Who Needs God by Pastor Don Moore

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who Needs God? by Pastor Don

This is a closed captioned transcript of Pastor Don’s Sermon of  July 27, 2008.  I put it into a more readable format, and did some mild editing, but it is basically just as he presented it.  Remember three dots …. means a pause, and what is in the brackets [ ] is what the congregation says.

Who Needs God?

I want to minister the Word to you for a few minutes and then what I want to do is open up the pulpit to those of you that have a testimony. My goodness, magnify the Lord and He will lift you up. Many of you have received words from the Lord and blessings from the Lord and we need to tell it. We’re so blessed.

I want you to realize something. Everyone needs God. [yes]  Even the people that don’t want God need God. [amen]  The people that don’t believe there’s a God need God. I was just sitting, listening to the Worship and realizing how many different categories  of people need God.

The Syro-Phoenician woman represents mothers, and she needed God. She had a situation with her daughter and her daughter was demon possessed. Some of you know about that.  Amen. Some of you have teenage daughters that, you know, they weren’t like this years ago. Something’s got  hold of them. Something has  hold of their mind. They’re not thinking right. They’re not acting right. It must be a divine desire of God to set them free, because it surely isn’t the devil’s plan. And so, mothers need God. Mother’s need God. Hannah needed God for she couldn’t bring forth fruit. There was nothing happening and her womb was dead, but she needed God to do what? To bring forth, let that seed be germinated and bring forth life. She was a mother and she needed God.

Father’s need God. The man had a problem in that his son was often possessed by the demon, and it would throw him into the fire and attempt to kill him. But he was a father who  loved the Lord and he brings his son to Jesus’ disciples, but don’t you know something. There’s some things the disciples just didn’t know….There was some things they hadn’t prepared themselves for. And so they failed in driving out the demon from this boy. And so they needed to bring him to Jesus.

You know, fathers need Jesus. [yeah] We work so hard if we’re a Godly man that we can lose our perspective and we can end up neglecting that which has been entrusted to us because of our desire to save it…. Aw, some of you all don’t hear what I’m saying.  But I was a possessed father. I wanted to do really good for my kids, so I was working three jobs, not realizing that what they really needed, was they needed me to stand in the position of God in the home, so they could see God as Father. They needed me to be there in order to what, lead them to the true father. [yes] And so sometimes you have to realize as fathers we need God. We need to put God at the center of it to straighten us out. A man by himself can’t learn to love his wife.  [yeah]  I said, a man by himself cannot learn to love his wife.  He needs the love of Jesus Christ  in his heart to know how to love her the way that God intended her to be loved. [amen]  Lord have mercy. Is anybody here today?  Fathers need God. We need Jesus Christ. We need His power to give us the ability to overcome ourselves, so we can step out of our pride and our selfishness, and begin to love our families the way Jesus loves. We need Jesus Christ. Lord have mercy.

Politicians need Jesus Christ. Pontius Pilot was a politician, and he didn’t know it but there was a hole in his soul. He was looking for truth and didn’t know when Truth was standing right in front of him, that he was speaking to Truth. Can I preach for awhile?  I just know my God is great and that we all need Him. All this present election ain’t going nowhere until one of them declares that God is God. And in the meantime, we need to realize that the Pharisees and the Scribes, they were politicians, locked in the political thinking of their mind. They were looking for a Messiah to come from their ranks, even though in the Scriptures, it said He was going to be born of a virgin child. That means of course He didn’t have much. [yeah]…It was going to be a miracle birth…And therefore he was not going to come with any political status. He wasn’t going to come wearing a badge or a helmet or He wasn’t going to come as some kind of king or born again. He had to be born as it said. He had to be born as it said in Bethlehem, a nowhere town. With nothing going on. But, what happened? Is, we have a King  who is born in a nowhere town.

I sometimes think, Pastor Don, you need to get out of this nowhere place. You’re in the Hudson Valley. And then I remind myself that, can anything good come out of Nazareth? [cheering]  Lord, have mercy. We need to change our political thinking. You are living in the right place at the right time to get done what God has called you to do. [amen]  Ah, can I preach awhile? So we have to change our political thinking. It’s not about where you live.  It’s about who lives in you. [yeah!] That’s what is the matter in fact. That’s all we really know to look at.

And then I wrote down a note to remind myself, that blind people, born with physical disabilities. There was a man in the Bible who was born blind. And He needed Jesus Christ. He was born blind, meaning from his inception, from his very birth. He never saw anything clearly. Lord have mercy. And the Lord Jesus comes to him, tells him to go wash at the Pool of Siloam and the Bible says that he came seeing.

The blind, the physically blind, well many of us are blinded by the fact that we don’t understand where our symptoms came from. Lord have mercy. We are blind to how  the devil has worked in our lives.  We are blind to how we put ourselves in position for illness, sickness, or poverty, or death or disease. We are blind to the fact that we participated in some level in what we’re struggling with. And that type of blindness, unless it is confessed and dealt with, we can’t really ever see. But Jesus, Lord have mercy, when we come to Him, He opens our eyes. And we begin to see that, it is so much of what we put upon ourselves, that brings us to the condition that we’re in. We begin to realize that it is a bad attitude that sometimes puts us in position where the devil is able to oppress us physically.  I know we don’t want to hear this because we are blind to the fact that we have to honestly say, “I’d be further along with the Lord if I put some stuff down.” [amen]…I’d be able to see better if I did something about my own spiritual blindness. But you know, we need Jesus to have Him remove the blinders. Lord have mercy!

My parents were good parents. So, when I went bad, it was  my spiritual blindness, not theirs that led me there. It was the choices that I made out of blindness, that led me there.  And those are the same struggles that you, some of you as adults, are still having. You’re still bound to stuff and you’re spiritually blind to it. You’re still justifying your own weakness. Lord have mercy.

So there’s spiritual blindness and then there’s physical blindness. Sometimes, somebody’s just born with a condition, yes, but guess what, you have a part to play in that. If your life is right and your righteousness is right and your faith is right, then guess what? That physical condition should be getting better. God is the God over the blood. God is God over the genes. God is God over the blood and the gene pools, and the gene pools and the blood.  God is God over the DNA. God is God over the physical organization of every gene of every physical anomaly in your body, and out of your body. God is in charge of your hair, your skin, your eyeballs, your genes and all of it.  [amen]  “How great is our God? … There’s no condition known to man that God cannot reverse and cannot change. We have to organize.  He organized the universe. What makes you think He can’t organize your body?  [Praise God]  I’d better move on…

Why would the Church give up?  Why would we give up and take a second-hand Gospel?  There’s nowhere in the Gospel that Jesus gave up on anybody unless they gave up on themselves. He said, in his own hometown, He said, what did He say? He says He could do no mighty works there because of their [unbelief] unbelief…Unbelief, when is the Church going to accept the fact that we need to stop making excuses for conditions that exist and remember one thing, the eradicator of the condition is alive and well? [yeah!]  He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever more. [hallelujah]  Forever more. Don’t give up on your children. Don’t give up on your condition. Don’t give up on Jesus Christ… [amen] If He did it once, He’ll do it again. If He did it again, He’ll do it again and again. He’s a God of repetition. If He did it again and again and again, and again, He’ll keep doing it again and again and again and again and again and again. And again, and again, and again. And then, after He’s done, He’ll do it again, and again, and again and again.

We’re getting ready to be placed in the New Jerusalem, where there is no sickness, death and disease. And He wants us to practice the removal of sickness, death, and disease now. [applause]…I’ve had some things happen in my life and I said my goodness, this one I’m stuck with for the rest of my life…I realize that I was saying to the devil, you can keep this on me. [amen] …  But thanks be, I needed Jesus too. And then when Jesus made Himself more manifest, I saw clearly that that spiritual blindness had to come off. And my answer had to be, NO! Satan, I will not live with this condition….I will not live with it.

I was listening to a man on the radio the other day, and one verse that I keep hanging, you need to get some Scriptures and hang them in your house. [amen] And the Scripture was, from Joshua, that’s where Joshua, he’s getting ready to leave and he says this to them.  “As for me and my house, we’ll serve the Lord.”  [yeah, amen] You need to hang up some signs, the Jews have a tradition of nailing the little thing to their door. And then they kiss it every time they have to go by it, to remind them of the living Word of God. To remind them that this is thus said the Lord. And to remind them that this house and, this house – Lord have mercy – in this house the Word of God is spoken, it’s believed, and it’s lived by.  Lord have mercy. We don’t need to go by and kiss it anymore because  Jesus is alive and living and well.

But somehow we need to get a sign to put up and remind ourselves that the work of the enemy has to stop at my door. [amen]  Aw, does anybody know what I am talking about?   The work of the enemy has to stop at my door. When my wife halfway loses her mind I have to say insanity stops at the door. When my children won’t behave right I have to say insanity stops at this door. When I wake up and I find out that I am the problem in this situation, and I have lost my mind, I have to remind myself that insanity of my own has to stop at my door and I have to realize something. “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”… [hallelujah]  Because why? I need Jesus too…

The intellectual needed Jesus. The men of wisdom of their day, they needed Jesus….They were so smart, they were so smart and Nicodemus comes at night. You can tell he thought he was smart…cause he didn’t want to be seen going to someone smarter than him.  [laughter] He had to keep up the myth. So Nicodemus comes at night, sneaking and hiding around, and then Jesus says a simple thing to him, “Ye must be born again.” All He was saying was you need Me Nicodemus. You need Me.  I can change your life. You’re so smart and so wise, you know so much but guess what? You need Me. And then Nicodemus is going to ask Him a question. Can a man be born again? Once he comes out of…and Jesus says, and you, [laughter]  And He says, and you are a leader of the nation?  [laughter]  You’re one of the smart ones?  And you don’t even know that? You need to be born again. Well, smart people need to be born again. People with great wisdom need Jesus.

We need the mind itself, the mind itself was created by Him, and therefore, if we’re going to escape the limitations of our own mind, we need wisdom from above.  And so, Nicodemus comes at night, but guess what?  I bet he stayed with Jesus so long that the sun came up.  And then he walked out during the day. [hallelujah]  Aw, you didn’t get that. He comes in the night, but he stayed awhile with Jesus and then he wasn’t ashamed to walk out in the day.  [amen]  And when they said, where were you? And he says, watch this, “I was with Rabboni.” Well, what was he saying? He’s saying, I spent the night with… the Rabbi.  Who’d you spend the night with?  I spent the night with the Teacher. [yeah]

In our wisdom and smarts, we need Jesus. If we’re going to understand each other, we need the wisdom of Jesus to be able to see each other the way that Jesus sees us. [amen]  The Apostle Paul wrote this in his Scripture, and it boggles my mind. He says that you  need to think more of others than you think of yourself. …I just finished writing another book.  [laughter]  I did, it’s called, “Take the Lower Seat:  The Way to Power.” See, the way to power is if you humble yourself, God will lift you up. If you take the lower seat, God will elevate you…

You know, when one of the pastors asked me about that, I said, in our church we don’t have a high seat and a middle-sized high seat and then the little high seat and then the lower seat. [laughter] We don’t have all that. And I said, so when you get to our church, you just sit with the people. [amen] You’re just one of the people. [hallelujah]  You don’t sit over the people. The only one over the people is Jesus Christ. [applause]…Praise God… Hallelujah… He says, well then what do I do when it comes time to speak? You’re going to introduce me? I said, no…I said, the only introduction you need is that I invited you here to speak.  You don’t need some big introduction and build you up and make you all feel all good so you’re confident that the people are impressed with your credentials. Your credential is the Word of God. [amen] So get up and tell it. [whew!] Then the people will be impressed with you…He looked to me and said, “Man…” [laughter]  He said, “you really are serious about tradition.” I said, “Yeah, I’m serious about getting rid of it!” [laughter]  Come on, hallelujah! [applause and cheering] Getting rid of it! Yeah, and when you come to Living Word Chapel to park your car, you better hope you can find a spot. [laughter] Cause we don’t have anything reserved for you. You’re supposed to be a servant of the Lord and a servant of the people, why should we save a spot for you? Let you come on time like everybody else and get a spot. Somebody say, hallelujah.  [hallelujah]  Praise God!  Hallelujah.  Watch, next week you all test me and park where I park…

Listen, we need Jesus. The high and the mighty need Jesus. And the low and the lowly need Jesus. I wrote down one thing and I want to just show it to you. In the book of Luke in the 19th chapter, come on – go there….Yesterday, I had these men of God at my house and they’re blessed, anointed, and appointed. One of them introduced himself to me as the chauffeur…I said, you got Prophet Samachen here and here’s his interpreter and who are you? He says, I’m the chauffeur. Now, I decided to myself, well, wait a minute, this is a man of God too. [yeah] Come on, somebody.

And in the world, when I was in California, Pastor Ron said, when he was a chauffeur it took him something like three years working for this rich man before he even allowed to go in the house. They had a little room on the front of the house, a little corner with a telephone and that’s where the chauffeur sat. And he sat there for some three years and never was permitted to see the house.  But you know, when you chauffeur for God, come on somebody,  when you chauffeur for God, you’re entitled to see the whole house. You’re entitled to be a part of the whole thing.

So I said to this young man, wait a minute, you’re telling me what you’re doing, but what you’re actually doing is, you are being a servant to the Prophet of God by driving him.  [yeah, hallelujah] Come on, but you’re more than a chauffeur. Tell me about yourself. And he began to tell me how God had, had blessed him. Brought him to this great land of America.  And how he and his wife were barren for years, and how the prophet had said, you’re going to have a baby. And he had brought forth life. And he’s going on and going on. And he’s beginning now, the chauffeur is turning into the preacher, right before my eyes. And he’s beginning to preach to me about different Scriptures and things that he found in the Bible.  And he realized that I’m a hunter and a searcher in Scriptures.

And he said, “Did you ever take a look at Luke 19?”  And I said, of course, you know, I’ve read the whole Bible many times. And, and I said, “Is there something hidden there that you know about?” And he says, “Well it’s a question to me  but, can I share it with you?” And he began to share, now are you ready?  [yeah]  Come on, say “Everybody needs Jesus.”  [Everybody needs Jesus]

In Chapter 19, it’s about a man named Zacchaeus. “Then Jesus entered and passed through Jericho. Now behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus who was a chief tax collector, and he was...” what? [rich]. He was what? [rich]  He was what? [rich]  I’m going to prove something to you. The rich and the righteous need Jesus. [amen]  The rich and the righteous need Jesus. And so it says that Zacchaeus, he wasn’t just a tax collector, he wasn’t the chauffeur of the tax collector, it says that he was the chief tax collector. It means that he was the head boss who had other people under him, collecting the taxes, but he was the what? [chief] Chief tax collector. I want to show you something, because you know sometimes when you talk about tithing it hurts people. People get tight with that. And the reason is because they value their money, they’re still tied to that.

But, so let’s see if Zacchaeus is tied to his riches. Let’s watch now. In verse three, “And he sought to see who Jesus was, but could not because of the crowd, for he was of short stature.” Hallelujah. Hallelujah…[laughter]  Praise God for us little guys. [laughter]  I said, praise God for us little guys. [amen!!] Amen, and then it says, “So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him, for He was going to pass that way.”…See, he may be little, but he ain’t dumb. He’s the chief tax collector and he’s fast. [laughter] He ran ahead of the crowd. I want you to get this picture. He climbs the tree so he can see where Jesus is going…

Let us not measure the Body of Christ and the people by what we’re looking at.  [amen] Let’s not measure each other by what we see. Let’s not be so… I get so upset when people are confounded by someone’s physical charisma…How is it that the Church gets so confused listening to a good looking man who has a nice physique and he has charisma, and there’s stuff coming out of his mouth…One sister said to me, “You know, when I hear that man, I feel like I’m listening to the Tower of Babel. I feel like he’s babbling along and it’s mysterious, but none of it makes sense.” And I thought to myself, how do people like that get elevated? They get elevated because why? Because those people look at this person and they’re overwhelmed by the physical, what??? …What?…You need to strip that away….You know, you need to strip that away so you can hear what thus says the Lord in whatever package he’s sending it. [amen] Do you know what I mean? We should be able to hear the Gospel from a guy who’s brought in in a wheelchair, and preaching sitting down, as well as we can to someone six foot tall and beautiful like me. [laughter] Come on now!

Now, moving along. So Zacchaeus runs along, climbs a sycamore tree. Verse 5, “And when Jesus came to that place, He looked up and saw him, and said to him, “Zacchaeus, make haste...” He calls him by name, just like the prophet was doing last night. Just calling people he didn’t know, calling them by name and then prophesying over them.  “…Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for today I must stay at your house.”  “So he made haste and came down, and received Him…” what?  [joyfully]  “Joyfully.  But when they saw it…” Who’s they? The people, the Pharisees, the Scribes, and the people.  “…they all complained, saying, “He has gone to be a guest with a man who is a sinner.”  … Why do we do that? People that we don’t like, we just label them…We just label them. You know, he ain’t right, he’s a sinner. Be careful, Jesus may be going to that sinner’s house you don’t like…Lord have mercy…And so He says, going to his house, “Then Zacchaeus stood and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord...”  Come on read it with me.  “I will give…”  Is that what is says?  [no]  Does it say, I’m going to give?  [no]  Does it say, I’m thinking about giving?  [no]  Does it say, I ought to give?  [no]  No, look what he says.  He says, “Look Lord, I give…”  Meaning, is this a practice that he was already involved in? [yes]  Yes he was.  He’s saying, I already give “half of my goods to the poor;…”  Whew!…Whew!  Bite down on that hard some of you all.  He says, “I do, I already give half of my goods to the poor…” …And he says, “and if I have taken anything from anyone by false accusation, I restore [fourfold] fourfold.”  Is he saying he’s going to? [no]  He is saying, I already do this. And he’s saying, if someone, watch this now, if someone brings it to my attention, that someone working under me, or if in the past somehow I did, I got extra money by false accusation, He’s saying, if it’s brought to my attention, I’ll restore fourfold. If somebody under me has messed up, I will restore… fourfold…So, here’s what he’s saying. He is saying, I, under the Jewish law…am exceedingly righteous…Lord have mercy!  Come on now.  He is saying, I am exceedingly righteous. I don’t give 10%.  I give…half …of everything I have. I give half to the poor…And then he says, and if I’ve done something wrong, I don’t just repay, and say, “Oh, please forgive me.”  And just repay exactly.  He gives four times as much  back. Does everybody got that?  [yes]

Now, as long as I’ve been in ministry, we’ve always read that as if he is saying, now that I have met the Savior, I’m going to do this. [no]  Some of you are sitting here are realizing you always read it that way too. You always read it that Zacchaeus says, “Lord, I’ve met you, now I’m going to give half, and I’m going to return four.” But it doesn’t say that.

And yesterday, I’m sitting with the chauffeur, and my mind is being opened, and so I run upstairs and I get my literal translation, and I got my Greek translation.  I got them, and I’m going, my goodness, the chauffeur is right. [amen] Lord have mercy! Somebody getting what I’m saying? [yeah]  And me and the prophet, me and the great prophet are sitting there drinking in from the wisdom of the chauffeur. [praise God, amen, glory]  Lord have mercy!  Praise God Almighty!

We need to think of others, we need to think of them as better than us. That there’s something that we can learn because we need Jesus. He can give us the ability to draw from everyone. There’s no one you can step over and treat meanly. There’s no one that you can get around because your heart… has Jesus in it and you see everybody as important.

But, let’s get to the conclusion of the matter. The conclusion of the matter, Jesus says, in verse 9, “…Today salvation has come to this house,… because he also is a son of Abraham; for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.”  Lord have mercy! Can we cut to the conclusion of the matter? The conclusion of the matter is very simply this, Zacchaeus was righteous in his own way. Zacchaeus was not only righteous, but he was compassionate. Not only was he righteous and compassionate, but he had complied and fulfilled the Law. He not only was righteous and compassionate and fulfilled the Law, but he was also a man of restitution and forgiveness. And that he desired to be forgiven, and he desired to give restitution for any wrong that he had. He was righteous, he was righteous according to the Law…He was rich…but he was lost…He still… needed Jesus.  [amen]…He still… needed Jesus. No matter how rich and powerful, no matter how righteous we are in the flesh, the reality is…we… need… Jesus.  [amen].

(Heather says, wow, wow, wow, I love how each time we look into the Word there is a hidden gem, and this one was hidden in plain sight.  God is awesome.

Have a blessed day!)



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