Spiritual Gifts by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spiritual Gifts by Pastor Don

Last night’s Bible study was a continuation of the previous two and is so important for Believers.

Pastor Don pointed out there is reality in earth of both the Natural and the Supernatural. There is a veil between the natural (earth) and supernatural (things of the heavenlies), and at times we can see the supernatural when the hand of God opens the veil or by Spiritual Gifts. We then get glimpses of the Supernatural and understand how the veil works.

1 Corinthians 1:27 But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty;

We can be so intelligent in our stupidity we deny the reality that the veil exists and there is a supernatural.

Pastor Don said we can sometimes go to a play or a movie and being in the audience we forget that the play had an author, that there are props, a script, and many stagehands behind the scene. We forget it isn’t reality, just a play, and there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that affect our circumstances and situations. It is the same with things going on behind the veil in the supernatural – we get tricked thinking that the world as we perceive it with our senses is the only thing. It isn’t – it is just a tiny part of reality.

One day we wake up and realize, “I need God” there is stuff going on in my life. I need some help to realize there are other forces that can affect the way we are going in life. When life busts you up we have to realize there are circumstances beyond our control affecting our lives. If we get sick, and keep staying sick, we need to turn around and ask for help from Heaven. If we are thrown out in the streets or our debts become overwhelming we need to make different choices and seek help from beyond the veil.

Spiritual Gifts are the tools and equipment that help us to see through the veil.

Pastor Don gave one of the most excellent examples of Spiritual Warfare that is going on in the Supernatural that I have ever heard.

He said to imagine that there are two armies – say the French Army and the German Army. They are fighting, not in France or Germany, but somewhere in between. We are in the place of somewhere in between, having a tea party in the country where all is peaceful. As we reach for the teacup to take a sip, a cannonball falls into our yard, and then we are bombarded by warfare going on all around us. We don’t know where it comes from, who is fighting, and which side we are taking. We just know that we are sitting in the middle of a war. We need to have the veil lifted so that we can recognize the players.

We are in the midst of such a battle now, the battle of God and His angels against the devil and his angels.  The battle is for souls – will the souls go to heaven or hell?

The reality of God is He is pulling apart the veil so we can see we are in the middle of a war. Sometimes it takes a major tragedy in our lives for the veil to lift so we perceive the war.

Things do not always go the way we want them to go. We have to figure out what side we are on when we go through tough stuff. Do we want to use supernatural gifts from God to help us discern the real cause or wallow around in total helplessness? Often these wars are accompanied by a feeling of helplessness, but that is never our reality when we are God’s, for God always provides a way.

Pastor Don shared one of his favorite stories, STONE SOUP. The gist of it is, after a war two soldiers come to a town and they are hungry. They know the townspeople will not feed them, so they come up with a supernatural plan. They go to one house and borrow a huge pot and a spoon. They build a fire in the center of town, clean the pot, fill it with water and start cooking. They take two stones and put them in the pot and stir, smelling the pot and pretending to taste delicious soup. People become curious and come out to learn that the soldiers are making stone soup – but the soldiers tell one person a few spices would make it taste better – a townsperson brings the spices, then the soldiers say that it would even be better if there were a few carrots, those are brought. They continue asking each individual for one item, onions, green peppers, a piece of meat, etc. By the time all the people have contributed there is a wonderful pot of “stone” soup – all shared from the pot and the soldiers were no longer hungry.

Pastor Don pointed out that, in times of difficulties, we have to look beyond the seeming limitations to other possibilities – as the soldiers in STONE SOUP did. We are in a spiritual battle, and that feeling of hopelessness that comes with a spiritual battle limits our vision. We need to ask the Lord to give us a clear vision of what is happening behind the veil and what our next steps need to be.

Pastor Don asked us what is the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person?

We ventured a few answers, they have a clear vision of where they are going, they are optimistic, not afraid of taking risks. But Pastor Don told us that the one trait that determines success is: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAILING.

A successful person looks at failure as an opportunity. The unsuccessful person looks at is as wanting or lack. The successful person looks to change reality and see behind the veil.

A successful person expects there will be failures, and views failure as a chance to learn something that will ultimately lead to success. Pastor Don said, if an unsuccessful person is faced with a crossroads where there are three possible roads to take, they are so afraid of failure they don’t go anywhere at all – they stand there trying to decide which to take, but move nowhere. A successful person will hurry down one path, and if it is a dead end they rejoice for now they know that success is on one of the other two paths, so they hurry back and take another one, sure that success will ultimately be their result.

The successful one has POSSIBILITY RESOLUTION, for they are experiencing the possible, and coming closer and closer to the right possibility that will resolve the problem.

Einstein could stay at a blackboard fiddling with equations until he found a successful resolution. Instead of feeling like a failure, he kept seeking the correct answer he knew would be there if he continued to go through the process of trying various solutions.

If we can figure out why something doesn’t work, then we can go in a different direction towards success. A successful person searches for right answers, but doesn’t count the failures.

Pastor Don then gave an example of a man looking for a wife. He may have to date 49 women before he finds the one perfect wife. But if he is afraid of failing, he may not ask those 49 women out because he doesn’t want to get rejected. The truth is he won’t find the perfect one without those 49 rejections.

In the Natural God expects us to have a mind toward success. Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.

Pastor Don pointed out this passage does not say “A” bread it says “YOUR” bread – We have to realize that we cast our bread on the water and some of it isn’t going to come back – we are sowing seed, some seed will grow, others won’t. We keep trying different things, and trying to do what God wants us to do. At some point He lifts the veil and shows us the spiritual aspects behind what is going on here in the Natural, and then He makes things happen.

There are forces in the battlefield and we want to be aware of when we are to move. Sometimes we find we missed the opportunity which happened yesterday, but there is an opportunity on next Wednesday. There is a time when God will act, and it isn’t always the time WE think it should be.  We are often not prepared for what is going on in the supernatural. We need a clear vision so we can act according to God’s Perfect Timing.

Pastor Don shared that, before he got into the ministry, there was a battle waged to try and drag Pastor Don further away from God. The battle was in the Supernatural, but in the Natural he tried to find the right way to go.

Pastor Don then talked about various Spiritual gifts.

THE GIFT OF THE WORD OF PROPHECY or WORD OF KNOWLEDGE – a person says a word of truth to you. It may not agree with the circumstances you see, but later it is confirmed. For example, if Pastor Don tells someone they have four kids, and the person says, “No, that’s not true, I have three children.” Later they learn they are pregnant with their fourth child – that is a word of prophecy – something only God could have known. God parts the veil and gives knowledge of what is going on in the battle behind the veil.

THE GIFT OF THE WORD OF WISDOM – That will often tell a person what to do with the word of prophecy. For example, it is prophesied that you will get a raise, then the person with a word of wisdom tells that person, “By the way, when you get your raise, make a first fruit offering, put it into Nancy’s ministry, and you will be blessed.” That word of wisdom takes a piece of knowledge and tells the person what to do with it. It shows the person more of what is going on behind the veil.

Some people are not recognized as prophets, but they give a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom and it will affect your life, even though they are not well known, or do not commonly operate in these giftings.

Another example of a Word of Wisdom might be, “When God heals you, you have to get out of real estate and get into a more passive job, for the Lord wants to use you, and doesn’t want you to die an untimely death due to job stress.”

A Word of Wisdom usually tells you what to do with the Word of Knowledge, and it is usually followed by telling you something you have to do or carry out to get the thing done.

You have a choice. You can ignore the Word of Wisdom or the Word of knowledge and operate entirely in the Natural, but then you won’t see all that is going on behind the veil and your reality is clouded. Or else you can obey these words (Heather’s note: making sure they line up with the truth of Scripture), and have greater knowledge of what is going on in the battle you face.

THE GIFT OF SUPERNATURAL FAITH – God lifts the veil and and your faith raises. In the natural you maybe still doubt everything, but with Supernatural faith you can believe greater things. So often people do not advance from BELIEVING FOR SOMETHING – to FAITH THAT IT IS. In your natural faith you may need a car and begin believing for a car, but something quickens in your spirit and you end up with a supernatural faith to believe for a fleet of buses, when you don’t even have a car.

Sadly, few people get to FAITH, they stay stuck in BELIEVING FOR.

You speak it and go after it. Pastor Don spoke with his brother who asked Pastor Don how to believe for a car. Pastor Don told him to speak in faith and then go after it. Not sure how to do that, his brother then asked Pastor Don what is the first step of going after it – Pastor Don said to “See it.” Later his brother called and said he saw himself in a red jeep – being involved in a street ministry of distributing food to the hungry, he wanted a red jeep that would be easily recognized, and the jeep would have a huge compartment in the back so lots of food could be put in it to distribute. Later, he went to an evangelistic meeting and a rich believer told Pastor Don’s brother God wanted him to give him a car – his brother said, I want a red Jeep. The business man was floored, because a red jeep was what he was planning to give. This is a supernatural faith that is a result of the parting of the veil.

THE GIFT OF FAITH, AND THE GIFT OF HEALINGS. It is not a faith that is a natural faith, but far beyond what we think we can believe in the natural. Pastor Don talked about how at times the healing anointing comes on him and he knows it is a time of Supernatural faith for healings -and many will be healed by God – at other times people come up to him for a healing, but he just has his natural faith – and he prays a prayer of agreement – people are still healed when they agree in prayer, but there are times when God wants to move in a bigger way in healing.

THE GIFT OF THE WORKING OF MIRACLES For example – the feeding of the 5,000, or to speak to the mountain, walking on water, water to wine are examples of miracles. Pastor Don gave an example of a 106 lb. woman who was in the repair shop having her Lincoln Continental car fixed, the jack collapsed and the car fell on the mechanic. The woman was wondering where to go to get help when a voice inside told her to lift up the car. She lifted up the front of the car so the mechanic could wiggle out, and he only had a few broken ribs. The woman in the natural could not lift such a huge weight, but she knew that when the voice told her to lift up the car, that she would have the help of God in this. When the voice came to lift the car she was immediately obedient. We need to be IMMEDIATELY obedient to the voice of God, even when we don’t understand why in the natural.

For years, when Pastor Don was a teenager, the ladies of the church would prophesy over him that he would have a ministry – he did not want to hear that as a teenager, but these women, who ordinarily did not speak words of prophecy, spoke true prophecy over him and he became a minister.

Pastor Don then went on to talk about Acts 16. I will share that with you tomorrow.

Praying your day is blessed.



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