Names in the Bible – Meaning of names in Nehemiah 11 – by Heather Marsten

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Names in the Bible – by Heather Marsten

This Friday I was teaching on the last few chapters of Nehemiah and many of these chapters had long lists of names – genealogies.  And as is my current Bible study practice I have been looking up the meanings of the names – taking the easy route of Holman’s Bible Dictionary.  When a lead seems promising I then go to Strong’s to get the most out of a name. What I have been finding is that God often hides a salvation message in the midst of the lists of names and there is one.  Check out Nehemiah 11:7-8  and you can, if you think about Jesus see him mentioned in the meanings – including tax collector (Matthew) and redeemed one (Peter).

Then I started thinking that, while these names seem foreign to us, the Israelites of that time would have known what the meaning is.  When they said Judah they would be thinking praise.  The same way that those who can speak a foreign language come to a point where a word is said and the meaning is already in your mind without having to translate.  Then I read the list just as the translations say.  Praise, Yahweh has announced His exalted nature, Yahweh is righteous, Yahweh is mighty, etc.  and a lightbulb came on in my head.  Those lists of genealogies when recited by the Israelites were also a way to PRAISE GOD AND REMEMBER HIS ATTRIBUTES!!!!!  How awesome.  Because I compiled the list for those I was teaching on Friday, I am sharing it with you (see below).  I won’t think of the genealogies the same way from now on.

Have a blessed Sunday.  Today, after church, my daughter and I are going to upstate NY to look at a few colleges.  Hard to believe that after next year all three of my children will be in college.



Meaning of Names in Nehemiah 11

Verse 3

Nethinim – Those given to priests and Levites.  Persons of foreign extraction who performed menial tasks in the Temple.  Moses gave Midionites Num 31:23, Joshua the Gibeonites who were water bearers – Josh 9:27, David war prisoners – Ezra 8:20.  These could not intermarry with Israelites and they resided in Ophel near the water gate – Neh. 3:26

Verse 4:

Judah – Praise

Athaiah –Yahweh has announced His exalted nature, Yahweh is righteous
son of Uzziah – Yahweh is mighty
son of Zechariah –Yah remembered
son of Amariah –Yahweh has spoken
son of Shephatiah –Yahweh has created justice
son of Mahalalel – God shines forth
of the children of Perez – Breech – Perez was one of the two children born of Tamar & Judah.

Verse 5:

Maaseiah – Work of Yahweh

son of Baruch – Praise God – Jeremiah’s scribe

son of Col-Hozeh – He sees everything, everyone a seer

son of Hazaiah – Yahweh sees

son of Adaiah – Yahweh has adorned

son of Joiarib – Yah establishes justice

son of Zechariah – Yah remembered

son of Shiloni – Tranquil, secure.

Verse 7:

Benjamin – Son of the right hand

Sallu –The restored one

son of Meshullam – Allied, given as a replacement

son of Joed – Yah is witness

son of Pedaiah – Yah redeems

son of Kolaiah – Voice of Yah

son of Maaseiah – work of Yahweh

son of Ithiel – with me is God

son of Jeshaiah – Yahweh delivered

Verse 8:

Gabbai – tax collector

Sallai – the restored one

Verse 9:

Joel – Yah is God

son of Zichri  – rembrance, mindful

Judah – praise

son of Senuahwas – pointed

Verse 10 – priests

Jedaiah – darling, beloved

son of Joiarib –Yah establishes justice

Jachin – Yah established  (part of priestly family connected to David’s organization)

Verse 11

Seraiah –Yah has proved Himself ruler

son of Hilkiah – Yah’s portion

son of Meshullam –allied, given as a replacement

son of Zadok – righteous, the Lord is righteous

son of Meraioth –obstinate, rebellious

son of Ahitub (was the leader of the house of God) my brother is good

Verse 12

brethren who did the work of the house

Adaiah – Yahweh has adorned

son of Jeroham – he found mercy

son of Pelaliah –Yahweh intercedes

son of Amzi – my strong one

son of Zechariah –Yah remembered

Pashhur – son of the god horus – (forebearer of priestly family who returned from Exile and later gave up their foreign wives)

son of Malchijah – My king is Yahweh

Verse 13

Amashai –burdensom, to load, impose a burden

son of Azarel – God is my help

son of Ahzai – property

son of Meshillemoth – reconciliation

son of Immer – lamb

Verse 14

Mighty men of valor
Zabdiel –God gives gifts, my gift is God

Verse 15

Shemaiah –Yahweh heard

son of Hasshub – one to whom He has imputed or reckoned

son of Azrikam – my help stood up

son of Hashabiah – Yahweh has imputed or reckoned

son of Bunni – built

Verse 16

Heads of Levites –oversight of business outside house of God.

Shabbethai – belonging to the sabbath

Jozabad – Yah gave

Verse 17

Mattaniah – Gift of Yah

son of Micha – who is like Yahweh

son of Zabdi – Yah gives

son of Asaph, the leader who began the thanksgiving with prayer – He collected

Bakbukiah – Yahweh’s bottle

Abda – servant

son of Shammua – one who has heard

son of Galal – roll, turtle

son of Jeduthun – praise

Verse 19

Akkub – protector

Talmon – brightness

Verse 21

Nethinim dwelt in Ophel

Ziha (the face of hours) and Gishpa (?) were over the Nethinim

Verse 22

Overseer of Levites

Uzzi  Yahweh is my strength

son of Bani – built

son of Hashabiah – Yahweh has reckoned or imputed

son of Mattaniah – gift of Yah

son of Micha – who is like Yah

sons of Asaph (he collected) – the singers in charge of the service of the house of God

Verse 24

King’s deputy in all matters concerning the people

Pethahiah – Yahweh opens

son of Meshezabel – God delivers

of the children of Zerah – sunrise

son of Judah – praise

The People Dwelling Outside Jerusalem
Verse 25
Kirjath Arba – City of four
Dibon –Pining away, fence of tubes
Jekabzeel- God assembled
Verse 26
Jeshua – Yahweh is salvation
Moladah – generation
Beth Pelet – House of deliverance
Verse 27
Hazar Shual – Encampment of the foxes
Beersheba – well of oathVerse 28
Ziklag – ??
Meconah –standing
Verse 29
En Rimmon – spring of the pomegranate
Zorah – wasps, hornets
Jarmuth – height, swelling in the ground
Verse 30
Zanoah – broken district, stinking
Adullam – sealed off place
Lachish -obstinate
Azekah –cultivated ground
They dwelt from Beersheba (well of oath) to the Valley of Hinnom (baal & molech worship – burning)
Verse 31
Geba – hill
Michmash – hidden place
Aija – Ai – ruin
Bethel – House of god
Verse 32
Anathoth – eye, pay heed, attention, respond
Nob – fruit
Ananiah – Yahweh heard me
Verse 33
Hazor – enclosed settlement
Ramah – high
Gittaim – two winepresses
Verse 34
Hadid – sharpened
Zeboim – he yearns, wild place
Neballat – blessed with life
Lod – ???
Ono – grief
Valley of Craftsmen – Geharashim – Valley of Craftsmen
Priests & Levites came with Zerubbabel.

Verse 1
Zerubbabel – discernment of Babel, confusion

son of Shealtiel – I have asked of God
Jeshua – Yahweh is salvation
Seraiah – Yah has proved himself ruler
Jeremiah – may Yahweh lift up, throw, found
Ezra – Yahweh helps

Verse 2
Amariah – Yahweh has spoken
Malluch – being king
Hattush – ???

Verse 3
Shechaniah – Yahweh has taken up dwelling
Rehum – Merciful, compassionate
Meremoth – heights
Verse 4
Iddo – Yahweh adorns Himself
Ginnethoi – hedge about
Abijah – My Father is Yahweh
Mijamin – lucky, from the right hand
Maadiah – Yah assembles
Bilgah – brightness
Verse 6
Shemaiah – Yahweh heard
Joiarib – Yah establishes justice
Jedaiah – Yah is darling
Verse 7
Sallu – the restored one
Amok – deep
Hilkiah – Yah’s portion
Jedaiah. – Yah is darling
These were the heads of the priests and their brethren in the days of Jeshua.

Verse 8
Jeshua – Yah’s salvation
Binnui – built
Kadmiel – God is of old, God goes before
Sherebiah – Yah, understands, Yah gave a new generation, Yah made it hot
Judah – praise
Mattaniah (gift of Yah) who led the thanksgiving psalms, he and his brethren.
Verse 9

Bakbukiah – Yahweh’s bottle
Unni – afflicted, answered
Verse 10
Jeshua (Yah’s salvation) begot Joiakim (Yah has established, set up, delivered)
Joiakim begot Eliashib (God repays or leads back)
Eliashib begot Joiada (Yah knows)
Verse 11

Joiada begot Jonathan (Yahweh gave)
Jonathan begot Jaddua. (well, knowing)

Verse 12
Joiakim – Yah has established, set up delivered

priests, the heads of the fathers’ houses were
Seraiah – Yah has proved himself ruler
Meraiah – Yah has promised
Jeremiah – may Yah lift up, throw, found
Hananiah – Yahweh is gracious

Verse 13
Ezra – Yahweh helps
Meshullam – allied, given as a replacement
Amariah – Yahweh has spoken
Jehohanan – Yahweh is gracious

Verse 14
Melichu – being king
Jonathan – Yahweh gave
Shebaniah – Yahweh has spoken
Joseph – adding
Verse 15
Harim – dedicated
Adna – joy of living
Meraioth – obstinate, rebellious
Helkai – my portion
Verse 16
Iddo – Yahweh adorns Himself
Zechariah – Yah remembered
Ginnethon – hedge about
Meshullam – Allied, given as a replacement
Verse 17
Abijah – my Father is Yahweh
Zichri – mindful, remembrance
son of Minjamin – lucky, son of my right hand
Moadiah – Yah promised, Yah’s ornament
Piltai – Yah is my deliverance
Verse 18
Bilgah – brightness
Shammua – one who was heard
Shemaiah – Yahweh heard
Jehonathan – Yahweh gave

Verse 19
Joiarib – Yah establishes justice
Mattenai –my gift
Jedaiah – praise Yah, Yah has performed a merciful deed
Uzzi – Yahweh is my strength
Verse 20
Sallai – the restored one
Kallai – swift, light
Amok -deep
Eber –the opposite side
Verse 21
Hilkiah – Yah’s portion
Hashabiah –Yahweh has reckoned or imputed
Jedaiah – Praise of Yah
Nethanel – given by God

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