I want mine – sermon by Pastor Don Moore

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I want mine by Pastor Don Moore

Below is a great sermon by Pastor Don Moore at Living Word Chapel.  The words in [brackets] is what the congregation says.   Praying your day is blessed.  Heather

Show 122

Alright.   Now!  I’m on a roll here, I’m just grooving.  Did you get the Gospel?  Jesus died, put us in position, we’re in the Kingdom.  We have a new inheritance, we have a new Daddy.  Everybody got that?  [yes]  Are you sure?  OK, cause we need to live like it.  We really, really need to live like we have the inheritance given to us from Daddy.  I want you to go to the second chapter of Deuteronomy.  Deuteronomy. (singing)  Deute…Deute…Deuteronomy.  Deuteronomy. Alright.  It’s in the front of your Bibles.  Here we go.  Now, in the second chapter, in the second chapter of Deuteronomy…you there?  [yes]  Can we go?  [yes]

Then we turned and journeyed into the wilderness of the Way of the Red Sea, as the LORD spoke to me, and we skirted Mount Seir for many days.”  Can you say, “Many days?”  [many days] “Many days.  And the LORD spoke to me, saying:…” Everybody, let’s read.  [“You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward.”]  Now, are you ready?  Now, watch what he says.  “Now command the people, saying, “You are about to pass through the territory…”  Of your who?  [your brethren]  “…your brethren, the descendants of Esau, who live in Seir; and they will be afraid of you.  Therefore watch….”  Who?  [yourselves]  Watch who?  [yourselves]  Watch who?  [yourselves]  Watch who?  [yourselves] “…watch yourselves carefully.”  Carefully.

Well, let’s see why.  Why does God say that?  Verse  5.  “Do not meddle with them, for I will not give you any of their land, no, not so much as one footstep, because I have given Mount Seir to Esau as a possession.”…

I want to talk to you about transference of the blessing… God knows who He has given what to whom.  In this particular case, has He blessed and is He going to bless the Children of Israel?  Yes, He’s going to bless them based upon what? Their obedience.  But more importantly, based upon their inheritance.  They are also the servants of God.  They are under His care and under His responsibility.

So, God has made promises to Moses and the Children of Israel.  He says, for forty years you’re going to wander in the wilderness.  That forty years is about to be up and they are about to go get their inheritance.  They are about to go into a land that flows with milk and honey.  They’re about to go into a land that has running water.  They’re about to go into a land  that has two rainy seasons, the former and the later, the spring and the fall rain.  They’re about to go into an area that has good soil, good ground, that everything grows. They’re about to go into an area that vines of grapes are big and the fruit is big and the land is fruitful.

They’re about to go into their inheritance which is a blessed place to be.  It is considered by God to be the most important place on the planet because it’s where He wants to rule and reign from, so He created it so it has the possibility of great excellence.  And He’s saying, that’s the place I have for you.  But He says, to get there you’re going to have to go through some places that I have given as an inheritance to someone else, for some other purpose.  And, even though you may want to possess their stuff, He is saying, you have to overlook that, go past that, because I’m trying to get you to some other place.  [amen]  Come on, somebody.  I’m trying to take you to the place that I picked for you, that I designed for you.  The place where your inheritance is, I want to take you there, but right now, you’re going to have to go through this place.

And the first place of beginning is, stop going around the same mountain again and again. You’ve done that.  You keep doing that.  You’re not going to get anywhere.  Stop it and turn northward.  In our lives, it takes an acceptance of change and a refocus of our direction. Now last week, two weeks, I prayed for you for change.  But now, you won’t change unless what?  Unless you point yourself in a different direction with what?  The desire to obey God, but also the desire to step into your inheritance.  Not somebody else’s stuff!  Your stuff. God has provided for you your stuff. He’s not going to take somebody else’s stuff and give it to you because He has already set aside your great blessing.  He’s set aside for you the Kingdom, and He wants to give you part of His kingdom. Not somebody else’s stuff.

You don’t have to come into church and eat and fight somebody to run some committee or to run some group.  You don’t have to move in and try and take over the usher board or the dance team or move in and try and take over sister Cheri’s job.  Or move in and take over Pastor Don’s job.  He’s got a job just for you.  It’s perfectly matched to you.  It’s perfectly designed for you.  It’s already set up for you.  You don’t have to sing like sister Joy.  You don’t have to sing like Elaine Jones.  You don’t have to preach like Pastor Don.  You can’t anyway, so why try.  [laughter]  But He’s got something for you to do.

But you can’t get to it if you will not stop going around the same mountain, the same way.  Now what we have to understand then, is that there is a process to leadership and there’s a process to position.  And things don’t happen quick in the Kingdom of God.  [amen]  They don’t.  I mean, there’s just some things just take forever.  But the other things that should be done quickly, they shouldn’t take forever.  Those are the things that we’re just going around the mountain.  We don’t get them done.  We don’t get our work done on time.  We just don’t progress.  We’re still doing the same thing we were doing before.

There’s some Sunday School teachers still teaching the exact same way as before.  And they shouldn’t.  They should be progressing.  And their ministry should be different.  Say, amen.  [amen]  You, as a member, sitting there, whether you’re a member or not, sitting on your behind.  You shouldn’t be in the same place and position today that you were three years ago.  You should be chaffing at the bit to do something.  And there’s some things that Pastor will say, that maybe you should this, might take a year.  Might take two years.  Might take five years before you’re ready to step into it… Might take awhile.  Because why?

You keep going around the mountain, but also when God points us to go North, there’s still a process we have to go through.  We have to learn how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes He just whispers in there, I want you to do this for Me.  And you go…that was the devil.  [laughter]  That was, that was the devil.  It was the devil talking.  And we just begin to fight with God.

Now, let’s look at this verse here, again.  Look at this verse, verse 3. “You have skirted this mountain….” how long?  [long enough]  How long?  [long enough]  And He says, turn what?  [northward]  That means turn northward, He’s saying go in the upward position, in the upward direction.  Go north, or go in the upward direction.  And He says, you’re bound to pass through territory of  your brethren.  The sense of you.  They will be afraid of you.  Watch yourself carefully.

Well, what’s the Lord trying to tell us spiritually?  There’s a spiritual truth in this.  I can remember as a young boy, being called to the Lord.  I can remember, as a young child.  I can remember, age seven, understanding the basic Gospel, that I needed a Savior, and Jesus was it.  I can remember hearing, I can hear the Sermon on that Sunday night when I walked down the aisle, seven years old.  I still remember what the pastor preached about.  The fact that it was my father has little to do with it.  I remember what he said.  And here’s what it was.

I would rather live my life as a Christian, die, and find out that there is no God, than to live my life as if there was no God.  Live my whole life as if there was no God, die, and then find out that there was.  [Praise God, yeah.]  Seven year old boy.  I got that!  [amen, laughter]  I stood up, walked down that aisle, preacher looked at me and said, “Son, do you know what you’re doing?”  I said, “Yeah, God good, devil bad.”  [laughter]  I want that.  I want to live my life, I want to live my life as a Christian.  [amen]  I understood that.  Just that simple principle.  Simple principle.

We have to understand so deeply, so deep down, that we’re sure that we’re sure that we don’t want to live the life of the world anymore.  That what our brethren have, what Esau and the brethren, what they have, we don’t want their stuff.  So the seven year old boy, I was sure for the Kingdom of God.  As I got a little bit older I started thinking, well gee man, I’d like to have a hit record like Jerry Butler.  Most of you all don’t even know him, (singing) “Only the strong survive.  Only the strong survive.  You’ve got to be strong boy, keep it all…hunuhn, hunnanah, keep your head up high.”  You all don’t remember that record, you’re too young, or you’re too old.  I don’t know. [laughter]  You’re probably too old.  But then I desired, I wanted that.

Why Jerry Butler?  Well because he wasn’t a great big star, that he didn’t have a life.  He could still ride on airplanes and all, but his writing was so good that he was making all this money from song royalties, and yet when he performed, he still had his great fans, but he wasn’t too big and he wasn’t too small.  He had just a beautiful niche in between, you know, these giant stars like Sam Cook who died young and these other guys that were one hit wonders.  I wanted to be somewhere in there.

God’s not going to give me his stuff… God’s not going to give me his stuff.  It didn’t matter how good I could write, or how good I could sing.  From the age of seven he had put his anointing and his stamp on me.  [hallelujah]  And he had set aside some stuff for me.  He had put some blessings aside that had my name on them.  That nobody else could touch until I got there.  And just the fact that I’m on a side journey, going around a mountain and going around a mountain and going around a mountain, and wanting Esau’s stuff, God is saying, “Don, I don’t want you to have Esau’s stuff.  I want you to get your own stuff.  And your own stuff is perfectly matched for you.  But Jerry Butler’s stuff is not matched for you.  I got your own stuff.”

David is going to kill Goliath.  What does Saul do?  Saul wants him to wear his armor. David’s a little shepherd boy.  He tries to put on Saul’s armor and can’t even walk in it.  You can’t kill the giants that God has established for you to kill, wearing somebody else’s armor.  [amen!]  You’re going to have to do it, your stuff, your way.  You’re going to have to realize that you have a way of talking to unsaved people that they will open their heart to you.  You have a way of talking to employers, that they can see you, cause why?  God is opening doors that you can’t open for yourself.  God is opening ways and possibilities that you can’t get yourself.  God has a plan for you that nobody else can take from you.  And it doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are.  You’re still in the process of becoming what he’s called you to be.  He still has a plan for you.  He still has a surprise for you.  He still has a goal for you. He’s got it.  It’s right around the corner and it’s better than what you can perceive.

Some of you think that your job is a great occupation, but actually it may be raising up a spiritual child just in this building.  You may have a spiritual child that you’re going to raise up, that lives next door to you.  We have a member of this church that, his father denied him for all of his life.  But there was a man next door that took him on as a son and took him everywhere he went and to do jobs and to learn stuff.  You might have a calling like that.  You don’t know.  You don’t know who God is going to put in your path, that you’re going to save, that you’re going to redirect their life.  You may be the next one to raise up the next Don Moore, or raise up the next Jerry Butler.  I wonder where he is now.  He’s in church somewhere, trying to get back to where he was supposed to be, huh.  [laughter]  I don’t know.  Jerry, if you’re watching this show, please, you know, call me.  I want to know what you’re doing today.

Now, so God has this thing. I want, can I talk to you just from my notes?  I wrote down a few things while I was driving, I don’t recommend that. [laughter]  I don’t recommend it.  But it’s just the way sometimes when the Lord’s speaking to me, I catch it.  And here’s what He wants you to know.

There’s a transference of blessings.  Just as God is going to transfer the blessings that He has for Moses and the Children of Israel, He’s going to transfer that to the Children of Israel.  He’s not going to give them somebody else’s stuff.  Everybody got that?  He’s not going to do that.  There is a transference of blessings.  For example,… I mentioned this already, God has a special anointing for you… He has a special anointing for you.  It may be a simple thing like being able, being, having a gift of hospitality.  But that you can open your heart and greet people better than I can… You might be what I call a Holy Ghost hugger.  Swine flu or not.   You could probably hug people and make them feel the love of Jesus more than anybody else.  You may have the gifts of healing, or gifts of touch.  You may have the ability to go through your go through, watch this, and be able to communicate to someone who’s about to go through their go through and give them the victory.  [hallelujah, amen]

We have a lady in this church and my heart goes out to her because she suffered the same thing that my brother did.  My brother lost his 19-year-old son, in an unfortunate automobile accident.  And I said to her, I says, “Girl, you have a gift.”  She doesn’t think of herself as very gifted.  But she has a testimony that she can give to anyone who’s gone through that tragedy, that I can’t give, and many of you can’t give.  When she says, “I have been through that, I’ve lost a child.”  She can say it with a conviction of experience that can touch the heart of another person in a way that I couldn’t.  Some of us have been through sicknesses and we say, I wish I’d never gone through that.  Some of you have been through a divorce that was really tough.  You wish you hadn’t gone through it, but guess what?  Divorce isn’t going to stop.  By the time Jesus, till Jesus comes.  And so there’s going to be people that need your touch.  They’re going to be people that say, “You can get through this, girl.  You can get through this, boy. You can make that, somehow.”

There’s a transference of anointing that can happen.  We can help trade our sorrows and transfer what? Transfer not the sorrow, but the blessing that comes from having been sorrowed.  I’m not saying, let’s all run out and be sorry.  I’m saying that there is a blessing when you get the victory over sorrow, that you can transfer that blessing, having been through it.  I wrote this down. You ready?  [yes]  There’s a transference of blessing of coming from poverty… into wealth… There’s a transference of blessing.

The Children of Israel wanted to take what Esau had, not realizing that what was in Caanan Land was even more prosperous for them.  Don’t think somehow, Oh Child of God, I don’t want to make you feel bad but God’s not going to bless you through lotto.  You might win $40 or $140.  You might even win a million…But that’s not the way God really wants to bless you… I’d better move along.  Looking at me, looking at me kinda quiet, now. [laughter]  Ok.

Every believer in here needs to get this on their lips.  “I want mine!”  [I want mine.]  I want mine.  You need to, from in here, say, “I want mine.”  I want what’s mine.  I want what God has set aside for me.  I want what’s mine.  I want to lay hold to what’s mine.  What is it that God has provided, that’s mine, I want mine?  I want my own stuff.  When we look at that with the right idea, look at this.

Sara messed up.  Sara’s married to Abraham, and Sara tells his concubine to go in with her husband, to bring forth a child.  The child that Hagar brought forth was not her child.  But what did she want?  She should have been going to God and saying, “I want mine … and I’m willing to wait for it.”  Ok, Jacob.  What did Jacob do?  Jacob fell under the spell of his mother.  And his mother had a plan to what?  To steal his brother’s birthright.  Jacob should have looked at his mother and said, “Esau’s birthright is his, as the first born.  Momma, I understand your plan, but I want mine.”  I believe he shoulda said, “I believe that the blessing that Daddy will speak over me for myself is going to be better than stealing the blessing that my brother’s going to get.”  He should have said, “I want mine.”  King David looks off his porch at a beautiful woman,.. beautiful woman.  And he decides, who is that?  And they say that is the wife of Uriah the Hittite.  And right then something should have gone off in his head.  That’s Uriah’s wife.  I want mine.  I want my own.  It’s even more pathetic when we realize that at that point he was closing in on 100 wives anyway… Now, that’s what you call a greedy, lustful man.  Right? …

The Holy Spirit knows what you need.  The Holy Spirit knows what He has provided for you.  Right now, as America and the world are going the way that they are going, … now is the time for you to get yours.  To believe that God will still prosper you in an unprosperous land.  That God will still provide for you even in a land where there’s lack.  That God’ll make a way for you even if you lost your job.  Or even if they’re trying to take your job from you.  Cause, if it’s your job that God has given you, they can’t take it from you.  [amen] I don’t care what hoops they jump through, God will keep you right there.

When you look at wealth, don’t let the television convince you that somehow you should have all that glamorous stuff because God has carved out something else for you.  [yeah]  I’ve just, I was just as happy in our little two bedroom trailer as I am now in a house with 6,000 square feet.  Cause at least in that two bedroom trailer, I could always find my wife.  [laughter]  Now I can yell at the top of my … and I have no idea were she is.

God wants you to have yours.  He has provided for you an inheritance even in this difficult time.  And all you have to go is this, just raise your hands like this.  Just raise your hands like that.  Say, Daddy.  [Daddy]  I want mine.  [I want mine.]  I want what you have for me.  [I want what you have for me.]  Thank you, I receive it right now.  [Thank you, I receive it right now.]  Just make that your prayer.  Just make that your prayer.  No matter what, just make that your prayer.  Leave here today feeling good.

I feel better already.  I feel better already.  Cause see, I’m not after anybody else’s ministry anymore.  You know, I’m not after, you know, I don’t need a mega church with 15,000 people.  Why, because I know how much of a headache 300 is, so why would I want 15,000?  [laughter]  But I thought about it the other day.  You know, Joel Osteen and these guys, they don’t have what I have.  I get to know all of you on a personal level.  I get to know you all, hug you, know you by name.  Joel Osteen, he don’t know, he can’t do that.  Could you imagine him walking, walking off the podium, and start greeting people?  After he gets past 20 people, who are on his staff, he’s starting to mumble, he’s starting to say something, “Hey, brother.  Hi, sister.”  He can’t go, “Hey, Mike.”  He can’t do that.

I want mine.   I don’t want anybody else’s ministry.  I don’t want anybody else’s stuff.  I’m not envious of anybody else out here, coming or going.  I want mine.  I don’t want you women out here.  I’ll minister to you, but I got mine.  She’s something else to behold.  She’s fantastic.  I’ve got a great wife.  Amen.  [amen]  So you don’t have to worry about Pastor Don falling into sexual sin.  Listen, if you were married to Cynthia, you’d have no problem.  [laughter]  Ain’t nothing out there any other woman in this world can do for me.  She just smiles and it lights up my world.  [awww]  Nobody else can do that.

You got to get your mind set to be content with what you have, where you have it, and begin to do what?  Begin to just thank God, I got mine.  I got mine.  I got mine.  I’ve got an old beat up red truck.  Runs half of the time. [laughter]  It’s mine, but I’m glad to give it to anybody that wants it.  [laughter]  Cause, maybe it’s really yours. [laughter]  Lord have mercy!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to grow up.  I’m just going to keep staying right like this.  I want mine.

Say it from your heart, “I want mine.”  [I want mine.]  I want mine, Daddy.  Oh Daddy, I want mine.  I want mine.  I’m not looking.  Listen, Buddha can’t do anything for me.  Mohammed can’t do anything.  I have my Savior.  His name is Jesus Christ.  I am His, and He is mine.  I am His, and He is mine.  And I don’t need to go anywhere else.  I need to just get this one together.  I just need more Holy Ghost knowledge.  More Holy Ghost wisdom.  And He has that for me.

Come on, put your hands up here and say, “I’m smart.” [I’m smart.]  “I have wisdom.” [I have wisdom.]  “I have capability.”  [I have capability.]  “My aptitude,”  [My aptitude.]  “is not bound”  [is not bound]  “by my capability.” [by my capability]  “because God”  [because God]  “declares my altitude.”  [declares my altitude.]  I want mine!  [I want mine!]  AAAAAAAAAAA  See some of you all can’t do that.  Come on.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA  [AAAAAAAAAAAAA]  You know what that was?  That was a child calling out to Daddy, and giving Him the whine.  [laughter]  The positive whine.  [laughter]  You know, I want mine, Daddy!  [chuckling]

But see, my whine has yes at the end of it.  I know I’m going to receive it.  I know I have it.  It’s going to be ok.  I’m just a stepping stone.  You know what the Bible says?  It says that if you seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things will be added.  So I looked up what are all those things, that the Gentiles seek after.  I found out that Gentiles seek after houses and lands…  I found out that Gentiles want, what do they call those TV’s?  Flat screen TV’s.  [laughter]  Right?  I found out that the Gentiles want vacations.  Don’t the Gentiles want vacations?  [yes]

Russ, when are you going to take her on a vacation, man?  [laughter]  Huh?  She left and went on vacation without you?  [laughter]  That means you ain’t doing right.  Get in my office I want to talk to you.  [laughter]  Come on.  Every husband in here, you should take your wife on vacation, four times a year.  [amen]  What are you talking about?  Don’t give me that face.  [laughter]  Don’t give me that face.  So you mess around.  Somebody else’ll take her on vacation.  [it ain’t that bad.]  Four times a year.  Four times a year.  [I want mine!]  Every season.  [laughter]  The women’s retreat is not a vacation.  [laughter]  The women’s retreat is not a vacation.

Come on, my sermon is over.  So let’s just talk for awhile.  When you say, I want mine, you have to up the bar.  What God wants for you is better than what you’re doing.  [come on]  What God wants for you is better than what you’re doing.  [amen]  What are you talking about?  Four times.  I take my wife away, spring, summer, and winter and fall.  Every season I take her away.  [clapping]   She’s beautiful in every one of those seasons, she looks totally different.  And why does she look different?  Because why?  I take her away.  It don’t cost a lot of money… It don’t cost a lot of money.  [laughter]  What’s she saying I do?  It doesn’t.  It doesn’t cost a lot of money.  It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.  All you have to do is begin to pray and believe God, He’ll make a way.

We have a member of this church, I needed to go on vacation.  I prayed, I said, “Lord, Lord, we need to get away.  We need to get away.”  That week, you know, I called her name but then you all would be bugging her, that week she walked in my office and said, “Pastor Don, have you been praying for a vacation?”  I said, “Yes, sister.  Why?”  She said, “Well, we own a cabin on the lake.  Here are the keys.  Go whenever you want.”

What are you talking about?  My God is God!!!!  He knows what you need!   And will give it to you!  You need to open up your heart and raise your level of faith and believe that He wants to prosper you!  He wants to bless you!  Coming and going!  Stop going around the mountain of lack and believe that He wants to bless you!  Stop thinking the way you’re thinking!   Change the limitation!  Take off the limits and believe God to raise you up and to bless you, to provide for your needs and abundantly provide!  Believe God!  He wants to give it to you!  [amen]  He’s looking for you.  Stop going around the mountain with the same excuses.  We don’t have the money.  You don’t have because you didn’t ask or you asked amiss.  But, if you’ll ask, He’ll grant it to you.  [amen, Jesus, hallelujah]  Jesus is Lord!  [praise God!]  Jesus is Lord!  [clapping]


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