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Saturday, September 01, 2007

supporting missionaries reply to comment

I was pleased to be able to show Ernest his Bible study on my blog. Ernest enjoyed reading your comments, but he wanted to reply to one of the comments made. I have included the comment:

Hi Heather , for the cost of one soft drink each day anyone can pay for the cost of housing and feeding a student/pastor who will then go out and plant 2 or more churches. then as these churches grow to support these men and themselves this money will support another in training for this type of ministry. Native missionaries can go into places that western missionaries could never go , also they can do more with $360.00 than a western missionary could do with $45,000.00 each year. I hope everyone will check out this site for a chance to reach the lost in India !

Ernest told me that he has knowledge of Gospel for Asia (GFA) and it is a good organization. Ernest lives in India and has knows the needs of those who are sharing the Gospel, and the needs of their families. He told me to remind you to not be sold on the concept of a soda a day. God does not demand that. but rather to give as God directs.

He told me that $360 is good, but all $360 provides is the bare subsistence level for the people during the time of training. Once a person is trained, they lose even that support as they go out into the mission field. For Christians in India it is very hard to make ends meet. Jobs are not easy to come by for Christians, and due to the persecution of Christians, families are left with no support when the father is killed or jailed for his beliefs. Once a person has received the training, they are still in need of support to go out and do God’s mission. Their families can also use our support. The poverty in India is tremendous. The more we can equip the ministries of those who graduate, the easier it is for them to do the work God has called them to.

We then chatted some more and he told me people here cannot understand the level of poverty that is the daily challenge for many people in other countries. His father has worked with local McDonalds and other restaurants who have a 10 minute rule (food that is cooked can sit for 10 minutes and then is thrown out if it hasn’t been served) to give this food to his ministry for feeding the poor. The poor need food so bad that the 10 minutes does not matter to them. Where Ernest lives is not the part of India where the mega evangelists come, but rather the interior reaches where few come. The challenges to minister there are life challenging, for many of the pastors and churches have suffered major persecution. Local groups beat up the pastors and parishioners, put them in jail on false charges, keep them there a year or more, then release them. But there is no punishment for those who perpetrated the crimes against Christians. Meanwhile the families are left to suffer with no visible means of income. Please take a minute to read theprayer request (it is short) for the pastors under Pastor Abraham (Ernest’s father). I know this prayer request is ongoing. It will show you what pastors in India face on a daily basis.

Ernest is going to graduate school in Boston, for graduate school in Evangelism and Missionary training. He is such an intense, level headed person I know that God will greatly use him. Please pray that God gives him the wisdom he needs to do God’s work wherever he is placed.

Have a blessed day!


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