Say Amen Show 93 transcript – Living Water by Pastor Don Moore

Monday, March 17, 2008

Living Water by Pastor Don


Here is the closed captioning for Pastor Don’s sermon of 2/24/08.   Anything you see in brackets [clapping] is what the congregation was saying or doing. And if there are three dots… that means a pause in his speaking. I love doing this, because, while my notes are pretty good, I always miss something.


Amen [clapping] Amen If I was going to preach this morning, I would talk to you about the River and I  would talk to you about Living Water.  I mean that’s if I was going to do that, that’s what I would talk to you about.  I would talk to you from the book of John, in the third and fourth chapter where Jesus is crossing through Samaria.  Now, He didn’t have to cross through Samaria to get to where He was going.  But He had a strategic, divine appointment that the Gospel would flourish in that area.

And there was a group of people called the Samaritans. There was great prejudice against them.  But you know, God cares about everybody. [amen] He cares about Hindus, and Muslims, and He cares about Samaritans too.  So Jesus decided He would cross through Samaria on His way to Jerusalem even though He knew the Jews wouldn’t like it.  And they wouldn’t be happy about it.  And so, in crossing there, they were hungry, and He sent the disciples into the town to get food and things, and He sat down by a well.  And it was in the heat of the day.

Now, during the heat of the day, is the time in the Middle East where people just chill out.  They take like a siesta, and they don’t go out in that hot sun.  But there was a woman who had a bad reputation.  Anybody ever know anybody with a bad reputation? [yes] Huh?  Some of you all here today. [laughter]  This woman had a bad reputation.  And so, she’s going to the well to draw water in the middle of the day, because the rest of the women who look down on her and talk about her, they’re not there.  Cause they’re having a siesta, eating some lunch in the cool of the afternoon.  So she goes in the heat of the day to bring water because she’s hoping that she will not have to face the sisters.

The sisters can be rough.  [yeah]  The sisters can wear you down with their opinion.  You know, some people just think every day is an Oprah show.  [laughter] You know? And some people just long for a Jerry Springer show.  [laughter]  Well, amen. You all shouldn’t even know what Jerry Springer’s out on, that should be here say.

So she goes in the heat of the day, because she’s really sincerely hoping none of those babes will be there.  As my son says, “None of the shorties will show up.”  [laughter]  And when she gets there, to her surprise, she sees this Jewish man sitting there.  She could tell he was a Jew because Jews were easily identifiable, not just because of their clothes, but they wore their prayer shawls.  In addition to that, trust me on this.  I wouldn’t make this up.  But Jews did not in their day wear long Beatle haircuts.  A respectable Jew kept his hair cut short and he just kept his sideburns. He never cut his sideburns or the corners of his beard.  So all those pictures that you have of long-haired Jesus, lookin’ like a rock star, do yourself a favor, and throw them out.  It ain’t him.  He don’t look like that.  He ain’t never look like that.  And when you get up to Heaven, He still ain’t going to look like that.  [laughter]  There’ll be so much glory on Him you won’t care though. There’ll be so much glory on Him you won’t even notice.  So Jesus would have had long sideburns because, whether you like it or not, Jesus was an orthodox, he came from a strict family of zealous people.  And so, He had long sideburns, that had never been cut, and the corners of His beard had never been cut. When it says they pulled out His beard, they just grabbed hold of a chunk of hair, yanked out the hair.

So Jesus is sitting there, and He says to the lady, he says, “Give me a drink.”… The lady looks at Him and she, “What?”  You know, she probably did one of them chicken neck things.  She probably went…”What?”  [laughter]  I wish I could do that.  My head was not designed to go side to side.  I can’t do that.  But you know, she probably gave Him, an attitude because the prejudice from the Jews. The Jews called the Samaritans dogs.  We have prejudice like that in the Body of Christ.  [oh, yeah] Lord, have mercy.  Don’t we?  Some of you Pentecostals look down on Methodists and Presbyterians, cause they don’t make as much noise as you so you figure you’re more holy. But, you know, there’s going to be some Methodists and Presbyterians in Heaven.  [yeah]  Shore ’nuff.  Amen.  [laughter]  Amen.  Even some Baptist’s going to be there, right?

So she looks over and she says, she says, “What are you, a Jew, asking me a Samaritan for a drink?  This water thing we must understand begins, not because we need so much from God, but it begins because in the reality, truth be told, we need more from God than God needs from us.  And so Jesus says, points to her lack,  points to her purpose, and points to her provision.  And He says, “Give me some of your lack”, cause she came for what?  [water]  So she lacked what?  [water]  She lacked water.  He says, “Your water, your provision.”  And she’s drawing from a well of Jacob, that God pointed to Jacob to dig.  Right, so it’s not even her well.

And, and, and so he’s saying, well you don’t even have a well of your own.  But, you’re getting water from this well.  And He points to her lack and lack of provision and all of that.  And he says to her these famous words that you all know.  He says, “If you knew…if you knew the One who is asking you for a drink….” Watch this now.  “He would give you, Living Water.”  He says, “If you knew the One, that was asking you.”  He didn’t say anything about, about how it’s going to happen or whatever. He just said, if you had knowledge, if you had the presence of the mind to realize or to identify the One that is talking to you.  You would be able to realize something.

See, we, we have to understand that the unsaved are not to be looked down upon by the saved.  Because it was only but a few minutes before [amen, amen]….it was just a revelation before, it was just a concept or an idea before, that you found out who He was.  So if we’re going to be effective and give out this Water that He’s talking about, we’re going to  have to have more consideration for them.  And we’re going to have to have more consideration for those who have drunk this Water and have decided to go back out and get thirsty again….Let me say that again.  We have to be more considerate about those who have drunk this Water and went out to get thirsty again…You know, sometimes people don’t know that they’re thirsty….You know, they don’t know that they’re thirsty.  You know, people leave churches, and go and they have to get out there and get hit in the head again before they realize that they are thirsty.  They’re thirsty.

Do you ever walk to a, I did it the other day.  I walked into one of those convenience stores, and I stood there, and I said, “Too many choices!” [yeah]  I mean, this whole wall had to be 20 feet wide, with stuff to drink.  It was like too many choices, and I flipped onto the concept of what we’re struggling with.  Jesus is sitting at the well.  We are thirsty, trying to draw water.  Jesus is saying, “Yo, over here.  I got the Water that you need,”  And we’re looking in the convenience store at all the choices and we get distracted.

Come on, don’t we get distracted?  I mean, you got Oprah giving you advice,you got Dr. Phil giving you advice.  You got Uncle Willie giving you advice, Sister Joan, Sister Barb, Sister Mary, your home boys, your home girls.  Everybody’s got an opinion, and you can get so confused, because you forgot the One that gave you Living Water.  And you don’t go back to Him for a choice because you’re so busy trying to reach Pastor Don…. [whew]  I shouldn’t have slipped that in there. I don’t think, brother I’m in trouble now.  I don’t think I should have slipped that in there.  Some of you all should be calling me saying, I’ve drunk some Living Water, now I just need confirmation, Pastor, on what I believe the Spirit is saying to me.  [amen, amen]  I ought to be your second call, not your first.  I refuse to stand in the power and the position of the Holy Ghost.  That’s His power, that’s His position.  He should be your first call, oh saint of God. Now, if you just got saved yesterday, that’s different. Cause you don’t know how to go get the Water.  Hello…..How are we doing?  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some of us baby Christians, we just, you know, we just don’t know, so we need someone to help disciple us and get us to go, how to go search things out and find out how deep the well is and whatever.

Because there’s a lot of different types of water.  Did you know that the Bible refers to people as water?  It says, he saw the crystal river in Revelation, he saw the crystal river and then he realized that that crystal river flowing by the throne of God was actually people.  It’s the saints. Did you know that?  When the Bible speaks about seas and so forth and water quite often it’s talking about people.  It’s talking about people.  If I was going to preach today, I’d preach to you about asking yourself what kind of water are you?  I would ask that question  primarily because Jesus is sitting at the well, He is thirsty, and He wants to drink something.  He’s looking for somebody in this room to pour Him out a drink of something from somewhere that will quench His thirst.

See, we’re all worried about you being thirsty, but can you see the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords thirsty?  And He wants to consume something that you have that’s available.  I mean, if I was going to preach today, I would point you to the Scripture that says, after Jesus has His conversation with the woman, He tells her that out of the belly will flow what?  [rivers] Rivers of what kind of water? [Living Water] Rivers of Living Water.  And then, in the very next chapter, He’s visited by a guy who sneaks up at night, anybody know his name? [Nicodemus] Nicodemus, sneaks up on Jesus at night and wants to know, he calls Jesus, he calls Him, you know, wise man and all that stuff.  Because why? He hasn’t met Him yet, He doesn’t know that He’s more than a wise man.  That He is the fountain from which all this Living Water is going to flow.  So He gets in a conversation with Nicodemus and He says to him, “You have to be Born Again.”  Anybody ever heard that passage?  And He says, “You must be Born.” I have a two-part experience. He says, “You must be born of the Spirit and of the [water] and of the Water.”  He says, “You must be Born Again of the Spirit and the water [water] water.”

Now some theologians didn’t dig deep enough.  It was right there the whole time.  And they think the Water is when a woman is pregnant, you must be born of that water.  The ambiotic, membiotic, amniotic fluid.  Yeah, that stuff.  That stuff, the women’s supposed to know how to say that thing.  You know.  You young guys that are not married yet, you know why you get married?  So you have someone to correct you all your life. [laughter]

So, anyway, floating around in this fluid, when the water breaks, they think you must be born of the Spirit of God and that… but Jesus says, “No, nope, nope, that’s natural.  Can’t be that.”  Because that water is natural.  It’s natural to have that.  You know.  Makes a mess, but out comes life. What a beautiful thing.  If you guys haven’t seen that yet, please, go rent a DVD for $29.95.  [laughter] Lord have mercy.  So, moving right along.  So, Jesus is saying, that’s not being Born Again.  That’s not what He’s saying.

And then some theologians popped up and said, “It’s a water baptism.”  The baptism is the water.  Well, it can’t be that either because that’s natural.  And the reality is, many a person  went into the water a wet sinner, came out of the water a wet saint.  Some went in a dry sinner, came out a wet sinner.  So it can’t be that.  Right?  Because that water is natural.  So it couldn’t be that.

So, some other theologians dug a little bit deeper and they realized that the Bible is its own dictionary.  So if we look up water in other places we can find out the mystery that Jesus was speaking.  So when we look in 1 Peter Chapter 1 Verse 21 and 22 and when we look in Ephesians Chapter 5 verses 25 and 26, here’s what we find out.  That you are Born Again by the imperishable Word of God, which is the … Water.  You are Born Again by the Water of the Word.  The Word is the Water.  And nothing grows unless you put some Word on it, which is the Water. Nothing grows.  So, then we begin to see that what Jesus is saying to these two people.

Here’s what He’s saying to these two people, that if you will hear a Word from Me, the Author and the Finisher of this faith thing, if you will hear a Word from Me, it will be as water being poured on your life and you shall spring forth.  And then when you get to a point of spiritual maturity, instead of garbage coming out of your mouth, come on. Instead of gossip coming out of your mouth, come on.  Instead of wasting time talking and hearing empty words, He’s saying, what will come out of you instead of negativity and darkness, instead of death and disease, instead of put downs and criticisms that have no value, He’s saying, out of you will flow rivers.  I mean a gusher honey, a shore nuff down get out of the way gusher will come out of you.  You will be gushing out sweetness and good vibes. You will be gushing out truth.  You will be gushing out words of life, not words of death.  Somebody praise Him in here.  [clapping and praise]

So I, you know, if I was going to preach, I would tell you some of the things that the Lord spoke to me about last night.  And He told me that, He addressed me to look up different things concerning water.  Cause there is a lot to it.  There’s a whole lot to water from the beginning of the Word to the end.  So I,  looked up a few things, and just wrote it on this little piece of yellow paper here. Just, you know, if I was going to share this with you, I would tell you.  [laughter]

When rivers turns up in the Bible it’s talking about divine blessings with restorative power.  pffff… That was all, that was in my Bible last night.  I looked it up.  When God’s talking about rivers, He’s talking about divine blessings with restorative power.  When He talks about Living Water, He is talking about divine life giving words and hope….Living Water, you know. [say that again] You’d like me to say that again?  I’ll say that again.  Living Water, divine life giving, see because there is, you know, a mother nurtures a child, you know, but it may not be divine.  Because she may put that child down more than she  was put down.  So, she’s nurturing, but she’s not nurturing from divinity.  Lord have mercy. Anybody got it?  So it’s life restoring.  It’s life giving words that give birth, not only to the person but give them hope.  You know, give them hope.  Amen.

And so then, I looked up another one, streams and brooks.  Streams and brooks.  You know, a stream and a brook is a little bitty river right?  Can I use that terminology?  Ok, I’ve seen streams.  You know, if you go far enough North, you can jump over the Hudson River?  [amen]  Boy, I could preach on that.   See, I could preach on that.  Because, see, if you realize, if you keep flowing, Lord have mercy, you can become part of a raging river.  [clapping] Yeah, yeah, the Indians call the Hudson River an interesting name.  It’s Ashunamatugunah, yeah. [laughter] And do you know what they called the Hudson River?  The River that flows both ways.  [oh, yes]  But I checked it out.  It may flow both ways because of the tide, but if you stay in the Hudson long enough, it will keep moving you into the ocean.  The tide brings it back but doesn’t bring it back as far. Listen, we need to be Holy Ghost Hudson Rivers.  [laughter]  The Hudson River, it gets moved back a little bit but it goes further forward than it was pushed back.  The River that goes both ways.  The tide brings it back two steps, three steps, and then it says what? Enough of this. I’m going forward four steps, five steps, then pushes back two or three. Listen, I’m late for this, I’m going forward.  Sometimes the Water that is in us, sometimes the water in us needs to go through a process so that we can stay on course and keep going in the direction we are designed to go in.

So let’s say you are a little stream.  You are a little brook.  You are a little stream, little brook. You’re dealing with your stuff.  Here’s what you need to realize, little streams and little brooks are for divine, watch this now, refreshing and encouragement….  [yes, amen]  whew, that, boy that got me.  I rolled, I mean I rolled that over in my head.  Roll it over in your head, if you, you’re sitting here today.  How many of you all are sitting here today?  [laughter]  Cause see, some of you are watching by TV….We’re not the big river because that’s the Holy Ghost, become part of the Holy Ghost river, right.  But in the meantime we start out as a little stream, as a little brook.  And what you should be,  you should be a divine, refreshing, encouragement…. You know, there’s some people that you just have to avoid if you’re in a,… whew, man.  You’re supposed to be a divine stream.  You’re supposed to be flowing, flowing with words of refreshing and encouragement for people.  You know, you know you’re not that if when people get around you, if they dare to get around you, they don’t want to hear what you have to say….

I looked up the next thing after that, that the Bible talked about.  It talked about wells, pools and clouds.  Wells, pools and clouds.  And wells, pools and clouds are reservoirs or holding places of inner spiritual things….Lord have mercy.  See, it’s like, like some of us are wells, we’re reservoirs, we’re holding places and we’re waiting for someone to draw from us….Lord have mercy.  You get that?  And some of us in our discipleship, we have been refreshing, we have been encouragers, but still, we don’t have enough depth.  We’re still too shallow a stream or brook for anyone to dip in and use us as a well.  They can’t dig anything out.  Because, why?  We’re just still too small and too narrow.  We’re too narrow in our thinking.  We’re just too, you know, we’re not deep enough in our theology and we are too narrow in our thinking.

Those are the people that have been in the Lord for a long time and they are still all about them….It’s still about me, me, me.  Those are the ones that, that just give the irritants to pastors because they never come with what can I do for somebody.  Somebody.  Somebody!  Other than me.  Is it always about me.  Pastor what are you going to do for me?  Brother, sister, what are you going to do for me?  What’s there about me?  Ha, me. Yeah, the Sermon on the Mount wasn’t about you….[laughter] it was for you.

Amen, moving right along, and so in 2 Peter, in 2 Peter in the second chapter, you can write it down when you get there, it says that these people are pools, but they’re pools, just like a, I hate to use the word.  I don’t want to use the word.  But they’re like a cesspool.  They’re just like, Lord, they collect darkness and evil and eeech….When I was a boy in the country we had these things called, latrines.  They came up with other names on them, and they put nice fancy symbols on em, but all they were was a hole in the ground, that collected nasty stuff.  And the nasty stuff was always there, but what they would do was that they would pour lime, lime is white.  And if you were on latrine duty at summer camp, it was your job to get the bag of the white stuff and cover up all the other stuff.  But I don’t care how much white lime you put on the top of it, it was still there.  Up under there was still nasty and disgusting and, and everything.  And that’s like some, you know, they’re not here today.  But there’s some believers that if you get to know them beyond church,  you don’t want to know them.  You know what I mean?  They’re just like nice on the surface, but if you get to know them a little but, under, my goodness, your just like, bleck, please, hooo,  So God does not want us to become stagnant cesspools.  The reason that the pool stinks is because there’s nothing new coming in and there’s nothing old going out.  So we’re supposed to be a what?  Stream.  Supposed to be a brook, flowing.  And so, they, they, there’s just nothing new coming in.

I used to do a thing for people to show them how to deal with the sin issue.  Can you just picture in your mind?  Just picture, I have two cups here,  and in this one cup I put some dirt, ok.  I put some dirt  in this cup and this is you, your body, your life in sin.  And then I take another cup, and I say, I say watch this.  The miracle of God.  There’s dirt in this cup which is what?  [sin]  Ok, you got sin in there.  And then I say, “Here’s how it works.  We don’t have to worry about throwing out the cup, Jesus loves the cup.  Wants to save the cup.  He just wants to get the sin out.”  Well, how does He get the sin out?  He doesn’t get the sin out by destroying it or throwing it away.  Here’s the cup.  we’re dirty.  Here’s a pitcher of clean water.  What do you do?  You just, can you see it?  I wish, I used to do it all the time, but…I could do it now because we’re going to get rid of this carpet.  But, but you just begin pouring in the clean, and as you pour in the clean, the dirt, the sin part gets diluted.  But an amazing thing happens.  When it gets to the over, [come on]  When it gets to the overflow stage, because why?  You’re continuously pouring.  When it gets to the overflow stage and it’s continuously pouring, the dirt, the sin, begins to flow out as you pour it.  It works every time.  We don’t have to beat you up because you’re a sinner.  All we have to do is pour some fresh clean water in ya. [clapping]  Get some fresh Word in ya.  [clapping]…That’s all.  And just do that.

What kind of church do I want to pastor?  Raise your right hand.  Say this, “Pastor Don [Pastor Don] wants to pastor a church [wants to pastor a church] where everybody [where everybody] stays sweet [stays sweet]  and when they’re not  [and when they’re not] they get reported [they get reported]  to the senior pastor [to the senior pastor] for water, for purification. [for purification].  Put your hands down.  Some of you all need to rat out the brothers and sisters in the house so I know to pull them aside and start pouring some water in them.  [amen]

I need you to think about that for a minute…I need you to think, I want you to think about that…cause see, if you come to me, I’m really going to pray about it.  When you come to me, I’m going to pray with YOU about it.  When you come to me we’re going to pray in agreement so that we can what?  Help the brother and sister.  [amen]…But, I don’t want to pastor a church where people are afraid to speak up and say, you know so and so they just, they wrote a riot act up and down me.  They just, they called me everything but a Child of God.  So, I’m going to leave the church. And then I write you, and I call you, and I say, “Where’ve you been?  What’s going on?”  And you don’t write and answer my letters.  And then I have to go through what I went through yesterday.  Where I have to drive up on you in the parking lot at the mall, get out of the car, and go over and say, “Where have you been?  What happened?”  And then have, and then have somebody look at me and say, “Well, so and so got on my nerves and they didn’t treat me right.  So I left the church.”

Iron sharpens iron.  We have to get to a place where we realize that we’re sharpening each other.  Come on now.  You know, the people that get on your nerves, you get on their nerves.  Let’s all get on each other’s nerves together, but let’s do it in love.  Because why?  We want to be purified water.  We don’t want to be the same old mucky gook.  You know, what are you going to leave this church and go to another church for?  Don’t you know this is the best church on the planet?  Where do you think you’re going to go?  [clapping]  Where are you going to go? You’re just going to run around out there go to Russia, get to Mark’s church in Russia.  Mark is just going to send you back and say, “You didn’t finish over there. What are you going to do?  Go finish over there before you come over here.”  He don’t want your baggage.  [laughter]  He wants you purified.  Clean water in, dirty water out.  Is anybody know what I’m talking about here?…  [yeah]  Jesus is coming and we need to equip ourselves.  We need to be purified water.

Hoping you enjoyed this sermon.

Have a blessed day!!!



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