Bib and Apron poems and acronyms by Julie Evans

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bib & Apron poems and acronyms byJulie Evans

Each of us takes notes in different ways during Bible studies. My friend Julie writes the most incredible poems and does acronyms. The other day she told me the acronyms she found for the Bib and Apron Bible study taught by Pastor Don, and shared a poem she wrote on the subject.

B  – bondage
I   – is
B  – bondage

A  – anointed
P  – prepared
R  – ready
O  – obedient
N  – necessary

Isn’t that incredible!!!!! I want to wear an apron! The first poem, “What Are You Doing Here?” is based on Sunday’s sermon on the Bib and Apron, the other two she sent me and I wanted to share them with you.


What Are You Doing Here?

That’s a really good question

to ask yourself

no matter

where you are

but now that you are


here in this church

here in one of God’s houses

what are you doing here?

Did you come here to learn

or did you come here to argue

are you looking for the truth

or are you trying to find good reason

to not believe?

Are you a seeker or a sorcerer

do you want answers or do you want validation

are you listening or are you just waiting to hear
something that agrees with you or repulses you?

In a place like this you will find every reason

to believe that God is real and you will also find

every reason not to believe, it just depends

on what you are doing here. 

People who come here really need to be here

they aren’t perfect in their faith but most of them

are very good people.

If you stay around you’ll figure out who is blessed up and who is

messed up and who serves and who whines

it really is pretty fascinating.

You’ll see who shakes and who prays the loudest

you’ll figure out very quickly who you want to

get to know better, you’ll find people who yell and

people who boss you around, you’ll find people

that think you know more than they do and always

you will find people that think they know it all.

But if you are here to find your own relationship

to God

and to figure out how to talk to Him and how to pray

and what to expect and how to heal, you will find that too.

Copyright 2008
Julie Evans, Woodstock


I Suppose

I suppose it is never easy

to define one’s faith

without sounding a bit

like a maniac

or a fanatic

or a nut job

I suppose the world

will always judge believers

by non believers standards

we can never win

in that estimation

we can only be

strengthened by their need

to judge us as wrong

Again, I suppose

we are judging them

as wrong

seeing as how they

don’t know what we know

or believe what we believe

but how do we share with them

that we don’t believe in Jesus

because we are deluded

or stupid

or desperate

but that we believe because

we have to

I suppose that people

wouldn’t get it

because they don’t have it yet

something happens, right?

when you begin to talk

to God and ask for forgiveness

something happens on the inside

when mercy comes running

I suppose I can be patient

and gorgeous and kind

and stimulating and faith filled

even in the midst of all this sorrow

and searching.

I suppose I can hang in there

a little longer

and a little more cheerfully

I suppose I can get off my

high horse and take a lower seat

I suppose that if I listen a little

more carefully I will understand the

semantics of the language each of these

wonderful souls is speaking

I suppose I can emanate goodness and kindness

and healing and hope

I suppose I can look these people

in the eyes and touch their hearts

I suppose that

just like myself

they can get over their misconceptions

and allow themselves to feel one

with God

I suppose everything is possible.

Copyright 2008
Julie Evans, Woodstock


On Second Thought

Once it is all said and done and we go through

the final act of letting go of someone we love

it seems a good time, maybe even a God time

to re-evaluate our own walk, our own life and our

own impact upon the natural world and our

ability to operate in the supernatural world

I’d like more from my life than I am currently taking

I’d like to have a lot more confidence and a lot less fear

I’d like to emanate goodness and terrify badness

I want to open my own prison doors so that I can

open some prison doors for others or at least share

my testimony about getting my own open

I’d like to come against all these stupid limitations

I have put upon myself and others and truly be as magnificent

as I was made to be

As far as time goes I know it goes quickly

and too many good ideas go with it

they are like vapor in the wind and that

is my responsibility to recognize the need

to keep track of these things, to manifest good ideas

and to harvest the seeds from this Christian walk

Its not that I have gotten lazy

I think I have just worn myself down

with some doubts and fears and it isn’t worth

being right about the wrong things

On second thought I would like to find my

clicker, my remote and push play and begin at

a new beginning right now right away

and try not to waste anymore time.

Julie Evans

Lover of Life

Seeker of Truth

Woodstock, NY

Copyright 2008

Hope you enjoy these poems. I will pass along your responses to Julie.

Have a blessed day,



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