How to get rid of ants and roaches – sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How to get rid of ants and roaches by Pastor Don Moore

This is an interesting sermon, and it gave me much to think about.  Praying that this sermon blesses you.  Remember what is in [brackets] is what the congregation said.  Have a blessed day.

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How to get rid of ants and roaches

Amen.  I want you to look in 1 Corinthians at just a couple of verses and then, from that we want to get into the Word here.  Alright?  Verse 6.  1 Corinthians, verse 6, Chapter 2.  Chapter 2, verse 6 “However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing.  But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which god ordained before the ages of our glory, which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.  But as it is written:  “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”  But God has revealed them to us…”  Come on, can you say, “He revealed it to us?”  [He revealed it to us.]  “…through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.”  The Lord add a blessing to the Word as we discuss this issue.

I want you to just look up here.  I’m going to talk to you about some wisdom that the world has missed, in that God in creating everything, He gave Adam the responsibility of naming everything.  And Adam, as he named all the different animals, he may not have been aware of it but most of the animals that exist down here were created from images in God’s mind of things that were in Heaven.  I think though that there is something else that we can learn concerning this, and that is that there’s a lot that we can pick up by examining the behavioral traits and identifying the character and the nature of many of the animals that surround us.

We’re blessed here because we live in the woods and all and we see more wildlife than most people.  But the different animals that we see have personalities and characteristics and things that they do that we can draw great information from.  I can remember very much, one time I was on an acid trip, which I don’t recommend, but [laughter] on this particular, in this particular instance, as the psychedelic drug hit my mind, and we were at a party at the time, I wasn’t expecting what happened.  All of a sudden, as my mind is being warped by the drug, as the drug is warping my mind, all of the people at this party took on animal characteristics.  I looked at certain people and I saw this person is an orangutan person, this person here is a horse person.  Oh, look at that, there’s a rabbit person.  And whatever.  And, as a result of that, you know, it wasn’t terrorizing, it was quite funny to realize that as we look at people, we can see that.

How many of you have ever noticed that people that have dogs, for some reason, over the years, they begin to look like their dog?  [laughter]  Some cases, even act like their dog.  [laughter]  Which is very interesting to me why we pick certain dogs that we pick, not thinking that the dog is going to become a reflection of you or maybe you’re a reflection of the dog.  You know, it’s almost like picking a husband or a wife.  Moving right along.  [laughter, oh yeah]

But we look like animals. And we have, you know, there are gopher people, people that look like gophers.  And there are people that, have these different animal characteristics.  So, today, if you would.  I’m dead serious, but I think that it would be wise, since the wisdom of God is greater than the wisdom of man. God may be saying something to us that we can learn from animals and the insects in the world if we identify certain characteristics of them, we can take a look at mankind and identify certain characteristics and we can figure out how the animal world is tied to us, but more importantly, we can more clearly see ourselves.  God wants you to know how to identify yourself and see yourself.  Amen.  [amen]  And by doing that, you can improve.

So today I want to talk to you about how do you get rid of ants and roaches.  [laughter]  Can you say that?  [How do you get rid of ants and roaches?]  Ants and roaches.  Now, I’m not talking about any of you.  You’re no ants here, you’re no ant people here.  There’s no roach people here.  But I want to talk to you.  And for all of you druggies, the roach I’m talking about is not a marijuana cigarette butt.  I’m talking about the cockroach.  The little bug that crawls around.

So, let’s begin with the ant.  There’s some things that we can learn from the ant and their nature and the way that they do.  The ant is a very interesting little insect.  It lives in complex societies.  These complex societies they call them colonies.  But the interesting thing is that the ants carry out their role, but they really don’t have, as the book of Proverbs says, they march but they really don’t have a commander.  But they all seem to work as a team and they know what they’re doing.  There are only a few ants that fly.  But, watch this.  They only fly during mating season…

We can learn a lot about ants.  Let me finish the characteristics of and we’ll go back over it.  So, they only fly during mating season.  They’re industrious workers.  They wander a lot.  Ants are wanderers.  They go all over the place.  But as they go, they leave a spit trail.  It’s not able, you can’t see it with the human eye, but they leave a spit trail, not only so they can find where they’ve been, but they can also know how to get back from where they’ve gone.  And they leave these trails for other ants to find as well as for themselves.  They are described ant, they get antsy, get ants in your pants, because ants are fidgety, they’re restless.  They’ll eat anything dead or alive.  They will even participate in cannibalism.  They will eat another ant, or they will attack ants that are not from their colony and go to war with them.  They will participate in aggressive behavior when they’re outside the colony.

They are hard to kill.  If you’ve ever killed an ant they are strong.  They have very tough heads.  Crushing ants requires some real pressure that you have to apply, and they’re very strong.  They are somewhere between eight and sometimes, it said in the books, sometimes as much as 50 times their own weight they can lift and carry and drag.  One time I saw a wasp that was 14 times the size of the ant and this little red ant was dragging this dead wasp very successfully.  But the other ants found his spit trail and then all of a sudden about an hour later, there were about 100 of these red ants carrying this big wasp.  So, that’s the stuff on ants.

Now let’s take a look at the common American cockroach.  Ok?  He’s built in a different way.  And his main thing about him that we don’t like is that he’s infesting.  He will overrun a large area.  He plants numerous eggs and he will plant his eggs in almost anything.  And he will multiply rapidly.  He’s capable of carrying large amounts of germs that won’t kill him but he’ll carry them to different locations.  His favorite place is kitchens and bathrooms.  Likes to hang out there.  And it’s during mating time that he lays these eggs all over the place and the interesting thing about him is he only comes out mostly at night.  He’s a night creature.  He comes out at night and he tends to hide from he light.  He’s easy to kill but he’s hard to clean out and get rid of.  He’s a great hider.  Finds tremendous places to hide.  And he can get through cracks, no matter how small cause he can squeeze his body down and get through something that’s maybe only 1/16th of an inch thick.  He can get through that.  And he’s very versatile.  He can…he can travel in almost anything you own.  [yeah]  He can travel.

I can remember my wife and I, my aunt moved out of the area.  She moved to Virginia and she left us her furniture.   And at the time she lived in the South Bronx and we weren’t thinking about this.  We’re living in the country, we hadn’t seen a roach you know in a long time.  One advantage of living in the country is you don’t, you just don’t see roaches.  And the reason you don’t is because, you ready, if you do have a roach problem you really want to get horseshoe crickets.  The horseshoe cricket also hunts at night and he’s very aggressive, or wolf spiders.  And you can put wolf spiders or horseshoe crickets in your house, under the cabinet and in a couple of weeks you can’t find a roach.  They’ll eat them.  But, if you don’t have that, we found this couch she had given us, we didn’t know it but we brought it into our house and there was some roaches in it.  And so one morning, I heard this coming out of the kitchen.  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHHHA!!! [laughter] And I realized that my Ohio wife had just come in contact with a New York City roach [laughter]  and she was having a disgustingly frightening experience.  [laughter]  And so I went in and I says, I says, “Honey, turn out the light.  Turn out the light.”  And she turned out the light.  And then they come out.  Only to find out that when we turned the light back on that we were truly, truly infested.  Because that’s just the way that roaches are.

Now…we’ve taken an overview of ants and roaches.  And by now, many of you have seen yourself already or neighbors or friends or enemies.  But let’s start about.  Let’s talk about the ant.  I want you to be thinking in terms of demonic activity.  Demonic activity sometimes comes with ant spirits.  There are ant spirits in the world.  And we can’t blame everything on demons, because the reality is that in the human spirit are all of the things that demons need in order to do their work.  In other words, you would not be subject to certain demons unless it was already in your spirit.  [right]  You need a minute to think about that….Yessirree.  You can have a little bit of depression and a demonic spirit can pick that out and then therefore a demon of depression can come and then magnify the situation that was already present in your human spirit. You can have, you can have in your human spirit el stupido, [laughter].  By that I mean you can be just a stupid person. And the stupid demon will find you quickly.  Cause as you do stupid, he’ll realize that you would be a perfect home for him, and will perpetuate stupidity.

Many of us need to realize that we were raised by parents that were out of control.  And we’ll get, we’ll get really good if we just accept the fact that our parents were out of control and in our spirits is some of that same training.  Just shake your head, come on, because you know you’re dysfunctional.  You know you came from a dysfunctional home with dysfunctional people in it and that’s why you dysfunctional.  But, because of Jesus you’re only sometimes dysfunctional.  Amen. [amen]

So, in the ant’s spirit, we’re talking about people that have this spirit and all.  They live in complex social colonies.  We do that.  We have, you know, sometimes pastors get upset and worried about, well having cliques within the church.  That’s a complex social group inside the church, to where people will gang up on another person with an ant spirit.  They will devour.  They will get together and gossip and they’ll talk down somebody.  You know, they have an ant spirit.  Pastors are very concerned about that because a few, a few little cliques in the church, if they get loose can destroy a ministry.

You know, if you have people that after church get…you know, I’ve been preaching a long time.  There’s some people that have been around me fifteen, twenty years that have never once, never once said, “Pastor Don, that was a good sermon.”  Or, “Pastor Don, that was a good revelation that you had.”  Or, “Pastor Don, you know that was a good word.”  Or, “I like the way you do anything.”  I’ve had some people been around me 15 years, never told me I ever did anything right.  Well, what is that?  They are circulating inside a colony of negativity.  And so, in that colony, the thing is to tear down, not build up.  And so, when you have that colony that is complex, because they’ll do it in sly, sneaky little ways, just like ants.  They’ll just crawl around and leave a spit trail so that other people can follow them in their negativity.  Lord have mercy.

Sometimes you can see it turn on certain members of the church.  You have a certain member that God is raising up, that all of a sudden you find that there is a spit trail leading to tear down that person when they’re just really trying to go forward with God… Well, glory to God.  Amen.  Say, “amen” so I know it’s not you.  [amen]  And so, we have these complex colonies that will do that.  They will leave a trail, you know they’re fidgety, and restless, you know, they can’t, they just don’t, you don’t belong to my group.  So, we don’t associate, we don’t talk, and that’s why I put a sign out.  How many of you notice the new sign in front of the church?  Praise God!  We have some observant people.  I had that sign at my house.  It was in my house for years and I decided, you know, it’d reach more people if I put it in front of the church.  You can’t come in the door of this church without reading it if you notice the flowers, you’ll notice the sign that says, “Love spoken here.”  [amen]  Love spoken here.  Because I want to make sure, I want to make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that in our little ant colony that’s the language we are going to speak.

It’s going to be the language of love, it’s going to be an inclusive language that is going to embrace everybody so that there is only one ant colony, but not divisions within the colony.  So that we’re not going to, we’re not, somebody says, “Pastor Don, how come you don’t preach on racism?”  I don’t have to.  I pastor a church that is multiracial and we all get along.  [amen]  If I was at a church that didn’t get along, I’d have to minister on that.  I don’t have to minister on that because we’ve got that covered.  [amen]  We’ve got that, come on praise God you all!  [amen]  He has given us a heart to love and embrace everybody.  We don’t care whether you’re rich or poor, or whatever your racial, we have realized in Christ Jesus there is no Jew, no Gentile, no Sabine, you know.  We have a problem with some of the people that come from Saugerties, but we accept them. [laughter]  We accept them…as, as beloved.

And so, in the ant colony, this complex thing goes.  We have people that leave these trails.  Sometimes we have to be careful to listen to little comments that people say.  Sometimes they’re just little sentences, that are spit trails.  And we have to learn to hear those, and say, wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.   We don’t receive that in our ant colony.  You know, we don’t, we don’t let’s not do that.  You know, somebody takes you out to lunch and they start getting down on one of the sisters about the way she dresses.  You need to just say, “Wait a minute now.  She’s only been saved a couple of months.  Let’s give, let’s cut her some slack.  She’ll figure that out.”  I said, “Amen.”  [amen]  Yeah, don’t do that.

We’ve got like four or five praise teams.  Don’t have a favorite praise team…. Don’t have a favorite praise team.  Somebody a couple of weeks ago tried to get me in a conversation about one of the praise teams was playing something, was kind of country western.  You know.  Why don’t I do something about that?  [laughter]  I was like, wait a minute.  We have a multicultural church, and multicultural means we have to include country and western, so if they want to play some country and western, there has to be somebody that enjoys it, or at least, will become a more mature Christian if they have to listen to something they don’t like for a second and still find Jesus in it.  [amen]  Glory to God!  So I just say, you know, so let’s watch that.

Let’s keep an eye on fidgety and restless people.  They make more trouble than they really get good.  And so we have to realize that fidgety and restless people have to be trained.  You know, they’re ants that have to be pointed in the direction of a purpose.  If we give them a purpose, then ok.  If not, they won’t get anything done.

It’s like going to some people’s house.  I’ve been to some people’s houses and husbands are guilty of this because they get easily, we’re men, we get easily distracted.  A husband will decide we need new framing around that window, [laughter]  and you know, he’ll take that thing apart [oh, yes!]  and then he’ll nail up one piece.  [laughter]  One piece!  Talking about he’s too busy.  And what’s he too busy?  Because he’s restless and fidgety, and he decided, I can’t put up this one piece of wood until I turn the garage into a tool shed.  [yep, laughter]  See, he can’t find his tools, so I can’t finish the window till I what?  Till I build a tool shed.  But I can’t build a tool shed until I change the compartment in my truck.  If I get a different compartment in my truck then I can put somewhere to put my tools and then I can fix the window.  But I can’t do any of that because it may rain and I didn’t finish the gutters from last year. [laughter]   So what does he do?  What does he do?  He gets a ladder. Check this.  He gets a ladder, puts it upside the house where the gutter is, climbs up and inspects the gutter and says, yes it’s broke.  Climbs down and leaves the ladder for a year!  [laughter]  He’s restless and fidgety.

But I’ll tell you what he’ll do.  If it’s mating season, he’ll grow wings and fly.  [laughter]  Just like an ant.  If it’s mating season, now he can fly.  He’s champion man.  [laughter]  He’ll fly looking for a place to start a new colony.  But if he’s saved and born again, he’s just flying around the house waiting for you to settle down.  [laughter]  Well, come on.  He’s fidgety, fidgety.  Well, moving right along.  Lord have mercy.  I’m just telling the truth up here.  [yeah]

The worst characteristic though of the ants is that they’re warlike in nature.  They’re warlike in nature.  And the reason that they are that way is because they can’t see good.  Most ants are really blind.  Almost kind of blind.  Which means what?  They don’t have any discernment.  They’re fidgety, restless and they’re moving around, they’re leaving spit trails, but they can’t discern where they should be and what God’s will is for them.  That would be ok except that ants have no recognition of who the leader is.  Can I talk a little bit?  So they’re blind so they don’t discern anything, but yet and still you can’t lead them cause they will not recognize a leader.  They can only function as a group.  And so, therefore, they will destroy the saints in the body.  You know that saying, the church is a hospital for sinners, it’s not a hotel for saints.  But an ant can’t figure that out.  And so, he’s very warlike, very warlike.

My wife and I visited a church, I won’t call its name because I don’t want to embarrass the good people of the Lord, but we, we were visitors.  Just visitors.  We visit the church, we sat through the service and then after it they had a coffee thing of tea and cookies.  But they didn’t even invite us.  They didn’t announce it from the pulpit that we’re going to have a little refreshments after.  They didn’t announce that, but we just figured they have refreshments, we’re visitors, we should be entitled.  So we went over, got a cookie and a cup of coffee, and we’re standing there.  And we stood there and stood there and stood there and stood there and then we stood there.  [laughter] And stood there a little bit more.  Just about out of coffee and the fellow that had invited me to come was their guest speaker that day.  And he finally got free.  He was the only one that spoke to us.

We were in a church service for over an hour and no one, no one said hello, no one said how are you doing.  One guy said, “What are you doing here?”  [whoa]  To me that was a warlike spirit.  Cause he should have been saying, welcome, glad to see you.  You know.  Can I get you something?  Can I do something?  Warlike, it was a warlike spirit.  It’s attitude was we are ants, we have our little ant colony, and you’re not invited.  Your not… and I figured this way.  It was a white guy, he could have at least talked to the white woman if he didn’t want to talk to me.  [laughter]  But he didn’t socialize … so we don’t really want to be like those kind of ants.

We want to have an inclusive, we love you attitude.  And speak to everybody.  Remember, here at our church, and those of you that watch this by television, try and have the 10 foot rule.  If someone’s within 10 feet of you, speak to them.  Don’t wait for them to eye contact.  Forget that.  You’re a blind ant.  You don’t need specific eye contact to say hello.  You just open up your eyes with discernment and say, “I don’t know you.”

You know, somebody was complaining cause the church has gotten to a place where we’re a church with two services and a two service church service sometime ends up being two churches.  You know, because people don’t know. But I thought to myself about, I thought about that.  What’s wrong with having two churches?  …. Some of you ain’t getting that… What’s wrong with having two churches that use the same building?  Just at different times.  If everybody’s friendly, then it wouldn’t matter to us would it now?  And so when we go to the church picnic this summer, yes you will see people from the second service, this is first service today, you’ll see people from second service that you don’t know, but they’re in the colony!  [amen, yeah!]  They’re in the colony.  So, in other words, what does it matter?  Praise God if we had 14 services.  We’d still be in the colony.  [yeah]   Come on somebody.  You know what I’m talking about?  I’m saying like let’s love on people so hard that they want to know what church you from.  [amen]  Let’s love on them so hard that they just, they just feel included.  Feel blessed.

Now, let’s talk about these other ones.  These ants though that are tough headed, their heads are tough.  I mean I’m not inciting you to go kill ants but you know, their heads are hard!  They’ve got hard, hard heads.  So if you’re going to kill ants, listen to me carefully, it’ll take a long, long time if you want to get rid of ants to go around and try to crush all their heads.  So there’s something better you should do.  You guys want to know what to do?  [yes]  Wipe off the counter.  Wipe off the counter.  They love kitchens and baths.  Wipe off the counter.  I’ll tell you more about that later, but some of you are thinking, right?  [yes]  Huh?  Wipe off the counter.  Can you say that?  [Wipe off the counter.]

Now, let’s talk about these roaches here.  These suckers are infesting and they will overrun anything.  They will overrun any, and they will eat, watch this, they will eat anything.  A roach will eat anything.  One of the easiest way to get rid of roaches is give them some poison to eat.  They will ingest it, eat it, and then feed it to every other roach they can find.

But that’s a problem in the church when you have people that will eat anything.  Lord have mercy!  You got a problem when you got a church and they’ll eat anything.  They’ll bring strange ideas in that are not supported by the Word, and then they’ll get the weird ideas’ll come and they’ll say by revelation that I have, is not based on the Word.  Well, you should spit that out.  [amen]  You should what?  [spit it out]  How quick?  phfht  Come on go phfht.  [phfht]  Got rid of that.  Because why?  You don’t want to be like a roach.  A roach will eat anything.  He will ingest any theology, any teaching.  If it just tweeks his…


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