1/8/09 Faith that works part 6 – suffering faith by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Faith that Works – Part 6 – Suffering faith by Pastor Don

This sermon touched my heart for I walked out what he is talking about. Remember this is a slightly edited closed captioning transcript.  What is in [brackets] is what the congregation says, and three periods … means a pause.  Hoping this blesses you.


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Faith that works Part 6 – Suffering Faith

I mean, you want to move to the place where you have righteousness that would permit you to stand before God.  Talk to Him face to face.  Unsoiled righteousness.  Do we naturally have that?  No we don’t.  Most of us think we’re pretty good.  We think we’re pretty good.  And how do we get pretty good?  We compare ourselves to other people that are worse than us.  [laughter]  Which immediately means that we’re already worse than the people we were comparing ourselves to.  [amen]  Come on, say amen like [amen]  Don’t act like I’m not, you know, talking to a mirror here.

When we come to the place where we’ve suffered a long time, and it gets hard, it should drive us to repentance.  Deeper repentance.  And in that place of deeper repentance what we’re desiring is to recognize the reality that even our good acts are as filthy rags before the Lord.  [amen]  And we want to remove ourselves from all aspects of doubt and unbelief by coming into repentance so that God counts us as righteous, but unsoiled righteousness.

Unsoiled righteousness is that righteousness that is pure, that is totally from the heart of God, where you are walking in the holiness of the Word.  Soiled righteousness is you know you’ve gone out and done things on purpose, and the dirt of that remains.  And you are repenting to remove that.  But moving to unsoiled righteousness, you have walked in the truth, you’ve walked in the light, and yet you still know… you have missed the mark.  [amen, amen]  This is deep stuff but you didn’t come for shallow drinking water did you, huh?

When we are really deeply suffering, it causes us to move to deeper repentance.  Repentance that is so deep that we turn over the things we’ve tried to shut down.  And we turn over the things we’re lying about … That’s pride, that self-righteousness, that pointing of the finger that says, hey I’m not so bad.  Look at so and so and look at so and so.  That comes from pride and that is filthy rags.  When you start lifting up yourself, you tend to forget what you used to be… And the filth of yesterday can still be in the washing machine.  [yeah]  Come on ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  You wash the clothes, and then to your surprise you lift up the thing, you look in there, there’s still some lint from those clothes, there’s a paperclip, there’s some pennies, there’s some other stuff in there, and then you go through the next rinse cycle, you have to pull out that little thing, and you have to go to the, what do you call it?  The dryer, and you pull that lint thing out, and you go, “oh, that was all still in there.”  How many of you have ever had to wash clothes more than once?  Hello.  Huh?

I was doing some construction and the sweatshirt and whatever, my wife washed it and I got in it the next day, and I still could feel the fiberglass insulation itching on me.  And I said, what?  This has to go through the cycle, wash cycle a what?  [again] I’ve got to put it through there again.

So when we want to get to unsoiled righteousness, there’s some stuff that we have to pull back up.  We have to take a look at it and we have to say, “Huh, I’m not all that.”  [amen]  “You know, for the last two years I’ve been doing good.  I’ve been making it to church.  You know, I’m helping people.  I’m doing all of this wonderful stuff.”  But then you remember some of them hotel rooms you were in, doing some of the stuff that you did…. You remember some of the things that you said about your immediate family and you said about strangers.  You begin to remember how you were when you first got saved and how you judged everybody.  You begin to remember how you called everybody a hypocrite, and you didn’t even have it together yet.  You begin going back to those soiled moments that drag into the present.

Now, how do you know that?  Sometimes you know it by your children… Because your children begin to reflect to you as they grow, the error of your ways.  [yes they do]  Just give an example.  Before a wife learns to control her mouth, before she comes into the reality that she has to learn to control the way that she speaks to her husband, her daughter has listened to her speak inappropriately for four years…  So by age seven, her daughter is beginning to speak to them the way that she learned from that.  That’s soil, in the righteousness.   That’s going to have to be dealt with… You know.  I know that those people aren’t here today, but all of a sudden, [laughter] you have to begin to realize.  I can remember before I cleaned up my mouth, I heard my oldest boy use a four letter word.  And I looked at him and I said, “Where did you get that?”  And then I said, “Don’t tell me.”  [laughter]  Cause why?  Cause I realized he probably heard me say that.  Or he heard my wife say it.  But in any case, that’s why.  That’s soiled unrighteousness that’s coming back.

That has to be dealt with when we get into a place where we’re suffering.  Our prayers are not being answered.  And things are not going the way that we think.  We want to do instant repentance, but it’s required that we go deeper and we repent, and we begin to take the blame that some of the things that we thought were instantly taken care of obviously are still lingering around.  Still binding up our blessing.  Still holding back our benefits and our prosperity.  Still working against us.  Because why?  We haven’t dealt with it.

Absalom, David, King David, wonderful, the Bible says, a man after God’s own heart… But he didn’t discipline his children.  And not only that, he hadn’t fully dealt with his sin…If you read the scripture, this guy was married to I think 100 women or more.  King David, David’s son, Solomon, married over 1400 women.  Had 1400 wives and concubines.  That was the sins of the father being visited on the child.  So what we have to do is, David in his righteousness reaches a sorrowful point with Bathsheba, but he doesn’t change his modus operandi of his sexual life, and he is righteous.  And he’s walking in his righteousness, but what happens?  Sin comes into his home through his children, and it is the exact same sin of which he was guilty of… Touching the unclean thing, using his power and his position to get what he wants, and that’s what’s in his house, and that’s what manifests.  So now he is brought into more suffering… come on somebody, I’m trying to help you now.  I’m trying to help me.

We have to realize that there are places of deep sorrow, that when we’re in a situation and we’re going Lord, don’t you see I’m suffering here?  Lord, can’t you see what my kids are doing to me?  Can’t you see what my neighbors are?  Can’t you see what I’m still, Lord, I’m suffering.  And then we go, yeah, but I’m righteous Lord.  I cleaned up my act five years ago.  Well yeah you did, but you didn’t clean up the garbage you left on the porch ten years ago… And you didn’t apply your faith to it.  We have to apply our suffering faith to know what was cleansed and what was not cleansed. And be prepared to face the fact that there’s still some stuff that you made a mess of, that’s just not coming out in the wash…

You know, brother Russell, [Is that our generational curses?]  Exactly.  Takes on a different form, so I’m not addressing it specifically as a generational curse, cause there’s a different aspect to that.  A generational curse is something that God permits to happen to you because why?  Of your disobedience.  He permits it to happen because of your disobedience.  What I’m talking about happens to you because you are on the enemy’s hit list, in addition to, there’s generational stuff that you’ve passed down.  See, some of our suffering not only comes to us because of generational curses and I’m going to talk about that a little bit today, but some of it comes to us because we didn’t clean out the closet.

I had a lady who was a high priestess.  She was over like five covens.  And she came to church and wanted to know the Lord.  So I brought her to the altar and did all the casting out and all the stuff that we did.  And then I told her now you’ve got to clean house…And so she left my presence, and went and whatever, whatever, and then she called me back and she said, “Listen, I’m having a hard time with that clean house thing.”  And she said, “I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the books of casting spells, and demonology and all of that.” So she says, “I’m having a hard time throwing that out.”  I said, “Well let me help you.”  [laughter]  I say, “You start packing that stuff up and bringing it here.”  To my surprise, it took me weeks to burn all her books.  [oh wow]  Weeks.  They turned strange colors, you know.  I don’t want to get you scared or anything, but there were demon spirits in that stuff, and it was turning weird colors, and some of them would scream.  You’d hear a cry “ooowwwaaah” and it wasn’t plastic.  You know, it wasn’t, you know, it was the demons fighting to hold on.  I’ve seen that with dream catchers.  Some of you driving around in cars with dream catchers, catching all the wrong stuff.  [laughter]  You know what, you better commit those dream catchers to the flame.  Moving right along.  How you all doing today?  [laughter]  Uh huh, ok.  You have to, sometimes you have to clean house.  [amen]

So after she’d been through bags and bags of that stuff, and then all of a sudden, as she moved through bags and bags of that stuff she starts getting a revelation of the Father’s love.  Lord have mercy!  And then, right here in this altar she said, one day she just said, I just can’t get that final breakthrough.  I said, then there’s something else in your house.  You know, and she thought about it, and then what?  The Holy Spirit revealed to her the hidden places, the hidden places in the attics and the closet where she had hid this stuff…You know.  So she dealt with that, she’s one of the finest teachers of the Word now.  Powerful saint of God.  [praise God]

I had a brother who wanted his marriage to work.  I said, well let’s talk about that.  He’d walk in.  How are you doing now?  “Oh, fine, now.”  You’re not on the computer?  “No, not on the computer. No” How about the magazines?  And I was just speaking casually.  I said, “How about those magazines in the attic?”… He said, “I’ve got to get rid of them too?”  [laughter]  And I said yeah.  I said, do you want your son to find those?  What do you want?  Do you want to pass that on to your children?  Or do you want your wife to find it and realize you’re still bound?  What do you want to do?  [uh oh]

I’m talking, unsoiled righteousness.  Which means we go dig it all up, we get rid of all of it.  Unsoiled righteousness.  I’m talking about we address the reality that many of us are still walking around with hate and bitterness in our heart towards friends and family and relatives.  And I’m talking about you want to stop suffering?  You want your suffering to stop?  Then you’re going to have to deal with all the people you have in bondage.  Prideful bondage on a root of bitterness.  And that root of bitterness runs so deep that when you discuss it, or you talk about it, you go, “No, I’m not mad at anybody.  I’m ok.  I’m good, I’m good, I’m good to go.”  But the reality is you you are not good to go.  There’s somebody in that closet that you need to cut the chains and set them free.  [amen]  Hello?

I like it when I minister words like this that you all just say amen and hallelujah, just spontaneously so that, you know, you know what I mean, so that there’s a sense of not guilty.  [laughter]  Glory, hallelujah.  You see, all of us have stuff that we, you know, we have stuff that we’ve just buried and put in places that are convenient for us, but yet they still are there.  Amen?  And what we have to recognize is that that transmits.  That is still what is communicated to our children.  The bitter words that we have said about Aunt Sophie in the presence of a two, three year old, still have a picture in the mind of that child about something.  It shows some hatred.  They saw you in a position of hatred against someone.  They hold that picture.  You know, it’s like having a four year old watch a mother commit adultery or fornication.  It puts a mental picture in their mind, you know.  And then root of bitterness can spring up out of that.

And you can hold onto some stuff that you need to let go.  You know what I mean?  Every now and then I just check and I say to my wife, “You mad at me?”  And she says, “What?”  Looks at me weird.  “Well are you mad at me?”  I’m just checking to make sure she’s not holding anything against me anymore, or ever.  I’m just like, are we good here?  Are we good to go here?  Come on, right?  Cause why?  We still have a church to minister to.  We have people to minister to.  There cannot be a root of bitterness between me and her on any issue.  There can’t be anything she’s holding against me privately.  Got to all get it out.  All the time.  Or else what?  We will end up suffering.  Suffering.

You know, to reconcile, the word reconcile is an amazing word.  But when you look at the word reconcile, it means let us get of right mind.  It doesn’t mean that we have to get back the way we were before.  When it says, husbands be reconciled to your wife, it doesn’t mean that if you’re divorced and everybody’s remarried and you’ve moved down the road, it doesn’t mean that you now divorce all of that and then get remarried to get reconciled.  No.  It means we get on the same page, that this is where we are.  We accept the fact that I’ve forgiven you, you’ve forgiven me, and we are reconciled.  We are, as the Apostle Paul put it, he says, “Let everything come to peace.”  Let us get into a position of peace.

And you cannot get there without bringing it up, let’s face it, let’s look at it, and say to somebody, “You know, I’ve been mad at you for 20 years.  Remember when you didn’t invite me to the baby shower?  I’ve been mad, I’ve been mad about that for 20 years.”  I know some of you want to laugh and all like that, but those are the things that hold people, hold people in suffering.  They’re in suffering faith.   They’re believing God for for good things but there’s something buried in the sand that is still holding their ankles and preventing the blessing of God to come full blown.  Alright?

There’s some repentance that has to be done over family curses.  There’s stuff that has run in your family.  Some of us grew up in dysfunctional families.  I’m just touching on this real quick.  And what we don’t realize is that we are the way that we are because we were raised by a dysfunctional parent… So until that is dealt with, you’re not going to be able to examine the way that you’re raising the next generation to realize you’re passing on that dysfunctionality to the next generation.  And until you repent of that, until you repent of what you’re doing, and what you did do, you know, fphew, it’s going to still be there.

You know, I mean it’s worse than having a seventeen year old son in your face in rebellion, and in anger.  Well, you’re going to suffer until you, what?  Until you realize, YO, you helped create that.  That’s your Frankenstein when you were unsaved and soiled, that’s the way you were.  You came through that and just passed it on.  Sexual sins the same way.  You know, bad finances and all the same way.

So because you got saved last week, came to the altar and repented, it doesn’t mean that you had deep repentance, all the way to all of that.  That’s why it says in Heaven, that people will be crying.  There will be tears in heaven.  Then it says, Jesus will then wipe away all of our tears.  The Father will.  Well why will Jesus and the Father wipe away all of our tears?  Why should anyone be in Heaven crying?  They will be sorrowful for the things that contained them in suffering all the way to glory.  They’ll get to glory, and God will then finally have to say, “Look at that.  Look at that.  Look at that.  Alright, now, let’s repent.”  And then whoall, there’ll be tears.  And He says,  praise God, the scripture’s good.  It says, “He’ll turn those tears into tears of joy.”  [amen]  You know, He’ll give us beauty for ashes.  He’ll give us joy for sorrow.

Well, we can attain that now.  [amen]  I said, we can attain that now.  [amen]  We can attain that now.  [amen]  There’s some diseases in our families that have come through the DNA and through the generational curses that can still cause us to suffer and we need to kill them bad boys.  [amen]  … I sincerely believe there is no disease that comes through the bloodline that cannot be changed or defeated by what?  Proper repentance that brings to a releasing of bondage.  The devil has no right.  He has no right for you to accept any level of infirmity.  God can change anything.  I said, God can change anything.  [amen]  God can change what?  [anything]  Anything.  Anything.  Alright?

So, in Isaiah, in Chapter 58 it gives us some clues on how deep we need to go in this mode of repentance.  And he’s looking at living, he’s talking about fasting.  But you know, Brother Hagin used to say it.  We need to live a fasted life… We need to live a fasted life.  In Isaiah 58, He says, “Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet.  Tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.  Yet they seek Me daily, and delight to know My ways…”  So he’s talking about saved people in essence.  People that want to be with God, know God, and he is saying, what?  They’re seeking Me daily.  They’re going to church, they’re doing the right thing, but something’s not happening, and they’re not getting their breakthrough.  They are suffering.  They need the suffering faith.

And He says, “As a nation that did righteousness, and did not forsake the ordinance of their God.  They ask of Me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching God.  “Why have we fasted,” they say, “and You have not seen?”  Come on, let’s tell the truth, some of us have said that.  We say, “Lord, I’m serving you.  I’m doing right.  How come, you know my miracle?  How come my kid’s not delivered?  How come I’m still in poverty?  How come?  How come I’m suffering here.  Don’t You see this?”  This is suffering faith.  You keep going to God.  So that’s good.  That’s the suffering part about it, that’s the faithful part about it.

But let’s see what is he saying.  “They say “and you have not seen?  Why have we afflicted our souls, and You take no notice?”  So this person is feeling like, God, I’m going through the right, I’m doing stuff, and you just don’t see what I’m going through.  “In fact, in the day of your fast you find pleasure, and exploit all your laborers.”  Well, here’s what he’s saying.  You haven’t looked deep enough to repent, cause you’re still doing some of the things that brought you this bondage anyway.  And that’s why you’re suffering.  Ok.  Can we move on?  “Indeed you fast for strife and debate, and to strike with the fist of wickedness.  You will not fast as you do this day,…”  Well, what’s he saying in verse 4?  In verse 4, here’s what he’s saying. He’s saying that you’re prideful.  You look at what you’re doing and you look at other people, and you’re lifted up in pride.  And so, what you’re doing for supposedly religiously, unfortunately, it has soil mixed in with it… It’s got soil mixed in with it.

One of the worst things in the Church to put up with is a self-righteous person… And the reason is cause on the surface they’re doing everything right.  They’re saying the right thing.  They’re serving the Lord and whatever, whatever.  But they have a quiet sneer about them of total disappointment with everybody but themselves.  You know, Pastor let me down.  You let me down.  Deacon So and So let me down.  The Church let me down.  The Church should have gone left when it went right and…but all the while, they’re righteous.  They’re righteous.  But what will that cause them to be?  Locked into suffering.  They’re going to suffer… Because why?  The thing that they pray for, they don’t get the response and it suffers even more because they see newborn babies coming to Christ getting instant healings and instant miracles.  And they wonder, well why me?  It’s because you have more light and out of your light you’re still not dealing with your pride.  And you’re still counting yourself righteous, while all the while, you still have not gone to full deep repentance.

And so God is saying, Hey, I see that.  God’s saying, I see that.  And I’m not able to help you.  So, let’s move on to verse 5.  “Is it a fast that I have chosen, a day for a man to afflict his soul?  Is it to bow down his head like a bulrush, and to spread out sackcloth and ashes?  Would you call this a fast…”  He’s saying, all of those things you do on the surface to look religious, and then he says, would you call that “…an acceptable day to the LORD?”  And then, let’s read verse 6 together nice and loud.  Come on. “Is this not the fast that I have chosen:  To loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every yoke?”  How many yokes?  [every one of them]  Every one of them…  Every yoke.  And look what he says.  Then he gives us some clues as to how to serve.  “Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and to bring to your house the poor that are cast out; when you see the naked, that you cover him, and not hide yourself from your own flesh?…And not hide yourself from your own flesh?”  And not hide…. hnhh … You all getting that?  You all getting that?  hnhh.   “And not hide yourself from your own flesh?”  My goodness.

He’s saying, take a look at the deep stuff.  Take a look at you.  Take a look at your deep stuff you’ve done.  Don’t try and hide it….”Then…”  after you’ve done all that.  “Then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the LORD shall be your…” what?  [rear guard]  “rear guard.  Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; You shall cry, and He will say, “Here I am.””  What does He want you to do?  “If you take away the yoke from your midst…”

What is the yoke?  Whatever the devil is using to bind you through your generations.  Whatever the devil has used to bind you in your thinking.  Whatever the devil has used to put upon you, that has held you, that you’ve cooperated with.  It’s going to take your hand to touch the unclean thing…It’s going to take your hand to reach out and come into agreement with the unclean thing.  It’s going to take your mouth to speak a curse in your house.  It’s going to take your mouth to speak a curse in your life.  Those are the things that you cannot jump back and go aww, I’m all righteous.  While, all the while you are plotting evil.

What do you mean?  I’m not plotting no evil, Pastor Don.  Well, it’s a plot of evil when you don’t stop doing what you’ve been doing, just because you now need a healing…You’re going to have to stop because it’s the righteous, right thing to do.  And say, “I’m not touching the unclean thing.”  You know when most husbands get holy?  When their marriages are falling apart and it looks like somebody is going to take their wife.  Then they start acting right.  They’ll buy the flowers then, buddy.  You bet you.  They’ll keep a date night then, buddy.  Well, what about before that?  You know how many times I’ve sat in marriage counseling and people, marriages are going on the rocks?  And you say to them, well why didn’t you?  And they’ll go… And I hate to ask this question.  But you ask them, when was the last time you took your wife on a vacation?  And they look at each other dumbfounded.  As if, you know.  As if, I asked them when did you take your wife to the moon?  When did you take her for a weekend and stroll and walk on the beach?  Don’t cost no money to walk on a beach.  You can go down to Kingston, Kingston Beach, hold hands, and walk.  You know, you have to step over the garbage, but, you know.  [laughter]

Moving right along.  Thank you very much.  So, when you’re in a bad part of your marriage and suffering, then you go, “Oh, why am I suffering so?  Why am I suffering so much?”  Have you gone back and repented for all of that?  The Children of Israel were suffering, 40 years in the wilderness, over what?  Disobedience for 400 years of disobedience.  So, until they go back and repent of the 400 years of disobedience, the 40 years keeps rolling.  [amen]  Anybody understand what I’m trying to say?  Wave at me if you’re getting this.  Because, see, I’m talking about suffering faith.  I’m talking about, you’re in a spot for a long time, and it really hurts.  Then it can’t be a two minute prayer, forgive me Lord.  Some digging’s going to have to get done. Alright, moving right along.  Everybody’s ok?  Nobody’s mad at me?  [not yet]  “Not yet,” he says.  Alright, good.


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