Faith that Works part 2 by Pastor Don Moore

Friday, November 07, 2008
Part two of Faith that works.  You can read Part one  Nov. 6, here. Remember this is the closed captioning (slightly edited for easier reading)  What the congregation says is in [brackets]  and three dots means a pause.   Have a blessed day! Heather

SHOW 107

Because we need faith that works.  [amen]  We want to continue with this.  There are two questions, or two parts that have to be answered.  Last week I tried to focus on the fact that in the book of Mark and other Scriptures concerning faith, God qualified you.  You are qualified to use faith, to walk in faith.  You are qualified to operate in faith.  The next thing that you are qualified to do is to call upon God’s ability.  Nothing is too hard for God.  [amen]  And so, as a qualified person, you can also go to God and say, “God, I can’t handle this.  I’m at the end of my rope.  I don’t know what to do about this.  I need your ability.  I need your ability…[amen]  I need your ability.”

Now, that ability is what God gives us under the terminology of “grace”.  The world has always used this definition to error, and that is “unmerited favor.”…God’s unmerited favor.  But, when we look at scripture, and you can buy the book for $15, the actual meaning of the word, “grace,”  is the divine influence upon the heart made manifest in the life of the believer.  So the divine influence from God upon us manifests itself as our endowment, our ability to do things.  So God empowers us to accomplish things in the earth.  When it says we have God’s grace, it means that we can access the power of God.  And remember, God’s ability, we can access God’s ability which is greater than our ability, and He gives us the grace.  He gives us favor.  God favors us.  Everybody, raise your right hand and say, “God favors me.”  [God favors me.]

When God has to choose between you and a non-believer, He’ll choose you every time.  [amen, hallelujah, thank You Lord]  Every time.  But why does He do that?  Because He can trust you, hallelujah, with His power.  [amen]  He cannot trust the unbeliever with His power.  He can trust you with His power and therefore, He wants to give you grace.  He wants to demonstrate His favor to you so that you can accomplish His will in the earth.  That’s what grace is.  Alright?  Everybody got that?  Now, moving a little further.

So, what we want to focus on today, I want you to learn to oppose doubt.  Let’s go to the book of James in the 1st chapter.  You must learn to oppose doubt.  Doubt is natural, it’s a part of the natural human condition.  We’re going to doubt things, and there’ll be things that we will not believe.  There are things that will come against us in the area of the mind.  But we have to learn that faith is of the heart…I said, faith is of the heart.  [amen]  On the inner side of you is where faith resides.  Your mind is going to battle that.

You know, if you look at your circumstances … how many of you today, if you looked at your checkbook right now, you’d say, “Man, I don’t know how I am going to make it through the month?”  [laughter]  And we’re at the end of the month.  [yeah]  [laughs] You know what I mean?  But, the reality is, that God has faith in you that is of the heart that says, “You know what….you’ve been it before, and you got pulled out.”  [amen]  You’ve been in bad spots before, and I delivered you.  [thank you Lord.]  You were in situations where you didn’t know what to do, and after you ran out of all your options, there was a divine answer that came after it.

So doubt is the natural occupational hazard of being a human.  Doubt occurs.  Doubt, questioning.  You don’t think you’re going to make it, it’s not going to work, dah, dah, dah, dah.  And then, unfortunately, what do we do when we doubt?  We start pointing the blame…Things not working right in my house, I’m going to blame my wife, the dog, the cat, the neighbors.  I’ll blame somebody in order to fend off what?  In order to fend off depression.  It’s as if somehow, if I blame somebody else, I won’t be depressed.  That’s nonsense.  The reality of the situation is, that you are responsible for what happens between your ears.  [amen] … Getting quiet here. You are responsible for what happens between your ears.  And therefore, it isn’t your wife messed up, your dog and your cat ate the homework, or whatever.  It’s what were you thinking? … Be responsible for what you’re thinking.

I have a wonderful teaching tape that is my goodness, thirty years old probably.   It’s “Think About What You’re Thinking About.”  [amen]  We need to do what the Bible says, take your thoughts captive.  Listen to what you’re thinking about.  There is no condition that you have to in life experience that doesn’t require your intellect examining it… You should be examining your internal conversation.  Do you ever do this?  You know, you’re walking around the house and you’re going, “Man, I just…na, na, na…and the wheels are just grinding.  And usually they’re grinding someone.  [right]  They’re grinding someone.  But we have to learn to hear that internal conversation, because sometimes we grind ourselves…Lord have mercy.  I’m talking to somebody.  Sometimes you’re just grinding you up.  You’re talking, “I’m not going to make it.  This isn’t going to work.  You know, boy that was a stupid thing I did.  Why did I say that?”  You know, and you’re just grinding yourself.

Now, usually when you’re grinding yourself, you are usually hearing…watch this now…you’re usually hearing the negative curse that has been spoken over you.  [amen]  See, there are words that have been spoken over you since you were little…And, if you haven’t taken the time to examine what you’ve heard over the years, you will continue the conversation even after momma and daddy are gone… You will continue that same conversation.  If your dad was one of those quiet guys and never said anything, but you knew he was unhappy or dissatisfied with you, you will carry that same silent self condemnation [hmmm] you’ll carry that.  If your mother was a super critical woman who always had something to say negative, or whatever, after mom is gone, her influence is still present.  And you will continue that internal conversation.  It will manifest as doubt in your life.  You will not be able to stay on course because you will always hear your mother’s voice telling you,  “You are an idiot.  You’re stupid, you can’t get it together.”

And so, unless you get truly born again in that area.  Now remember, people get born again spiritually, but that doesn’t mean that they’re born again in terms of their character, in terms of their thinking, in terms of their outlook on life.  So, a negative outlook on life, if you reverberate it, if you say the same thing to yourself that was spoken over you, then guess what.  The curse continues… If you still hear the voice of your father saying, “You’re never going to amount to nothing.  You were never nothing.  Your grandfather was an alcoholic, I’m an alcoholic, and you’re going to be an alcoholic.”  And if that conversation is reverberated in your head, and is not challenged, guess what… You know, you might as well go ahead and suck the bottle.  Moving right along.  Everybody ok?

So let’s see what the scriptures say concerning this doubt.  In James Chapter 1… Are you there?  [yes]  I want to just jump down to verse 3, it says, “knowing that the testing of your faith produces…” what?  [patience]  “…patience.”  We touched on that a little bit last week.  And it says, “But let patience have its perfect work,” …. we need to be patient when we are going through our patience.  [yes]

When you are in a situation that requires patience, you need to be patient about it.  And the only way you can do that, watch this here, the only way you can do that is by having the correct internal conversation with yourself.  [amen]  How many of you talk to yourself?  [amen]  Amen.  Amen…You need to start listening.  [laughter]  You need to listen to that conversation, honey.  You need to, if you have to tape record it and speak aloud, start speaking it aloud and record it.  Because, the enemy of your soul, the enemy of the demons who have followed you around, have followed your momma around, your daddy around, they’re still going to follow you around, saying the same thing that they said to them.  And so, you must learn to develop, to hear that conversation, so that you can what?  Stay out of the places of destruction for you.

You know, there’s some demonic presences that have been destroying you since you were a kid.  I can remember when I was younger, I was short… [laughter]  Boy, some of you aren’t awake yet this morning, [laughter]  But I can remember being little.  And I can remember all the things that were associated, and were spoken concerning little people… I can remember, by the time, it didn’t happen until about the fourth or fifth grade, that’s where the people that were really going to grow started shooting up.  And all of us people, that were already at the right height, we began to stabilize. [laughter]  But I remember so much the conversations that would happen on the softball field, or the basketball court, or the football field.  And I remember those conversations and me having to deal with what am I going to believe concerning myself….and my ability?

I remember my father, who also was altitude challenged, I remembered my father saying, “Son, you may have to be more determined.”  [amen, hallelujah]  He says, “But don’t let them limit your…”  listen, watch this.  “Don’t let them limit your potential because they see a limitation in your size.”  [amen]  Do you know what I mean?  And I began to believe certain things.  I began to believe that a 200 pound, 6’2″ guy, not only could he not catch me, but if he dared hit me, he’s going down.  [amen]  I began to believe things like that.  I began to believe that I’d be the last guy picked to be on the basketball team, but I’m going to control the ball and control the game.  I began to think that way.  I began to think that way to the point that when our elementary school softball team came out, I walked on the softball field, you know, and they figured, well he could play shortstop cause he’s little.  I thought that was funny.  [laughter]  But I can remember the conversation in my head, wondering if I’m even going to get on the team, and I still remember this guy’s name, Robert Matchio.  Robert Matchio says, “What we need is Don’s got to be the captain of this team.”  What he realized, even in the 5th grade, the leadership capability that had nothing to do with my size.  [amen]  Do you follow me?

And I began to realize that my father was right.  So I started learning to say, having a different conversation in here, when it came to athletic things.  I began to speak to my mind differently.  I began to say different things, to force doubt out of my brain.  [amen]  You know, I have an advantage because I had a very positive father and I had a negative mom.  So, all I had to do was to learn not to internalize her negativity, but focus on my father’s positivity.  I had to learn to build on that.  I had to learn, so I wondered and said, “So Dad, how am I going to learn how to stay as positive as you?”  My dad never said anything bad about nobody.  I can never remember.  The most thing he would say, if he had a deacon or a elder of the church that was giving him a hard time, he would say, “Son, they’re an arrested adolescent.”  [laughter]  That’s as ugly as he would get.  You know, he just never got negative…I said, “How’d you get like that?”  He said, “Son, it has to do with two things.  He says, what you read …”  He said, “What you read, what you feed yourself.”  And he said, “The second thing is, what you will permit yourself to think about.”  [amen]  … Anybody getting a blessing today?

So, your faith will operate if you will begin to listen to your internal conversation.  If you begin to listen to what you’re saying, then you can begin to frame your world.  Now, is that scriptural?  Let’s see what James has to say about it.  James says, in verse 5, you ready?  [yes]  “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to….” a few … [to all]  who gives to one or two….[all]  It says, “God, who gives to all liberally….”

Liberally means without limitation.  He’s glad to give you wisdom.  “…and without reproach,” … my goodness.   And what does it say, “…and it will be given to him.”  You don’t have to keep going over the same ground, running around the same temple.   You don’t have to keep making the same mistake.  All you have to do is ask.  Lord give me wisdom concerning this, so I don’t have to keep making the same mistake.  [amen]  You don’t have to be bound by the curses in your family.  But you won’t get free of them, you know, you won’t get free of them until you do what?  Until you ask for wisdom so God can give you knowledge as to how to overcome them.

And look at verse 6, you ready?  “But let him ask…”  how?  [in faith]  in what?  [in faith]  “…in faith, with no doubting,…”  no doubting.  In other words, when you ask God, you have to immediately get the machete out start slapping, slicing, and dicing.  Have you ever noticed you pray something and before you’re up off your knees your mind is already telling you why it ain’t going to work?  [yeah]  I’m the only one, me and Marie, we’re the only ones, huh?  Come on, you ought to tell the truth.

Before you get up off your knees, asking God for what you want to ask Him in faith believing, doubt starts giving you reasons why not.  [amen]  …  And by the time you get to the kitchen to make coffee or something like that, you’ve already almost talked yourself out of it.  Come on now.  I said, come on now!  [yeah]  That’s a reality.

And then, if you tell.  Listen, I live with a faith filled woman.  But sometimes, if you get up off of your knees, in a faith position, and tell anybody, they’ll begin to analyze why it won’t work.  [right]  Or how you should have prayed.  Or, you shouldn’t have prayed it that way.  You should have prayed it this way.  [laughter]  You shouldn’t have used that word, you should have used this word.  You shouldn’t have said that.  You should say this.  Listen, when you pray in faith believing, you’re going to have to protect that because even good people will try and take it from you.  [amen]  They don’t mean to.

But you have to preface it, you have to say to them, listen I want to share with you what I’m believing in faith.  But I need you to stay in faith, when I tell you… [amen]  You say, I need you to stay in faith, I’m going to share with you because I want somebody to hold me accountable for what I’m believing for, but I need you to stay in faith with me when I tell you.  Well, what does that mean?  That means, after I tell you, please shut up.  [laughter]  Shut up!  Shut up.  And on Wednesday, when it looks like it’s not going to happen, please, stay shut up.  [yeah]  Alright?

One of the, one of the blessings in my life, some people around me think it might be a curse, but I call it a blessing, is that you don’t dare tell Don Moore what he cannot do.  [that’s right, amen]  You tell me I can’t do it, I’m going for it.  And I’m going for it really hard.  I really am.  I’m not going to permit anybody to put limitations on what I can do.  [amen]  [conversation & laughter]  Lord have mercy.  I’ve learned that whatever challenge Jesus faced, he overcame it.  [amen]  Even if it was a distraction, He took care of it and went forth.  He’s on His way to the cross and Peter comes with doubt and unbelief…And what does Jesus say?  He said, “I’ve already prayed for you.”  [amen]

Moving right along.  Moving right along.  Moving right along.  Verse 6.  “But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.”  Now I’ve never heard anybody teach this, but the reality is, we need to examine the wind.  Notice that it says, like a wave driven and tossed by the wind.  By the wind.  Well, we have to say, well, what is the wind?  What is the wind that drives a person into a position of doubt? … There are spiritual forces in this world that will work against you.

There’s spiritual forces that when you pray, it sends a ripple in the pond.  If you haven’t gotten that tape, you need to get that one, “Ripple in the pond.”  It sends a ripple in the pond of the spiritual, and the forces begin to align against you.  Many of us give up because, not because God hasn’t answered or or God isn’t going to do it, it’s just that when the ripple goes out, and the wind gets stirred up, we panic.  We think that the wind is a determinant.  The wind is not a determinant.  [amen]  The wind is not a determinant.  The wind is usually just an obstacle and a challenge.

And sometimes that wind is in us.  I’m going to tell the truth.  Sometimes the wind is in us… The wind is in us.   And so what happens, we end up blowing out our own candle.  It says that man’s spirit is the candle of the Lord, searching his inmost parts.  And some times we [blowing]… We blow out our own candle.

Do you ever look for something, and you can’t find it?  [laughter] [right in front of your face] Yeah, say it again….It’s usually right in front of your face.  The other day I was working and I took this metal thing and I saw it so clearly.  There was a chest of drawers here, and I put it up on top of the chest of drawers.  This metal thing, a tool, I needed, I’m going to need later.  As the day progressed, I needed that.  And I searched my tool belt, and I searched my pant’s pockets.  I went to the car.  I searched in the car.  You know, I’m starting to go, tear up this, tear up that.

And then all of a sudden, I believe it was my spirit, you know, I believe God lives inside me.  Can you help me.  You can help me.  I said, stop…. Just stop.  Now think about that.  Where is it and when was the last time you saw it?  Where is it and when was the last time you saw it?  And I just stopped, I just closed my eyes, and just thought for a minute…And I said, “Thank you Lord. I don’t know where it is, but I found it.”  [laughter, amen]  … “I thank you Lord, I know where it is.”  You know, I walked back right in front of the bureau, and then all of a sudden my eyes were opened.  My physical eyes were opened, because my spiritual heart was was opened.  And it was right there at eye level.

And I thought to myself, why is it I didn’t see it before?  How come I was there and I searched, listen to me, I searched every drawer in that bureau.  I mean, I went through every drawer, but the reason was because I was looking down, instead of looking up.  And in your heart, we sometimes are looking down when we really need to be looking up.  [hallelujah]  Amen?  [amen]  Instead of saying, I’m not going to find it, I ain’t going to find it, I don’t know where it is.  What’s wrong with me?  I’m losing my mind.  I’m going crazy.  I’m old, I’m old.  Don’t leave me.  Instead – STOP THAT!  Stop all of that.  Stop all of that.  Call on the faith of the Spirit of the Lord, that is in you, and He will what?  He will revitalize your youth like an eagle.  [amen]  You know, He’ll, He’ll make you be able to…

Elijah’s an old man and he outran a chariot with horses.  [whoot whoo]  Come on, that’s speed, Jack.  [laughter]  You know what I mean.  And he’s probably laughing at the horses while he passed them.  [laughter] You know what I mean?

So look at, look at verse 7 now.  We finished verse 6, look at verse 7.  “For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.” …I’ll just let you meditate on that.  Unstable in all his ways…. Unstable in all his ways.  Do you want to help your mind?  Order your environment…. You want to help your mind?  Put some order to your environment.  By doing that, you’re commanding your flesh to organize itself.  And once you get your flesh organized, you’ll be able to point yourself spiritually in a direction…. You know…organize it.

You can tell people that are scattered and having trouble achieving their goals, usually their yard looks like it, their house looks like it.  They’re just disorganized.  Everything’s scattered.  Everything’s everywhere.  You need to just focus on something, and get that together, as practice for how to think.  You know.  And then you begin to think in compartments, then you begin to think for success.  Alright?  Ok, don’t get mad at me.  I haven’t been to your house.  You know.  I don’t know what you up to.  Alright?

Now, I want to ask you this one thing…. This one thing is very, very important.  Very important.  Go to Romans, Chapter 4, verse 20.  Thank you Holy Spirit…. Romans Chapter 4, and we want to look at verse 20.  Boy I love you people.  And God is good.  I love you.  I get to see, your eyeballs are working today.  Sometimes you can be teaching and it’s just like cold steel coming back.  You know, cold steel.  But let’s do this here.  Alright?  [yes]  Verse 20.  You there?  [yes]

It’s talking about Abraham, but He’s dealing with doubt.  It says, “He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened …” how?  [in faith] … and what did he do?  [giving glory to God] “…giving glory to God,”  “He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened…” how?  [in faith]  “…in faith…” and how?  [giving glory to God]  by “…giving glory to God.”  [amen]

Now, let’s reverse that.  It says then, “giving glory to God, he was strengthened in faith, not unbelief, and did not waver.”  Sometimes we need to know how to do things.  Come on now.  We need to know how to do things.  And what this is saying, is, if you want to be a faith giant.  If you want to see your faith work.  Remember, I’m talking about faith that works.  If you want your faith to work, you’re going to have to do something about not wavering.  And one way to do something about not wavering, is give glory to God.  [amen]  Lord have mercy.  Give glory to God.

You know, at the affair last night.  We had a wonderful affair here, for Pastor’s appreciation.  I shared a song that in my ministry, in my spiritual life, has really helped me.  And the whole point of the song is that, because I’m thankful to God, and I’m focusing on the fact that I’m thankful to God, I realize I won’t complain.  [amen]  Powerful Gospel song.  And it says, yeah, yeah, I’ve been through some stuff, I’ve been through some stuff, but when I get to the end of this stuff, I have to go, thank you God.  I have to put my focus on giving glory to God and I’m grateful to Him.  You know, I’m really blessed.

As you sit here, you need to think how blessed you are.  [amen]  Look at you.  I mean, you’re well dressed, your hair is all neat, most of you.  [laughter]  And, you know, you look good.  You got cars, transportation, if you don’t have a car you borrowed one, or you got a ride with a friend, which even is a greater testimony.  You know, you’re blessed.  You’re blessed, going out and coming in.  You got some stuff.  You know, some of you today are going to go out to eat after church, and you’re going to spend money that you have, and some of you are going to spend money that you don’t have.  But it doesn’t matter.  You’re going to spend it anyway.  And you are blessed.  How many of you have got shoes on your feet?  [hallelujah]  None of those old Gospel songs work for you because you are so blessed and you need to be thanking God.  But you are blessed… You are blessed.

So what he’s saying is, if you will give thanks to God, if you’ll be giving thanks to God, then guess what, you will strengthen your faith.  [right, amen]  And once your faith is strengthened, guess what?  You don’t have to be wavering all the time.  Wavering.  Now one of the big problems I want to focus on, concerning this wavering is this, learn to not pick up something you can’t carry….[wow]  Don’t be picking up stuff you can’t carry ….

You know, don’t be striving to be in a deliverance ministry until you’re delivered…You know, don’t be running around trying to get everybody healed and you’re sick all the time….What are you talking about?  You know what I mean?  Don’t be trying to help people to prosper and you don’t have two nickels to rub together… Be progressive in your faith.  Don’t pick up things you can’t carry.  Doubt and unbelief will just over roll you, the waves of the sea will just beat you down.  And then you’ll be talking, that stuff doesn’t work.  You’ll, you’ll be sounding like some educated fools.  You’ll be talking about why faith was only for the Apostles, it’s not for us today and stuff like that.  You’ll be ridiculous.  Use your faith, target something that is within your realm of hold onto.  [amen]  That you can put your faith to.  You can hold onto it.  And then when you succeed at that, up the ladder one more step and go for that.  And then up the ladder one more step and go for that.  And up the ladder one more step and go for that.  [amen]


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