jehovah’s, but even before we found out about all the Jehovah’s, He said, “I AM THAT I AM.”  [amen]  And that means He was the all-sustaining One who needs no one and needs nothing else.  He always was, always is, always will be.  He is the great I AM.  He is the ever present, all powerful One.  I could go on for hours, and still not define Him.  [bring it on]  Not even touch Him… But for some reason, the great I AM said, “I want some idiots to hang out with.”  [laughter]  “I want some prideful, obnoxious, stiff-necked people, that think they know everything, and don’t know nothing.  But I’m going to surround myself with billions of them, for some reason.”

God has to do something about our sin, about our uncleanness, about the way we talk, about the places we go to, about the things that we do.  He’s got to get rid of that so He can hang out with us.  [yeah, hallelujah, applause]  He can’t take us the way that we are because sin is in our nature.  It’s what we do.  It’s what we think about.  Our minds are in opposition to God.  We live a mental life of unbelief and doubt.  When God says you can do it, we go, no we can’t.  When God says, it’s yours, you can have it, we go, no, I’m not worthy of it.  When God says you’re mine, I love you, I’ll never leave you or forsake you, we go, oh no, I don’t believe it.  I’m not ready for that.  [Jesus]

He’s got to get rid of all of that, so He can hang out with us.  Because, given an opportunity between choosing right and choosing wrong, we just gravitate over and we’ll pick the wrong thing.  We’ll just go over there and then we’re so smart, we’ll justify it.  We’ll make excuses for why we did it.  And we’ll blame somebody else.  The wife will blame the husband.  The husband’ll blame the wife.  The kids’ll blame the parents, and everybody’s a mess.  There aren’t enough shrinks to fix all of our stuff.  At some point it has to be atoned for.  At some point it has to be forgiven.  At some point we have to turn it over to God because He can fix it because He knows what has to be removed.

Therefore, Jesus says to the Father, I will go down on the earth.  I will put on a human suit.  I will pay for their sin.  I will pay the price to remove the packaging so that we can get to the good fruit.  Somebody that understands that, say, “Praise the Lord.”  [Praise the Lord, applause]  We’re not all that.

The only thing that you have control over in your body is your blood… [thank you Lord]  God created everything else and He maintains control over it.  But God gives you blood, which is the life force.  And the life force runs through your body…  And what you do, while you live in your body, concerning your blood, which is the carrier of life.  It carries life, throughout your body, or it carries death throughout your body… That’s the only real thing that you have to control…

But God, since He has given you the life force, and He has declared that life is in the blood.  When He gave that blood to you, that blood was holy.  That blood was clean.  When you came into the world it was only carrying disease if you were born of a parent who was a disease carrier… And that’s why things are moved from the first generation to the second, to the third, even unto the fourth generation.  So the life force is in the what?  [blood]  The life force is in the blood.  The blood.

And therefore, what happened in the Garden of Eden, wasn’t that it was a physical sin.  As much as it was a sin against the life force.  For God designed your body to carry blood throughout your body to bring you health, to bring you repair, and it was supposed to remain sin free… And that’s why throughout the Old Testament there is, when you kill an animal, you are to drain out it’s blood before you eat the steak.  The reason is because, that blood is the domain of God.  It is the thing that he has given to the individual  animal and therefore, you have no rights over its blood over the life force that is in it, so the blood is to be drained out.

Because the blood is the carrier either of the sin or it’s the carrier of the blessing.  And you have no right over the authority of it to take another human’s life because you are taking his God-given life force.  [yes]  And that’s why murder is a sin.  Because you are not to kill and stop and destroy the blood of the life force that God gave that you could not create.  How many of you created the blood that is in you?  You didn’t.  You only recycled it, by either eating healthy, you recycled it.  Your body made more blood, or it didn’t.  You are a blood factory.  Your body is the only, your body replenishes the blood.  It moves good things through your system, and around and through your body.

Therefore, when a man sins, and God is going to punish him, watch this now.  The only thing that he has to deal with is the life force is what you have corrupted.  Your sin has perverted and corrupted the life force that is in you, which is the blood… And therefore, God says, your blood will be required of you if you sin. Because why?  Watch this, it’s the only thing that you produce that you can use as payment.

Well you say, why, if I sin, why can’t I pay with money?  Well, wait a minute.  That money didn’t come from you… The money came from, maybe the sweat of your brow, but what did you do?  You grew tomatoes.  You took the tomatoes to the market place, but guess what?  You say you grew the tomatoes, but you didn’t.  [yeah]  You didn’t grow them.  God grew them by designing it so that that thing would reproduce.  So you say, “I’ll kill a goat, and I’ll sell the goat.”  Wait a minute.  You didn’t grow the goat.  I don’t care if you even cloned him.  The cloning process is still something that we fell upon due to what?  Knowledge of science, of the process of life that God put here.  [amen]

I’m trying to help you.  If you get this, it’ll change your life.  Because most of us don’t understand why God punishes us, why sin is a problem, and why we have to pay for our sin.  You have to pay for your sin with something that you produce.  The only thing in life that you truly produce was the blood system in you, that God designed.  But it’s the only thing that you have total, absolute control over.  Therefore, it’s the only currency that you can use to pay for sin, is your blood.  [come on]

What are you going to do?  You sinned, you’re going to go get one of your kids and bring them over there?  You didn’t birth that kid!  That kid came from the process that God designed.  That’s God’s kid.  You can’t take the kid over and say, UNHNN, take my kid to cover my sins.  And that’s why God hates abortion.  That’s why He hates human sacrifice.  That’s why He hates, it’s an abomination to Him, because you are taking something that is not yours and you’re using it to pay for your sin.  [come on]  How are we doing?  Are we alright?  [right on]

You are the only thing that you have to produce is your own blood.  And it came from God, but your body produces it, therefore, your blood is required of you when you sin.  [yeah]  So God says, if Pastor Don is mean to his wife, I sinned against my wife, I curse her, I abuse her, and whatever, whatever.  God then says, His blood is required of him.  What am I going to pay with?  Her car?  I’m going to take her car and give it to God?  God don’t need her car.  And I get really personal, I go, I’ll take my car.  God take my car.  Receive my car for payment of my sins.  God says, wait a minute.  That won’t work.  The only thing that you have that you have full control over is your blood, Don.  Give me some blood, that’ll pay for the sin against your wife… What else can you pay with?  What currency can you pay with?  You’re going to do good works to pay for your sins?  I don’t think so.  The only currency that you have is that which you really have.

Cain slew Abel.  What was the problem.  Abel brought his sacrifice willingly to God.  Cain didn’t want to bring it at all.  And so he gave God just some stuff.  And so, what did God say?  He says, “Satan is waiting.  Satan’s waiting for you to slip up.  Guess what’s required of you now?  Your blood.”  It says that Abel’s blood was crying out from the ground.  Abel’s blood was crying out.  What’s it crying out for?  He’s crying out that his debt of death, the taking of his life, of his blood, the only way that Cain could pay for it was that Abel’s blood is crying out from the ground, that Cain’s blood should now be spilled to pay for Abel’s blood, his death.

We’re still fussing and fuming and acting like little kids because why?  The only way Adam and Eve could pay for their sin would have been to die.  God would have had to come in the Garden and say, “You guys sinned.”  And He almost did. You know.  Adam says, “This woman you gave me.”  So Adam was already trying to get her killed.  [laughter]  “This woman you gave me.  It’s her fault.”  And what did she do?  She was slick, she says, “That didn’t work.  The woman/man thing didn’t work.  The serpent.”  She blamed the serpent.  Right?  [amazing]  Come on.  How many of you all read your Bibles?  She blamed the serpent.  He blamed her and she blamed the serpent.  [right]  … They both got kicked out.  And the only way they could have paid for it was with their blood.

Does anybody understand what I’m telling.  That’s the only thing they have.  Adam could have done this.  He could have said, “Lord, You’re right.  I sinned.  You made me ruler over the earth, and she’s a part of the earth.  I should have taken dominion over this and said, “No, honey.  Don’t listen to the serpent.  Matter of fact, the serpent is (stomps)  under my foot.  We’ll not listen to Him baby.””  [amen]  “We’ll not listen to him. Today, let’s go get some mango and papaya. [laughter]  God made it for us and it’s right over here.”  But they didn’t do that.  Therefore, their blood is required of them, is the only currency they had in the Garden, they would have had to pay.

But what did God do?  God accepted a substitute.  [right, right]  He accepted a substitute.  God, Himself, killed an animal, took the skins so that they could cover their shameful bodies.  So that their sin would be covered.  And He accepted it as an atoning sacrifice, the blood of the animal that was slain to cover their sin.  I think somebody’s getting this now.  [yeah]  That was the first atoning sacrifice.  Was it perfect?  No!  It was substitutionary.  How many of you all can say that?  [substitutionary]  A little louder.  [substitutionary]  A substitutionary sacrifice is a good one, but it’s not the best.

When you go to court for an infraction, and the judge says, “Listen, we’re going to postpone this, we’re going to postpone this, in contemplation of dismissal.”  That is substitutionary.  Because he could fine you, or he could lock you up as a direct payment for the crime you committed. But he is saying, “We will accept a substitute.  I will take your word that for the next 18 months, you will not violate the law.  Therefore, as a substitute, we are accepting that.  But guess what, it’s still on the books.  If you blow it, we’re coming to get you.”  [yes]  Did anybody get that?  [yes]

Therefore, the sacrifice of animals, the blood of animals was a substitute, but it really wasn’t direct payment because animal blood and human blood are not the same.  [yeah]  Everybody got that?  [right]  Therefore, animals could only be a substitute.  They could only be a postponement for the penalty of sin.  A postponement for the penalty of guilt.  A postponement for evil done.  We’ll accept animal blood for awhile.

But the ultimate goal was what?  I want man to hang out with me without the box, without the plastic, without the seeds.  Therefore, at some point in time the substitute has to be done away with, and we’re going to have to have some real blood, honey.  We’re going to have to have some real clean, purified blood that is able to pay for the sin of man.  We’re going to have to have the real deal at some point.  No credit card, it’s going to have to be a direct blood transaction here.  There’s gonna to be no phony promises.  You’re not going to wave a chicken over your head and that’s going to get it.  You’re not going to do some voodoo ceremony and that’s going to get it.  You’re not going to be mad at God and think that that’s going to pay for it.  You’re not going to work real hard in the harvest field.  You’re not going to work hard in the church and that’s going to do it.  Some real, down, red blood is the only thing that’s going to pay for that sin.

And aren’t you glad Jesus the Christ gave up His blood to pay for your sin?  [cheering]  Jesus, the Holy One, the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, lived a life without sin, and He gave everything He had for you.  [hallelujah]  That’s what we’re celebrating.  That’s what this week of atonement is about.  That we recognize that the real blood was paid so that we could go free.  So that we could get out of the box, rip out of the plastic, and destroy the seeds and step forth into the light of God and say, “I am purified by the blood of the Lamb.”  [hallelujah]  “I’m made righteous by the blood of the Lamb.”  [hallelujah]  And when He comes He will see no sin in my blood… When the Father comes, He will see the atoning sacrifice of the Son.  He will see that my sins have been paid for by His sacrifice.  And I will hang out with Him forever.  [amen, amen, amen]


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