Know which way the Wind Blows by Eddie Santoro

Friday, June 22, 2007

Know which way the Wind Blows by Eddie Santoro

Two times I tried to type this study and two times Xanga ate this study. I finally composed it in Microsoft Word and brought it over to Xanga. This is a message satan doesn’t want spread about.


Israel is a tiny little nation, of about 7 million people. It’s land area is about the size of the state of Maryland. Who cares? There are 6 1/2 billion people in the world. Why is Israel such a cup of trembling?

Since 1948 when Israel became a nation, this tiny little nation has occupied the front page of the New York Times more than any nation but the United States. If a Jew buys a house it becomes front page news. There are 260 million Arabs. 1 billion Muslims. They have to hate someone, so they hate Jerusalem.

Israel, Who cares? There have been 6-7 wars in Israel in 59 years. Why? We live in a world that wants to ignore God, to do their own thing. We want to pretend there is no creator for this creation. We don’t want to follow rules laid down by our creator. The creation needs to know who created it.

Yet, we seek to change the doctrine of the church. We don’t honor the one who birthed the world. We seek to participate in what God deems is bad for us.

God created Israel, the World, Adam and Eve. The World wants to ignore the fact. We have idols, abused children, sex, sin, carnality, religions that seek to deny God. We ignore God, we ignore our Creator.

The 6 1/2 million Jews in Israel, in this tiny nation where it takes 30 minutes to drive across, for it is 12 miles wide in some areas, is not a vast nation. Yet it is a thorn in the world. They want to destroy Israel. Israel is a testimony that God is true, faithful, and sticks to His Word.

Israel shows the world that God is real, God exists, and God will do everything He says He will do, He is sovereign.

There was a doctrine taught for many years called “Replacement Theology,” which states that, because Israel missed the Messiah the first time around, God has replaced Israel with Christians, and Israel no longer is a part of the picture. God does not lie. He keeps His promises. He promised He would gather Israel from where they had been scattered. That happened as promised. Israel is now a nation again.

Jeremiah 31 promises the restoration of Israel. There is no way God will forget His children Israel. God has compared Israel to an unfaithful bride, but He has promised to gather His children and bring them back to the land. This occurred in 1948. God gives His Word and He keeps His Word.

Before 1945 Bible scholars had a problem. They looked at God’s promises in the Bible regarding Israel, but Israel was obliterated from the map. They tried to find a way to explain this, and came up with the theory of Replacement Theology which states that, because Israel did not recognize the Messiah when He came the first time, God no longer includes Israel in the End Times plans. Israel has been replaced by the Church.

Isaiah 66 asks the question, can a nation be born in a day? Most people would answer this question, “No.” They think that the prophecies regarding the regathering of Israel are symbols. They looked at circumstances, seeing that Israel, as a nation, was not in existence for 2000 years, so they had to come up with new theories to explain the passages in the Bible. But God did birth Israel in one day, with a United Nations Resolution.

What the replacement theologists did was make God too small. They saw God with their human eyes, heard Him with their human ears, and thought about what He said with their human understanding. They did not realize that God could birth a nation in a day. We can trust that what God says, He will accomplish.

Pastor Eddie stated that he did not want a god he could put into a box of his own understanding. God can do the impossible. He will fulfill every word in the Bible. Every word in the Bible concerning Israel is YES and AMEN. God rules. He is the King and what He says will happen, will happen.

Israel is a testimony of God in the world. It irritates those who want to run away from God, or those who do not want to realize that God is in control of the World.

Spiritual resistance is needed. Messianic believers in Israel face many battles, and the world seeks to cut them off. There are 2 billion believers in the world. Israel has about 10,000 Messianic believers (and that is an optimistic number).

Why are the forces of darkness so intent on the destroying the spiritual believers of Yeshua in Israel? God has said that Yeshua will not come again until Israel says, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD.”  The powers of darkness know their days are numbered and to prevent Israel from being a nation is one way to prolong their time on the earth and prevent Israelites from having a change of heart.

Romans 11 and the prophets clearly stated that Israel will return to their home. All Israel will be saved. Jeremiah spoke of this as did the other prophets. Believers in Israel are a prophetic testimony of the End that is going to come. Satan hates Israel, satan hates that the Nation of Israel has been reestablished and that the Jews have gathered. Messianic believers are a spiritual testimony of the End of the Age, the Jewish remnant, Yeshua is coming back to the people who bless Him. Israel needs our prayers. It is an incredible time. As Bob Dylan said in a song, “You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”  If the Church does not know what God is doing, we have a problem.

Jesus ministered and prayed, walking among the people and taught God’s Word. Many around Him were not aware of what He was doing. We need to be aware of what God is doing in the world today. We are in the Kingdom of God, and God is doing something in the world, and He will use people to do it. If we are not aware of what He is doing, He cannot use us.

God uses men and people who hear and obey Him. Moses followed God, heard His words and led His people. We need to be attuned to where God is and what His purpose is. If not, we are lost. God cannot accomplish His purpose on earth if we are not willing to put our hand to the plow.

There are two ways to move with God. 1.) Horse cart – you need to expend a lot of energy going in the right direction and taking care of the beast. Religion  is like moving with a horse cart because religion doesn’t know God, doesn’t hear God, and tends to respond to outside influences. Or you can 2.) use Rocket power = The fuel and power (Holy Spirit) is used as the guidance system, the rocket, powered by God, does not need energy once it is on its way.

God has a purpose and Israel is a central player. God needs a people who know what God is doing, they are not playing yesterday’s game, eating yesterday’s manna, or listening to yesterday’s messages. He needs a people in tune to what He is doing NOW. It is not just a matter of fulfillment and excitement. He wants people filled with the Holy Spirit. Many think that life under God’s direction is boring, but it isn’t. It is moving from glory to glory, struggle to struggle, challenge to challenge.

Pentecost (Shavuot) falls seven weeks after Passover, at the end of the barley harvest and the beginning of the wheat harvest. At Pentecost God poured out His Holy Spirit, as Jesus promised. Everything we are talking about is contingent on this day.

The disciples gathered in the upper room and were confused, hiding. After Acts 2, the Holy Spirit produced a change in the people. When revival comes to a generation, it comes with a filling of the Holy Spirit.

Two things happen when the Holy Spirit falls.

1) The people are stirred up. The young men have visions, the old men dream dreams. Why visions and dreams? It is because our minds and heads are too small to contain God’s vision. We serve an awesome God, and it takes a vision to get us to move beyond ourselves. 1 Corinthians 2:9 But it is written: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” God gives us a vision of what he is doing. It may not be a vision about the totality of what He is doing, he may direct us, like a missile internal guidance system, to point us to where God wants us to act in His universe.

God communicates to us what He wants us to do. He uses our giftings, callings, abilities, desires so that we can know His best for us. We can know that the vision is from God when we need His strength and power to complete it. At times the vision may take us to places were we are not comfortable.

Moses was comfortable in the desert. God came out and told Moses what to do, and that may not have fit into Moses’ “retirement” plan. It took Moses out of His comfort zone.

God has a specific plan for us, a vision for us. We want to seek what God’s plan is for us, see things through the eyes of God, not through the eyes of our own understanding. God uses us to bring forth His kingdom, and it will not be boring or humdrum.

2) The Holy Spirit comes with power. In Acts 1 when the disciples were told to go and wait for the Holy Spirit, they were hiding, scared. Once the Holy Spirit came, they were bold witnesses for Christ. But first they had to receive power from on high. They went to the upper room with expectation. They did not know what they were waiting for. The Holy Spirit in the past was given to just a few people, they did not know that God was going to pour out the Holy Spirit on all gathered in the upper room.

Everything regarding the Messiah was prophecy until John the Baptist came on the earth. Everything was pointing to something happening, the people expected the Messiah. On the Day of Pentecost the people were expecting something to happen. Expectancy does an incredible work. God does great things. When the power of God falls, people on earth can do what God desires them to do – not in their own strength, not on their own vision, but with the power of God.

A people who have power and vision, moving together in heart with faith, can do incredible things.

Saul/Paul was a religious zealot, he thought that serving God meant murdering Christians. He thought Christians were dangerous people. But Paul was interrupted by God – Acts 9 on his Damascus Road experience. God shows up and asks Saul, “Why are you persecuting Me? The glory of God blinded Saul and he was blind for three days. Ananias, at God’s command restored Saul’s sight, and Paul starts preaching the Gospel in power. The people wonder at this change because Paul used to arrest Christians. But once Paul had his vision, he never turned back.

VISION MAKES YOU DANGEROUS. God wants us to have vision. Where are we going, what are we doing? God has a precise direction for us to go. When we have vision, we are dangerous to satan.

We are the sons of God, He gives us vision, and the Holy Spirit gives us the power for establishing His Kingdom. The kingdom of darkness will be destroyed.

Our day and age is when the fullness of time has come, it is us. We are that Glory. We are at the end of the age, darkness is exploding. We are exhibiting all the lawlessness that Jesus said would appear at the end of the age.

God wants to put the center of his Kingdom in Israel. Satan want to put the center of his kingdom in Israel. But God is mighty and throws down strongholds and will establish His kingdom. God has created us for such a time as this. We need vision from the Holy Spirit.

Vision in the presence of God, face to face, God in you, and working through you, as you move from glory to glory. We will be given power to operate in this vision, to be radical.

We will not be bored in the Kingdom of God, taking steps in faith. We may go where we are afraid, but God is with us.

Elijah was sent to speak God’s words to the king. He prophesied a drought. He left a place of no bread, following a vision from God. He came upon a widow who had a little flour and oil to make a last meal for her son. Elijah told the widow to give him some bread, and as she acted in obedience, her oil and flour did not run out.

Elisha helped a poor widow who had a little oil as her only possession, borrow bottles from neighbors. As she poured the little bit of oil, the oil kept flowing until all the bottles were filled.

We don’t want to run out of bottles, we want more and more of His spirit (oil). When God fills us with His Spirit and we let Him use us, we will never be bored. We want to go beyond what we think we can do in the flesh, for it is not us, it is Him in us.


I hope this teaching blesses you, it makes me all the more committed to praying for Israel. Having just finished a study on Daniel and seeing the end times revelations shown there, I cannot help but think that much of what was taught to Daniel is happening today. Pray and obey, let God direct you with His vision, and in His strength.

Have a blessed day,



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