Going Fishing, Luke 5, Part 2 by Pastor Don Moore

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Going Fishing, Luke 5 Part 2 by Pastor Don

Last night Pastor Don went fishing, fishing for people. He put on a free concert at the Woodstock Community Center. This concert comes complete with free food and fun. Some of the locals came in to enjoy the food and music. It is a way to minister to the people, and also to put lots of worship music into the air, 2 1/2 hours worth, in an area inundated with new age thinking and practices. There were some sweet “regulars” who came once they heard that the Don Moore Band was playing. Some of them knew Pastor Don and his brother Jerry before Pastor Don and Jerry were saved, and can now see the fruit of what God has done in their lives.

Back to fishing in Luke Five (see Part 1):

Pastor Don told us the first miracle God does in our lives is indelibly printed in our brains, and we can’t quite get rid of the picture. The devil is out there trying to convince you that you will fail, but something in your computer bank tells you “I can do this.” And you draw on the memory of the first miracles in your life.

Some aspects to consider in this fishing miracle.

God is going to use you to accomplish His goal, but he pays you back for your boat (the use of your life). One incident, one letting God use their boat, and he returned to Simon Peter and his brothers an amazing catch. God returned more to them to offset the mistakes of their previous labors as payment.

Some of us are waiting for that miracle, for God to do something for you because of your faithful service to Him. If God uses you, even for the smallest thing, the reward will surpass your expectation. Even if, as Peter, who thought the time of the reward needed to be at night – due to the trammel fishing net, found out the reward came in God’s timing. God did not promise Peter anything, He just told Peter to let down His net, to “Put down his net for a catch.” What we do for God we do not do for promise or obligation from God or because God will then owe us, we do it for love. But when we act in obedience and love, God wants to bless us. Pastor Don said, judging from Peter’s words around the fire at the time of Jesus’ trial, that he is certain Peter muttered choice words under his breath, slammed the nets into the boat and was not totally gracious about honoring Jesus’ command to put the net into the deep.

When we do what God tells us to do, He always has something up His sleeve to bless you, but at the right time.

So often our efforts, all night of work, do not produce. Peter toiled all night, and had no catch. We too toil towards our goals, but have seasons of difficulty. Then God comes through in a big way, and we then say, look what YOU (God) did, YOU blew my mind, YOU (God) came through when I’ve already given up.

Luke 5:11 So when they had brought their boats to land, they forsook all and followed Him. 

When He blesses you with a great miracle, you become ready to give an even greater commitment to trust Him, and then later participate in the miracle process.

Pastor Don talked about the miracles the disciples did when they were sent out to heal the sick and share the gospel. There was only one recorded failure by his disciples. God endowed them with such power they only failed once, with the demon possessed boy – and that was due to lack of knowledge that certain demons come out by prayer and fasting. Pastor Don is certain, from that time on, once they saw how Jesus dealt with that situation, no demon stood a chance after that. From that time on they knew that they could do this.

Sometimes, after we have toiled all night in our own strength, we go to the Lord and He tells us we need to do more (put those nets into the boat, row out to the deep, cast them out…) God has the timing for your perfect miracle. He will bless us, but sometimes we have to do that bit more even though we are tired, exhausted, and disgruntled. But once we have given all our resources to a situation, and know we have nothing left on our own, then God shows up big, and we see one Great Miracle. We have no illusion we have done it in our own strength. We know God added to our own strength to make the miracle.

God is the master of miracles. Simon Peter was not expecting to be prospered when He let Jesus teach from his boat, and Jesus helped Peter catch fish. What’s the glory in catching a lot of fish? Not as much glory as when the fish are caught during the day using a trammel net.

Our goal is to work with the Holy Spirit, to do His will, and then we will see more miracles. People are not praying in agreement with the Holy Ghost, and that limits the miracles. We need to say what our heart’s desire is and believe by faith, push the envelope. Put down that net for a catch and believe that God will come through.

Did Peter believe there was going to be a catch for him? Probably not – he probably knew from his “experience” the odds of catching fish with a trammel net were zip. But Peter honored the holy man, no matter what it cost, even if the holy man probably doesn’t know what he is talking about. (Of course, Peter did not know about Jesus at that time).

This miracle of the fish is what caused Peter to step up in life. After He realized the miracle was way beyond his expectations, he calls Jesus, “LORD”, and knew that was why the great miracle happened. Don’t forget it would normally take them 3-5 months to catch that many fish,.

God blesses us beyond our expectations, if we are obedient in spite of fear and our limited expectations. LEAVE THE MIRACLE TO GOD. Don’t stop now, step out when He tells you to do so, even if you are exhausted. When the miracle time is there, let your flesh die, push out to love and trust God.

God knows He has a miracle for everyone who is reading this post. The miracle will blow your mind, but you have to get to the place to be willing to launch out into the deep. When you get that extra idea, plan, job, or whatever God shows you to do, step out.

Luke 5:8 When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!”

Peter realized it was unfortunate the way he initially responded to Jesus’ request to go out into the deep. He did not know God had a miracle for him, and he knew he didn’t have a right heart when he put those nets back into the boat. When Peter saw the miracle, he realized what God had done, and thought to himself, “Oh, I am a sinful man.” He was forced to realize this rabbi wasn’t just a rabbi.

When we realize who Jesus is, it reduces our level of pride and it is hard not to feel unworthy in the presence of the Holy One. There is no time for ego and pride. Peter thought he was a great fisherman, and what Jesus asked him to do did not fit in Peter’s experience of possibility, but Jesus surpassed all of Peter’s fish expectations. And then Peter had to come to grips with who HE (Jesus) is.

We want to know Jesus, but there is also fear at his greatness. Jesus in Luke 5:10 tells Peter, …”Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch men.”

Jesus does not want us to be afraid of anything. Pastor Don told us the best time to go up is when the devil tells you that you are going down.

We need to realize we limit God with our expectations. The miracle God has for us is bigger than we are thinking, and God already has the plan in place. We consider our situation and our self, but that is limiting our thinking. We also need to realize God has a time period for our miracle, and often, when we are in the middle of times of turmoil and upheaval, we want the miracle NOW, but it may not be in our best interest.

Pastor Don, in an aside, talked about how things are escalating in these end times. And, as he was watching the CBS News Weather Report, the announcer was saying this odd weather was global. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, drought is all out of proportion to usual rates. England had not seen as much rain as they are having now since World War II. There are wildfires all around our country. The honeybees are down in number.

Pastor Don said there is so much to look forward to and be excited about, we do not want to be like Lot’s wife and look back at what we left, but look forward toward God. To seek a revelation from Jesus Christ.

God wants us informed and clear on what is happening and he wrote the prophecies in the Bible to keep us informed. Too many churches are not preparing their people for what God has told us is about to happen. There are too many false teachings out there. We are to know His Word so well it will not be possible to fool us, His elect. Matthew 24:24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Let us make it impossible to be fooled. The elect can’t be fooled if they stay humble and do whatever He asks us to do or produce. We can’t produce because we tied our hands with wrong thinking. Our flesh wants to do what it wants to do, and we need to sever ourselves from what is not fruitful.

When you know you are doing something God is blessing, keep doing it. If God is not in what you are doing, stop. The Lord wants us to be out in the deep and trusting Him for He’s got it. Believe God. Be patient until you pull up your net.

Play back the memories of past miracles to build your faith. Where were you? What brought you to that point? Remember the special moments where God met you in your time of need. The devil will try to get in you head and tell you it isn’t a miracle. But do not listen to him.

Pastor Don has a cartoon in his room of two men. One of them is laying on the floor laughing so hard, and the other one said, “The devil said what???”

Jesus is no respecter of persons. What he did for Peter, He can do for us if we believe. We matter to Him. He cares. When things are challenging in our life, realize He also cares enough to give us a wake up call. He will use us if we are willing to put the net where He tells us to place it. Go fishing in places where we failed before.

Pastor Don said, “Favor ain’t fair, but I’m glad it’s there.”

It is a mighty God we serve. Over time He changes us. We have to know what to put down and what to pick up. We have to stop making excuses and go do it. If we do what He tells us to, if we put down what He tells us to put down and pick up what He tells us to pick up. We will reap God’s best and blessings for our lives.

May God abundantly bless you today and forever!



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