Just say the Word by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Just Say the Word – by Pastor Don

This is a wonderful teaching.  Three periods means a pause, what is in [brackets] is what the congregation says. 

SHOW #116

In the 7th Chapter of the book of Luke is one of the strongest, strongest mentions of faith and examples of faith.  There are different levels of faith and there are different types of faith.  But in this passage, we get the commendation as it were of Jesus to a man that is a centurion.  A centurion means he is an officer in the Roman army.  He’s a man of respect.  He has a number of men that are under his leadership, probably approximately 100 people or so.  And so, he is a man of importance and his diligence and service to the empire has brought him to a certain level.  And so we see Jesus being confronted with the centurion. Let’s take a look at the circumstances under which they meet. 

Now when He concluded all His sayings…”  that means after Jesus had preached a great, great, great message.  If you haven’t read the 6th, the 5th and 6th chapters of the Book of Luke, you really need to. They’re just where He has a lot of great sayings.  So it says, after saying in the hearing of the people, “…He entered Capernaum.”   Or Capernaum, which ever you prefer.  “And a certain centurion’s servant, who was dear to him, was sick and ready to die.”  So we know that this man is in a difficult situation.  The servant is sick, he’s ready to die.  He’s at the point of death.  And it says, “So when he heard about Jesus, he sent elders of the Jews to Him, pleading with Him to come and heal his servant.” 

So it would be obvious that the centurion heard that Jesus had healing ability.  He heard that Jesus was a holy man, a righteous man, who had had some experience dealing with sick folk.  Dealing with people that were in bondage, or if it were, overrun by disease in their bodies.  And so he also, we don’t know exactly what else he heard.  But, obviously, from what we’re going to see in a few seconds, he also heard of the stature of Jesus.  He heard something about, this is the Son of Man, but somewhere along the line in the mix, he heard that Jesus has the ability to command the wind and the waves and therefore Jesus could act in God-ness, or Godlikeness.  You got that?   So, we’re going to see that he heard something. 

We must remember what Romans 10:17 says, anybody can quote that?  Don’t be shy, loud.  [Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.]  Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  Well, if that is the case, how come then more people don’t have faith?  Well, we would have to conclude more people don’t have faith because they are not listening … or worse than that, they’re somewhere that faith isn’t being taught…. Come on now…Faith comes by… [hearing] hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  If then, there are people who have no faith, it has to be they’re either not hearing or they’re in a place where faith is not being taught… In order for faith to be caught, it has to be taught.  You have to hear it. 

So, we can look then at this situation, and realize that the centurion heard something.  He heard that this Jesus man is not just a man.  He heard that healing power is released through this Man.  He also heard the method by which healing was done.  In this case, that through the laying on of hands, he also probably heard that Jesus not only touched some people, but he learned probably that some people touched Jesus…  [amen]  And wouldn’t that be the case?  Because the Jews believed what it said that when the Messiah comes He will have healing in His wings. Well, then I’m expecting Him to fly with wings.  (chuckles)  What were the wings?  His prayer shawl.  On the end of His prayer shawl, there were fringes that, when you put your prayer shawl on, it would look like a person had wings.  And there are tassels on the end. 

So when the woman with the issue of blood, it says that she wanted to touch the His garment, she wasn’t talking about I’m going to touch his jacket.  She wanted to touch the place where healing was in His wings.  In other words, she wanted to grab hold of His hem, where the tassels met His prayer shawl and the reason that the Jews believed that was they felt that if a man was a holy man, and he prayed in his prayer shawl, then surely, the power of God would be made manifest, not only in Him, but also in what He wore when He met with God.  Do you follow me? [yes]  There’s something about the transference of power and here’s the key.  The transference of power will reside wherever you have faith to believe it is…  [Oh] 

That’s why God is so, so determinant about us not having idols.  He wants us to believe in God but not believe in idols.  He doesn’t want us to take a stone figure and believe that that is the power of God.  Or that a tree is the power of God.  Or your car, or anything else.  He wants you to come to Him.  He wants you to come directly to Him.  But what this is telling us is that a holy person has the ability to transfer, by faith, into any inanimate object… by faith, the power of God.  That’s why Paul later on says, that even people brought to him aprons and napkins and handkerchiefs and he prayed over them, to take those to sick people that couldn’t get to him.  Now, what makes that work is not the cloth, honey, [amen, amen]  you know, if it’s silk it’s no more effective than cotton, which is no more effective than muslin, or anything else.  What makes it work is what?  The faith that is attached to it.  [amen]  What we attach our faith to. 

You could believe that sometime during the service today, you’re going to run up here and because I see with these when I read in dim places, you could believe that the holy power of God, the anointing is on these glasses, and when I’m not looking, you could take the glasses and rub them all over your psoriasis or whatever you’ve got, [laughter]  eczema and what ever, and by faith believe you’re healed.  Would it work?  [yes!]  Yeah, why?  Not because these glasses, it will work because why?  You attached your faith and what happened, you released your faith at the point that you say, “Pastor’s not looking, I got his glasses.”  [laughter]  Do we got that?  [Oh, yeah]  Do you understand that? 

The important thing is when you release your faith, what are you releasing it to?  Are you releasing it to doubt and unbelief, or are you releasing it to an accomplished act that is completed by the power of God?  Not by the power of the sun glasses, but by the power of God… Then miracles can happen.  Somebody say, “amen.”  [amen] 

Alright, so we have the centurion, the centurion heard something.  He heard that Jesus was a healer.  He heard that Jesus had power.  He heard that God is blessing, is upon Jesus.  He heard, what else?  That other people had received their healing.  He heard that hundreds of people, touched Him, and he heard that Jesus touched some people.  And therefore, what was the primary, watch this now.  What was the primary belief system of people in the ancient world concerning where sickness comes from?  Evil.  They believed that sickness was brought by evil.  And therefore, the premise in his mind is, whoever has authority, [amen] Lord have mercy.  [hallelujah]  Whoever has authority [hallelujah]  can do what?  Can control and command evil.  [amen]  Alright? 

Let’s take a look and see what happens here.  Well you guys are good, man.  You’re good today, your with it.  Amen.  Well, let’s move on.  So in verse 3 it says, “So when he heard about Jesus,”  the primary subject in this discussion is the centurion who’s talking about Jesus.  “So when he heard about Jesus…”  all those things, “…he sent elders of the Jews to Him…” The reason he sent the elders of the Jews is because he knows Jewish law, he knows that he is a Gentile, he knows he has no position of importance with Jesus who is a Jew, therefore he’s sending the elders of the Jews, hoping that they will have some influence with this man of God.  Smart move on his part.  And the reason that he’s doing it is because, he, being a military man understands authority in the earth.  [amen]  Alright? 

Now, it says, “…pleading with Him to come and heal his servant.”  In verse 4, “And when they came to Jesus,”  remember he sent servants, so when these servants came to Jesus, “…they begged Him earnestly, saying that the one for whom He should do this was deserving,…”  He should do this for this man who was deserving….Unfortunately, that thinking, ties us up,… confuses us.  It limits us in our thinking because we’re saying, “Have I worked hard enough to deserve the compassion of God?”  [right]  “Have I walked this walk well enough to deserve the mercy of God?”  “Have I jumped through enough hoops to where God is going to show favor to me?”  “On what is that favor based?  Did I build enough churches?  Did I slay enough dragons?  Did I, what did I have, what do I have to do to get God’s help, to get God on my side?”  It’s what’s keeping our churches empty because people are sitting at home. 

You know I hope they’re sitting at home watching us by television, but they sit at home saying, “I’ll go to church when I get it together.”  [laughter]  I’ll come to Jesus when I get it together.  You may die, my friend.  [laughter]  You may die.  You may die before you get a chance to get it together.  So you might as well come now while your a mess, because Jesus is a dry cleaning service.  [yeah, laughter]  You know, Jesus is a washing machine to do you good.  [glory, glory to God]  He’ll fix you.  He is an auto mechanic.  He’s a people changer.  He will repair you in process, and then He’ll take you broken and a mess. [amen]  You know.  [yeah]  He’ll take you with all your sin and all your nonsense.  All you have to do is fall on your knees and say, “Lord Jesus, help me.  Help me.”  [yeah]  You know.  Stay with God.  You don’t have to get cleaned up to come to church.  Cause the church is filled with unclean people anyway.  [laughter]  So you might as well just come on in here, just be a hypocrite along with the rest of us.  You know.  Misery loves company.  Just come on in here and open your Bible and look sanctified. 

I can remember when, before me and my wife had it together, we would be fighting all the way to church.  Just have one of those leftover fights from Friday and Saturday night, and we’d just be in the car with the kids and yelling at the kids to get quiet, and shush, and fighting and carrying on.  You know, and you get to the church and you meet the first ushers, “Good morning, God bless ya.”  [laughter]  “Praise the Lord. Glad to see you.”  You know, you get to a place after awhile where you realize that that’s normal… That’s normal.  The fact that we don’t get along all the time…

You know…. Jesus had trouble with the disciples.  Gosh darn it, can you imagine that?  [go ahead]  The King of the Universe had trouble with His disciples.  [laughter]  You know what I mean?  He had to break up fights.  They’re fighting on who’s the greatest in the Kingdom, ready to throw down and go to blows over it.  And Jesus says, “Hold on.  You have to be like a little kid.”  [laughter]  Boy didn’t that ruin their day.  You know what I mean.  You have to be like a little kid.  So we have to realize that, you know, conflict, pressure they’re just a normal part of the way things are. 

So these guys get to Jesus and they want Him to do something.  But what?  They think they have to qualify.  They think they have to deserve healing.  They have to deserve the power and the presence of God.  They have to do something to earn it.  And then Jesus is so much bigger than that.  [amen]  He’s much bigger than our need.  [amen]  Much bigger.  So, they say to Him, they’re hoping to be deserving.  And so they give his qualifications. 

Let’s look at verse 5. “…for he loves our nation, and has built us a synagogue.”  So they’re basically saying, he loves Jews.  Hey – that’s one for him.  He loves Jews.  Biggie.  Good thing.  Biggie.  [laughter] That’s a Biggie.  Alright, so stay with me now.  He loves our nation and has built us a synagogue.  So it’s based on do you love Jews and do you have money… He spent money on us.  Loves Jews and spent money.  I wish everyone in the church was a tither but maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but Jesus will still hear your prayer even if you’re not a tither… [hallelujah, man]  You know.  You just won’t have as much money down here.  You just won’t be as blessed in other ways.  But He’ll still hear your prayer.  You know, giving opens up the window of giving and that.  God didn’t design it cause God needs money.  [hello]  God doesn’t need no money.  He needs your heart.  But He knows if He doesn’t have your money, He doesn’t have your heart.  [amen]  You know. 

Wives, you want to know if your husband really loves you?  Do you want to know?  Does your husband liberally distribute back to you his hard earned money?   Cause if he doesn’t you should question whether he loves you or not.  Sorry guys.  But if you’re cheap with your wives, you’re cheap with money with your wives, then it means guess what?  She doesn’t have your whole heart… She’s only got a part of you, but she doesn’t have your whole heart.  Mrs. Moore come here please…[laughter]  Mrs. Moore come here.  Here, here. (gives Mrs. Moore some money.) Go buy yourself something.  [laughter]  Come back here, come back here.  [laughter]  Come back here, come back here.  And if that’s not enough, [laughter]  and if that’s not enough.  Hold it baby, hold it baby.  Baby, take it all.  [applause and laughter]  Take it, maybe I should keep one, no.  Take it all. 

Now if that hurts.  If you had a hard time with that, then it means what?  It means that you love your wife selectively, but you don’t love your wife freely. Wholly, wholly.  You say, “Well, wait a minute.”  That would ruin my budget for this week.  Wait a minute.  I know where her purse is.  [laughter, thank you]  I know where her purse is.  And I know that I have enough love because I meet her need and I’m free and liberal to meet her need.  I know that she’ll do what?  She’ll reciprocate and meet my need.  And if she doesn’t, my example over time will teach her.  [come on]  Amen.  [amen]  Yeah.  Most marriages break up over sex and money.  And the third reason is sin.  Sex, money and sin.  That’ll do it every time.  So, be liberal. 

So, you don’t have to qualify.  God needs you.  He knows if He has you, He then has your money.  So in verse 6.  “Then Jesus went with them.  And when He was already not far from the house,”  In other words, did He get to the house?  [no]  Did He lay hands on this guy?  [no]  Did this guy lay hands on Him? [no]  He’s not far from the house and then something happens.  “…He was already not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to Him, saying to Him, “Lord, do not trouble Yourself, for I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof.  Therefore I did not even think myself worthy to come to You.  But say the word,…” [amen, hallelujah]  “….but say the word….”  [yeah, right]  Just say the word.  Just say the word.  “…and my servant will be healed.”  [Jesus, hallelujah] 

Now, what’s the logic behind it?  Look what the logic is. “For I also am a man placed under authority….”  So what does he recognize here?  He is recognizing that Jesus also is a man placed under authority.  [amen]  Can you see that?  [yes]  Do we have to see that?  He is saying, “…I also am a man placed under authority, having soldiers under me.  And if I say, “Go….”  Lord have mercy, and he just did it didn’t he?  He told these men to go.  And they went.  and he says, and if I say, “come” to my servant they do it.  And he does that.  “When Jesus,”…let’s read it together. Come on church.  “When Jesus heard these things, He marveled at him, and turned around and said to the crowd that followed Him, “I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel!” And those who were sent, returning to the house, found the servant well who had been sick.”  [Thank you Lord]

Whooooo  Lord have mercy.  Khewwww.  That’s a hole in one right there, isn’t it?  Huh?  What can we learn from this lesson?  We can learn a number of principles.  The first principle is, God can heal by many or few as Jonathan says.  God can also heal across distance, space, and time.  God is not limited by our limited thinking.  He is not limited by our possibility thinking.  He is not limited by our negative thinking.  He is not limited by our “I doubt it can happen.”  He’s not limited by our suppositions of how it should happen, when it should happen, and by whom it should happen. God is not limited by any of those means whatsoever.  God can heal by the doctor.  He can heal with or without the doctor.  God can heal on a sunny day or a rainy day.  God can heal in a snowstorm.  Or He can heal while you’re asleep or while you’re awake.  None of it limits Him.  He is a sovereign God, who has ability beyond your limitations.  Beyond your ideas.  Beyond your suppositions.  And beyond your command.  He is God!  [amen]  All powerful, all knowing, all capable.  He’s just waiting for you to line up with Him.  And His possibilities are limitless.  [amen] 

So it took the centurion awhile.  We don’t know if he had to wait a half a day for Jesus to begin His travels.  But something happened inside his thinking.  He was thinking, “Wait a minute, this Man heals if He touches people.  This Man heals if they touch Him.  This Man heals by a word, by a command.  He can make food and bread, He can calm seas.  Wait a minute, he heard some things and he realized that the Man is the God Man with great power.  And then he realized something.  He said, “Well wait a minute here.  There is order in the universe.  There’s order in the universe.  If God is the God who creates life, He also has to be the God who can sustain life.”  [hallelujah]  If God is the God who created life, He’s also the God who can sustain life.  Or guess what?  Alter death and disease.  Can control it.  [amen]  And the centurion figured it out.  He said, “Wait a minute, that means then, He doesn’t have to physically be here to command that which exists in the spiritual realm.”  [that’s right, amen] 

If the source of sickness stems from evil, then it can be commanded… from a distance.  It can be commanded, across time.  What kind of faith does that take?  It takes simple faith.  Jesus called it great faith, but it’s simple faith.  Simple faith says, “I believe it, therefore it is.”  Simple faith:  I believe it, therefore it is.  The centurion figured it out during the simple space of time from when he sent the men to come, he figured a few things out.  God is not limited by space and time.  There is an order in the universe, that if whoever is at the head of the order, gives the command, everything under Him must obey that command.  [hallelujah]  He believed that there’s an order in the universe that must be obeyed. 

Your body has been given to you.  It must obey you.  [come on, come on]  It must do what you say.  Your body cannot be achin’ so bad that  you cannot command it to get up and go out.  Do what you have to do today.  What the centurion did not know was that the centurion, himself, could have commanded the sickness… [amen, laughter]   The centurion did not know that.  The centurion could have commanded the sickness himself.  What the man who is dying did not know was that the dying man could have commanded the sickness.  [amen]  Anybody here today?  [Yeah!!!]  The dying man could have commanded it in a coma.  He could have, in the coma, said by his spirit, “I’m coming out of this. My work is not done.  I choose not to die right now.” 

Your body is under your authority.  Your mind is under your authority.  You don’t have to think stinkin’ thinkin’.  You can change what you’re thinking.  You can change the way you look at things.  You can change what’s coming out of your mouth.  Your mouth is not to dominate you!  You’re to dominate it!  Your word is your word.  Let it spring forth from your spirit!  And everything in your life must obey!  You have the authority of God over what has been given to you to rule over!   You are to rule and reign in your home!  Rule and reign in your life!  Rule and reign in your body!  And everything under your supervision must obey!!! 

I’m through suffering.  I’m changing some things.  You get out of my house, oh devil.  [yeah, amen]  You just take your old baggage and get out of my house devil.  I’m going to change a few things.  God will give you the strength and the wisdom how to do it.  Amen. 

 Heavenly father, as I raise my hand over your children, grant to us today, Father, that this Bible study will be a blessing to our minds and our hearts.  That we shall realize, Lord God, that you are still God.  Let us have the faith of the centurion to realize that time, space and distance do not limit God.  The only one thing that limits the ability of God is the will of man.  And that’s by God’s ordained design.  We can resist You.  We can lie about You.  We can lie about ourselves.  And we can choose to live in Heaven forever, or we can choose to die in hell.  We can choose it, and Lord God, you will let us have what we say.  [yeah, that’s right, hallelujah, amen]  Father, but we, today, we choose You.  [amen, Glory to God]  We choose you, Lord.  No matter how hard it is right now, no matter how  difficult it is right now, we choose You.  [yes, Lord]  Father, we acknowledge that the only good thing about a go through is that it’s go through.  [amen]  It’s not stay here.  It’s go through.  [hallelujah]  So we give you praise right now.  Give us the wisdom of the centurion, to recognize You’re not limited.  But, Father give us the faith of Paul to realize we don’t have to wait for you to breeze by.  You have given that Word to us, and power and authority, In Jesus’ Name we give you praise.  Amen.  [Amen]  Amen.


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