How do we know and follow God by Pastor Don Moore

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How do we know and follow God by Pastor Don

Pastor Don told us, in the times that we are in, we need and operate in the greatest amount of the supernatural, and within the supernatural there is an area that is least talked about: How do we know and follow God?

There are elements of truth that are the essence of Him, and He places them in the heart of Man.

Proverbs 20:27 The spirit of a man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all the inner depths of his heart.

Our joy, happiness, peace, depression, crying, hurt emanates from the same place. We can grab  hold of some things and cling to them when they are to our detriment.

Pastor Don shared about someone in his office who came in talking about some negative things, tears came, her complexion changed, her blood pressure was rising, and she was ready to step off into the soup, which was not a nice place. He said she was mature enough to receive correction, so he told her to settle back and get back in touch with her spirit, get to the source of that negative feeling and cancel it.  She focused, found the feeling, closed her eyes, and it lifted. She was back in her comfort zone and then could talk about the situation in a way that was productive.

He told us, when he counsels people, that usually doesn’t happen. The person gets negative thoughts in their head, and run with it. The tension gets worse, and elevates. They give in to the confused spirit of anger, sadness, tension, and if it goes on, and you get caught up in the mix, it can take hours or days to pull out of it, and we end up in anger, strife, depression, etc.

We do have the ability to pull back and get back in touch with the inner witness. The inner witness is one of the ways we hear from God.

There are many ways that people can hear from God, but the most common way is through the inner witness.

We can hear the audible voice of God. This is extremely rare. God does not speak audibly most of the time. If you are hearing an audible voice of God a lot you are probably hearing from the devil. Satan imitates what God does. When we hear the audible voice of God, God speaks to our ear and we hear it with our ears (and often others also hear something – thunderings, etc), we hear it audibly because we are not making contact with our spirit, and God needs to convey something important. Why would God send the Holy Spirit if He planned to shout people down? The voice is so awesome it brings sheer fright, vibrates the airwaves and everything. God spoke once to the people of Israel, and they told Moses that from now on he was to go and hear from God and relay what God says to the people.

We can also hear an inward voice. God speaks on the inside of us, we hear it as if it was spoken on the outside, but others do not hear the voice. This inward voice is also rare. God usually only speaks a word inwardly to get the spirit man to listen. This inward voice can override all our senses. It is if someone said in our ear, and it registers inside us. We know it is not my voice or thought, and is fairly rare. Pastor Don told us that the high-end of the office of prophet will hear the inward voice more often. It is not the usual way God speaks. But he will speak in desperate situations. The inward voice is sometimes used by God for correction, to get a person’ attention. It is a quick correction, but would not be needed if we were listening to our inner witness.

When we hear the inward voice, except when a person is acting in the high office of prophet, we think we are being super spiritual, but often it is because we are in disobedience. satan manifests as an angel of light and satan needs to misdirect, so he masquerades as the inner voice and power to get people from hearing from God. Satan will do it so strongly that the people do not question  it is from God. Satan is a very good liar, and when he masquerades as the inward voice of God, it is hard to know the difference. He won’t tell a bold face lie, just a little misdirection.

Pastor Don told us to: 1. begin to pay attention to what the outcome is of an action taken because of the inward voice. If you notice that every time you listen to that inward voice it ends in disaster, you need to realize it is not the inward voice of God. 2. As you listen, you have to compare it to the Word of God. The Word gives us the balance to keep us out of error.

Pastor Don gave an example. He said what if an inner voice told him he was to have a new ministry, but in order to function in that ministry he had to leave his wife, and find a new wife that was suited for this new ministry. Pastor Don said he could rationalize that he loves the Lord, wants to serve the Lord, and do right for the Lord, so this can’t be from the devil. So he would then feel he was free to divorce his wife. Pastor Don said then he would spend time looking for examples of others who had more than one wife to justify this action, like Derek Prince who had two wives, and therefore there is a precedent. If Pastor Don listened to this lying voice he would find himself far from where God wanted him.

We have to make sure what we hear in the inner voice lines up with the Word of God. Divorce is not part of what God wants for us. Pastor Don loves his wife and she is who God wants him to be with. In response to the above, he knows, if God wanted his wife to be in this new ministry, he would raise her up to be able to function in that ministry, he doesn’t need a new wife. God does not want us to violate His commandments or change His commandments or put our revelation above His Word.

We cannot depend on what sounds good to our flesh or what seems right, we have to make sure what we hear lines up with the Word of God. There is the Rhema Word of God and the literal word of God. If an inner word lines up with the Word of God it is probably from God. One thing we can usually assume is, if we are hearing an inner word that agrees with our flesh, it is probably in error. If our flesh likes it, it may not be true. Our flesh wants to believe the grass is always greener in another pasture. The flesh wants to believe there may be another ministry for us that is bigger, more powerful, more profitable, more flashly for us. The Inner Word has to measure these words against God’s truth.

In the Old Testament, the prophets did not shout, “Hooray! I am becoming a prophet.” They knew that gift came with a cost. Paul was shown all he would SUFFER for the cause of Christ. He was not shown all the limousines and babes he would meet in the service of Christ. Moses did not want to leave the sheep he was shepherding and deal with the Jews. A ministry calling is usually not so pleasing to the flesh, and God will send tests to strengthen you. Those tests will often feel like they were sent to destroy you.

The Inner Voice speaks with authority and lines up with the Word of God. If we do not know much Word of God, you can more easily be tricked, or you can get lost in the traditions of man. God hates idolatry, and wants us to focus on Him. We don’t pray to statues or do works to gain God’s favor.

The Number One way we hear from God is the Inner Witness. It is an inward knowing. Jesus went to the cross, descended to hell, ascended to heaven, gave gifts to men, and promises of the Father, and he gave us the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit. If you don’t know much about the Holy Spirit, read John 14, 15, 16, and 17 to learn about Him. The Holy Spirit will teach us the truth, comfort us. He is the paraclete that comes alongside us, sort of like a lawyer in the court. He will speak our case. The lawyer and the accused confer back and forth, but it is the lawyer who speaks for the accused. If the witness takes the stand, the lawyer asks pointed questions to make the witness look good, and avoids areas that don’t make you look good.

In the Spiritual realm the safeguard that God set for us is the inner witness. If God uses an audible inner voice, the devil can imitate that and mimic. But with the inner witness, the devil can’t unless you give power over to him. The inner witness speaks with the sound of your voice inside your heart. It is not an audible voice in the sense that you can hear it with your ears. You hear it in your spirit man.

In the natural, people call the voice of the spirit man inside, vibes, feelings, intuitions, or other words to describe nonverbal communication on the inside of the person.

You will hear some things inside that the spirit man knows, but you may not be aware of them. Your brain may be thinking on one topic and a thought drops in on a totally different subject. Pastor Don likened it to the pop-ups on a computer. Your computer is plugged into the internet and making contact on the web. You start focusing on one page and a pop-up ad appears.

Pastor Don then told us that, in the natural, we may be focused on one thing but in the peripheral vision we see something that isn’t in the forefront of our thoughts. The spirit man is trying to get our attention. A non-spirit filled believer may have no perception of the spirit man pop-ups. Even an unsaved heathen can get a spirit filled pop-up. In a way, that is how we got saved. The spirit man pop-ups came and began to convict us of our sins, until we got enough conviction to know we needed a Savior.

As we began to listen to the inner witness, we have to learn to discern what is being communicated. The Spirit of God is not verbose. He is good for one liners. This is it, listen when God is speaking, when He is sharing a pop-up. It may be a simple sentence like, “Don’t go shopping today.” If you listen and don’t go – that is good. If you don’t listen and go, you may find yourself in the middle of a crash and then remember that God had put it on your spirit to not go shopping today. Had you listened you would have avoided the traffic jam or accident.

We have the choice to listen to the inner witness or ignore the inner witness. To flow in the gifts of the Spirit we have to listen to the pop-ups, and recognize they are not your thoughts. We have to learn to listen. When there is an interruption about something, hear it and discern where it is coming from – is it God or the flesh. Examine it.

Pastor Don then went through some verses in Acts to share about the Inner Witness. I will share that with you tomorrow.

Praying your day is blessed, mine sure was today!!!



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