Receive Ye the Holy Spirit by Pastor Don Moore

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Receive Ye the Holy Spirit by Pastor Don

This is the closed captioning transcript of Pastor Don’s message, very, very slightly edited.  Remember three dots … mean a pause in his talk. And the things in the brackets [  ] are what the congregation says.

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Alright, let’s open our Bibles, we’re going to go to the book of John, and we’re going to go alllllll the way to the 21st chapter of the book of John.

After Jesus went to the Cross, there were 40 days after the Resurrection that He was on the earth…walking and talking and hanging out with people. It was during this time period that He said many very important things by His Spirit for the Church, for the disciples to understand and to give them the information that He wanted them to have.  Then, as we look at Scripture, we begin to see He is preparing them for the day of Pentecost. “Pente” is fifty. So, from the time of the Resurrection, the time of Passover, if you count from Passover fifty days, you come to the time period of Pentecost.

Now, Pentecost is a great and joyous celebration on the Jewish Calendar. It is not only the celebration of what they believed was the time period when Moses had gone up to the Mountain and came down with the Law. But, more importantly than that, God, in the Old Testament, gave the Law which was a gift to man so man would know how to live. But God is preparing to give us the second great gift. The first great gift, of course, is Christ.  And He’s going to give us this second great gift which is the indwelling and the presence of the Holy Spirit. [hallelujah]  Beautiful stuff! Beautiful stuff! Where would we be without the Lord? I’m telling you, where would we be?

So, what we end up with is this opportunity during this, not just the forty days that the Lord was with the disciples and the different things He deposited with them, but then at the end of it, we have this celebration of the Jewish Feast, but it takes on a new color.

Under Moses, Moses told the People that at Pentecost, which was fifty, there would be a fifty year celebration. Debts would be canceled. [amen] Slaves would be set free. How about that? Wouldn’t that be something in America? At the end of fifty years, your debts would be canceled? [hallelujah] You all don’t like that idea…[conversation] I like that idea! Debts canceled. Slaves set free. [laughter]  And so in this telling of Pentecost is not only this great liberty and this great excitement, that debts that would be carried over from parents and grandparents, and laid on the children, even to the third generation, those debts would be wiped out.  It is a spiritual picture that, through the Holy Spirit, we can enter into the newness of life, and all of the curses that had been left upon us, by our parents and grandparents can be wiped out.

Many of you sit here today and you struggle, you struggle with different types of addictions that have been given you by your parents and grandparents…Just imagine…just imagine, huh…in the Spiritual celebration of Pentecost, that all of that is wiped out and obliterated. That the devil’s claim over you, is broken. [praise God] What, my goodness…Can you imagine that? All of you that can’t handle money or have sexual sin, it’s been passed down to you and just one day you wake up and pffff, gone.  [amen!]  That’s, my goodness. That’s a great one.

So what we end up with is trying to grab an understanding, trying to wrap our head around the goodness of God. That He would give a time period. He would set in motion a holiday that would be set primarily as a blessing to the people, so that they can throw off the past. That’s what it is. And, once throwing off the past, enter into this new relationship with the Father, by the Spirit. If we can just begin to understand that, we begin to get a picture that God wants us to see. That the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Old Covenant, the Presence of the Holy Spirit was something that was experienced by the priest, that was experienced by the prophet, and on occasion, by the King. The rest of the people could not get a Word from the Lord. The rest of the people did not have supernatural contact with the Lord, for they were limited in that only those three offices did the Shekinah glory of the Holy Spirit touch them and move them, give them wisdom, give them understanding, and guide their lives.

But Jesus!…[amen!] But Jesus comes…the veil, curtain of the Temple, is rent as he passes from death into more life. The curtain is opened, and the power, the Shekinah, the private Glory of the Holy Spirit comes out of the Holy of Holies, and then becomes available at Pentecost to all men, all believers. [glory!] Do we get this? Do we? I want you to see how important it is that during the time of the prophets, people had to rely on a prophet to get a Word from God…People had to rely on the priest or the prophets in order to be healed.  People always had to go somewhere that the Shekinah glory of God would be available…But it was never how….oh my goodness! It was never available to them through prayer or by request. They had to wait because they were under mercy, not under grace. And therefore, it was only the kindness of the Lord, that would show up at a given time for a set purpose…But they can’t do what you can do!…

That’s why Jesus said, even though John the Baptist was the greatest among men, was humble, great man of God, powerful man of God, but He says, you are even greater than him….Because, why? You have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit available to you, daily, nightly…When Jesus said you could receive the Holy Spirit, He meant that you could walk in the presence of the Holy Spirit, 24/7, if you so desire, that there’s no position of your flesh that you can hide from Him. That every little corner and closet that you have, if you would open the door, the Holy Spirit will come in and be present with you. It’s just…I’m just overwhelmed by just the concept, just the concept that David, David…the man of God’s own heart, a man after God’s own heart, that I can get in the presence of the Lord quicker and easier than even the great King David.  [AMEN!]  …

I don’t know about you, but that gives me a chill, just to know that the Holy Spirit was made that available to us by the sacrifice of Christ. AWESOME! Just awesome…awesome, just I mean, just…awesome. I think for the next fifteen minutes, I’ll just stand here and go “Awesome.” [laughter] Awesome! Cause see, I just want you to, know that. Cause people are walking around going, “I wish I could hear from God. You know, I  wish I could have an experience from God. I wish God would speak to me. I wish God would …I can’t find Him. He’s lost. He’s in, God is in Venezuela and I wish I could find Him.” [laughter] You know… my goodness. “I can’t find Him. He won’t talk to me. I’m so low.” If you’d stop whining and crying, you’d realize He’s right there in the room with you. Lord have mercy.

So let’s look at some Scriptures on how this happened. I’m just giving you an overview.   And what we want to do is come to be sure. Now, let’s go to John. And we want to go look at these Scriptures. We want to trace this down, and we want to begin in in John Chapter 20 verse 19. You there? [yes] Ok, let’s get busy. “Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.”… When He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side.” This is because it’s after the Crucifixion, and now the time of the resurrection. And He showed them His side. “Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.” Well, wouldn’t you be? [yes, amen] “So Jesus said to them again, “Peace to you! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.”” In verse 21 the Lord God, Himself, is commissioning discipleship. He is commissioning discipleship. In this verse here, in verse 21, an amazing thing has happened. This is a premier, powerful verse here. He declares them to be sent ones. He declares them to be apostles. The word, “apostle” means a sent one. And what He declares is, as the Father called Me an apostle and sent me forth, He says, I now am doing, what? I am sending you forth. I am what? I am coming with a commission.  I’m commissioning you. I’m setting you in the office of apostle and now, I am sending you.

This verse, causes problems for people that believe that somehow the limits of the Church are going to end with the apostles. But here’s a very important point. If Jesus, as an Apostle, can send apostles, why then can’t these apostles send apostles?… They say, “Well, because He’s Jesus.” Well, He’s the Son of Man standing in the office of the apostle, commissioning apostles, and sending apostles. Therefore, it’s just logical to assume, that if they are sent ones, they can also send ones. [amen] Now, if you don’t want to accept that, fine. You won’t be sent. [laughter]…I’m moving right along here.

Verse 22:  “And when He had said this” When He called them sent ones, put them in the office of apostle, “He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”…Hm..Hm..Hm…This is powerful stuff. So, it’s interesting, though, in verse 22 that the receiving of the Holy Spirit in this particular instance was accomplished by breathing. He breathed the Holy Spirit on them. I’ve always been amazed in the Body of Christ that we’ve never made that kind of an institution, or, you know, we’ve never made it like, the way to receive the Holy Spirit is you get breathed on. So we would have  breathe on, spit on people sessions, or something. [laughter] You know, I mean, I have never been in a church where somebody says, “Come on up, I’m going to blow on everybody.” [Pastor Don blows] You know, I have been in services, and I’ve had, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, been instructed to do that, and you see great power, the same power of laying on of hands is still released onto people.

In this particular case though, Jesus is telling us something very important. The administration of the Holy Spirit and the giving of the Holy Spirit is not always with pattern…It’s not always the same. If we are going to follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit will have us and command us to do different things at different times. And we have to understand that flexibility that we have in the Holy Spirit and His instructions. Everyone’s not going to be baptized in the Holy Spirit the same way.  Everyone’s not going to receive the Holy Spirit in the same way. Everyone’s not going to get born again in the same way. Some people get born again doing the Sinner’s Prayer. Other people get born again in their prayer closet. Other people get born again sitting on a bar stool and just go, boinggggg…and they get it.

So, the, the experience of being born again is one of, what did He say? He says, you must be born of water, which I’ve shown you is the Word of God. You must hear the Word of God, and receive it where? You receive it in your heart. Ok. And He says, and you’re born of water and the…and the Spirit.  And He says, you don’t know, you don’t see the Spirit coming and going, but you’re born of the Spirit. Which means then, that there are times, there are circumstances, when the breeeeathing in of the Spirit is the same of the induement of the Spirit from on high, because you open your heart and receive it.

The apostles surely are ready to receive the Holy Spirit. But they’re not receiving at this time the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They’re being born again, they’re being what? [born again]  They’re being born again….I just got to wait a minute for you to think about that.  Alright? You cannot get born again without the water and the Spirit. The water is the Word of God. Have the apostles, have they heard the Word of God? [yes]  Yeah, they’ve traveled around with Jesus for over a year. They’ve heard the Word. So, they’ve received the Word. Now, the Word though, without revelation, will lead us still into error…So He is saying to them, you still need the water, the Word, and you need the Spirit. And so He says, now, in order for you to be sent ones, He doesn’t want you to go with just the Word because there must be agreement between the Word and the Spirit. The Spirit and the Word must agree. The Spirit AND the Word must agree.

I am so shocked and amazed at people that will run off with one and not the other.  [amen]  And,…I’m shocked and disappointed. Just because you have an emotional moment with the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that that should be an unbridled, emotional experience, that somehow has greater validity than the Word itself….You know. What’s wrong? I mean, yeah, you’re going to be emotionally moved, and you’re going to be taken. You’re only human. You’re going to be taken by people’s charisma. You’re going to be taken by people’s mystery and their personality and so forth. But you have to have the Word balanced with your enthusiasm. Don’t turn on the TV and see somebody and just you love the way they dress, you love the way they sound, you love the power with which they minister, and you go wacko. And then you just don’t pay attention to what’s coming out of their mouth. [amen] Well, glory to God! You know, don’t sit, don’t sit  in radio and TV and listen to someone who has just phenomenal Word, just phenomenal Word and ignore the itching on the inside that is telling you, discomfort. Discomfort. [laughter] Discomfort.

Well, what’s that discomfort? The discomfort is maybe the Word may be right, but the Spirit in which they deliver it is not, not balanced. It’s got to be balanced. You have to be able to find it in the Word, and it says, you know, cross every “T” and dot every “I” and all of that jazz. But, in addition to that, there should be something that, in you, that the Spirit confirms the Word you’re hearing…You know, I call it your itcher. You should have an itcher. Not, your itcher shouldn’t scratch just because of cultural bias or you’re hearing something you never heard before. I’ve heard stuff I’ve never heard before, and I was comfortable to go, Ohhh, that’s a new revelation. Let me check that out. And then I look for balance in the Word and then I go ffphew. You know, God is speaking something afresh to me that I haven’t heard before. Come on now, right?

But, if you just sitin’ there feeling totally itched out on the inside even though your eye is taken with charisma, you need to, you need to jot it down, question it, and say, Holy Ghost, come on, say it with me. Holy Ghost [Holy Ghost] show me [show me] in Jesus’ Name [in Jesus’ Name]. And He will, He will reveal to you error. He’ll reveal to you that the, that yeah, the Word’s kind of right, but the way the person’s twisting the Word is in error. You know. For example, this morning, the morning scripture was Psalm 148. There’s a line in there that caught my attention. It said, the young men, it said maidens, and then it said old men. Now, it didn’t say anything about old women. Now it’s very interesting, a person with power and a person with charisma could very easily take the omission of old women and build a theology on it that goes like this. Old women have no anointing, no authority, and no place in the praise of God. I know you’re saying, well this, well that’s ridiculous Pastor Don. But that’s how stuff gets on. Well, you have to know the Spirit of God. Would God in that process, would that be what He is saying?… [no] Would God be saying old women are excluded from praise? No. I mean that would be, that would be you know, that’s not what it’s saying at all! My goodness!

So, we have to understand that when the Bible says something like Jesus fed the 5,000, and they counted and there were 5,000 men, right. That doesn’t mean there were no women and children there…You have to understand the Spirit of the Word. And you have to understand the culture of the Word, which would mean, in those days they counted, they only counted the men. Cause, so, you’ve got to figure there’s….who goes to a picnic and doesn’t take their wife and their kids?….Well obviously some of you, cause you’re no response here. [laughter] So, there were way over 5,000 people. So we have to balance the Spirit with the Word and realize that, wait a minute, man…you know, you could run into some real holes where people will take the Word, dissect it, and feed it back to you unless you know the Spirit of the Word as well. And you have to balance that. How you all doing?  [good]  Ok?

Now…let’s look at this here. So, He says in verse 22 “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  There’s no mention of receiving power from on high or the induement of power from on high.  He is saying that, that you must now be fully Born Again. You have to come into the full revelation of what? What I just told you. What is the full revelation of what I just told you? I (Jesus) just made you apostles. And He is bringing the Holy Spirit to what? Seal, seal the commission. I’ve just commissioned you, now, I’ve given you a demonstration by the Holy Spirit, now feel this to know, boom, that what, you have been commissioned… Everybody got that?

That’s why when we pull all these people into a spiritual office, we anoint them with oil, we lay hands on them, we pray for them, in order to what, invite the Holy Spirit to confirm their anointing. Confirm their new office, and what they’ve been commissioned for. Everybody got that? And with that, they now have been born into what? A new office, and new responsibilities, but that is not the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

So let’s go on. In verse 23 He says, “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” Now, this is very simple. Some people want to take that and say, well you can’t forgive sins. You can’t if you’re not Born Again.  You can only forgive someone the sin that they committed upon you….But… Lord have mercy, if you qualify just as the disciples qualified…you can forgive the sins. Well, how did they qualify? They were… Born Again….What happened after they were Born Again?  They were commissioned. They were placed into an office….Come on, somebody, anybody here today? [hallelujah] By the placing of them in office, and receiving the, the Holy Spirit, were they not given this authority? Jesus said they had it. Well, if He said they had it, then I guess… they had it. [laughter]

Now when it says, retain sins. Do you know what that means? It means that to retain someone’s sin, it means that after you hear their testimony, if they haven’t taken the necessary steps, you as a believer are to say to them, wait a minute, you haven’t repented of that. And you’ve done nothing to make restitution, therefore you are still in your sin….Everybody got that? So if somebody comes to you over a cup of coffee, if  you’re Born Again and filled with the Spirit, you have been commissioned then into the office of a saint. You are a saint of God, you are a disciple or a follower of Christ. With being a disciple, or a follower of Christ comes what? Comes you’re stepping into an office. You received the sign and the guarantee of the ability to speak in tongues, as a sign reflecting an inner work that God has done. You have that. You’re now a believer who is baptized and sealed. You have the guaranteed seal of the Holy Spirit upon you. The seal of the Holy Spirit permits you to do the work that the Holy Spirit commissions you to do. The work of the Holy Spirit commissions you to do is to forgive sins. Is to seal people and give them a new beginning, just as Jesus gave them a new beginning. Just as Peter gave people a new beginning. Just as Paul gave people a new beginning. If you can do that, then it means that it was given to you by  the power of God, and therefore when you speak and say, “Brother, I realize you are fully repentant. I realize that you have made the phone calls and gone and done the visits. And you have made an effort to give restitution for your sin. Because you have done that, in the name of Jesus, I declare your sins today are forgiven you.” [hallelujah!]…

How could you possibly, how could you possibly lead someone to the Lord, and leave them in their sin?…[laughs]  How can you possibly have someone pray the Sinner’s Prayer and not realize that you are helping them to forgive, be forgiven of their sins?  [yeah] How can you do that? How can you say, well let’s say the Sinner’s Prayer and invite Jesus in. Do you think Jesus, when He comes in just cohabitates with the sin?  [no] Do you think He just pulls up a chair next to sin in your heart, and just stays there with it?…Do you think that when Jesus moves in with the cleaning factory on His back, do you really think He’s not going to vacuum your stuff?  [laughter]  Huh?…I’m telling you, this reality is so great, that Jesus rose from the dead, conquered sin and death, and then we walk around as believers struggling with our sin, that He has said, “No, no, no just give it to Me.” He said, “Just cast it over here.  I will take it.” When Jesus comes in, something has to change in your life. You can’t keep talking the way you talked, walking the way you walked, doing what you’re doing and thinking somehow that He is ignoring the sin.  He is a Holy Ghost, powerful, sin destroying, lying tongue destroying, obliterating God, who  comes to destroy all of our bondage. He doesn’t want to leave us with any of it. He doesn’t want to leave us with any bad habits. He doesn’t want to leave us with any negative thinking. He doesn’t want to leave us trapped in loneliness and pain. When He comes in, He comes to renovate.  [WHEW!!! AMEN!]  Glory to God!

Have a blessed day!



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