Did Saul Really speak with Samuel? by Pastor Don Moore

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Did Saul really speak with Samuel by Pastor Don

Before our guest speaker spoke at Wednesday’s Bible study, a member asked Pastor Don if it was really Samuel who appeared to the witch at En Dor. This brought us to 1 Samuel 28.

God forbids talking to the other side. Unless discernment is high, we do not know who or what we are talking to. Familiar spirits will speak, appearing to be loved ones or other famous people, but what they can share is only what they are familiar with. But these familiar spirits are demon spirits. The devil is a liar and will use partial truth to trick us. Satan is smart enough not to tell a bold-faced lie, he will tell mostly the truth with a twist.

What a medium shares is one of two things. The devil will tell you what he is going to do to you in the future or the devil can masquerade as an angel of enlightenment.

Mediums cross over into the spiritual realm, and tell an answer that we have not discerned yet. But we can fall into trouble listening to this because discernment is needed. We do not want to react to what satan shows us, but to act according to God’s will.

When the witch of En Dor was asked to speak to Samuel she probably spoke to a familiar spirit, not to Samuel. Samuel would not violate the law of God and return to speak through the witch. Where would Samuel be? He would either be in Abraham’s Bosom where righteous who did not know Jesus went, or in his righteousness he was brought up to the throne room of Heaven.

Pastor Don pointed out that, after Jesus died he went to Abraham’s Bosom and preached to the souls there, He then brought those saved to Heaven. Before that, Jesus spoke about Lazarus and the rich man and pointed out there was no way for those souls who were in Gehena or the Bosom of Abraham to cross over to each other or to leave where they are at that time.

We cannot for certain say that Samuel was not with God, for the disciples did see Moses and Elijah speaking with Jesus on the Mt. of Transfiguration, so they went straight to Heaven, but with Samuel he was either there or in Abraham’s Bosom.

Is it possible for a familiar spirit to appear as Samuel and give information to Saul? Yes. It is possible for a demonic spirit to know how Saul will die, if the demon spirit is to kill Saul. Saul was under the influence of demonic spirits. (Remember David had to play to ease the torment that Saul had when the demon spirits came upon him.)

The demons might have had Saul under their influence to seek an answer from the witch.

One thing we know was the witch was surprised when it was shown to her it was King Saul seeking the information. She recognized Saul was in disguise and was fearful of her life because Saul had made a law that any seeking information from mediums would be killed.

All we have to do to realize that it was not Samuel is to ask ourselves if God would permit what he has outlawed? No. He specifically stated He did not want us to seek the spirits of the dead. God does not violate His laws.  So it is safe to assume that the familiar spirit that appeared to Saul was not Samuel.

Hope that helps with this question.

Have a blessed day,



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