Photos of Israel and Great Miracle on the Sea of Galilee by Pastor Don Moore

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Great Miracle on the Sea of Galilee by Pastor Don

As we were walking toward our boat for the tour of the Sea of Galilee I spied some fishermen. It reminded me of the fishermen in Jesus’ time who made their living on the Sea of Galilee. Although the boats are different, still the sea provides an abundant harvest. We must ever be mindful that we too are fishers of men.


This is a boat similar to the one that we went out on.


Here we are boarding the boat.


Pastor Don and Ellie talking, in the foreground is Laban, one of Pastor Don’s sons.


The views were spectacular. It was exciting to note that Jesus walked among these hills and valleys and also did His healings, miracles and sermons in this area.


Another view from the boat.


Cynthia Moore (pink hat), Barbara (white shirt) and Janet having a discussion.


Our crew, and Nurit our tour guide on the left.


Another view


Dancing on the Sea of Galilee


After the dancing, Pastor Don spoke a few words that are so important about the real miracle on the Sea of Galilee.

He said, that most people who get on a boat like this one have a conversation with themselves about getting out of the boat and walking on the water, but that was not the great miracle on the Galilee. The great miracle wasn’t getting out of the boat, the great miracle was when the disciples are in the boat and see the ghost-like figure of Jesus walking toward them, John recognized it was Jesus and says to Peter, “It’s the Lord.” The great miracle is that Peter’s heart desired more than anything to participate with the Savior in His greatness. So He said to the Lord, “Lord, bid me to come, if it is you.” The great miracle is Peter discerned that, if it truly was the Lord, if it wasn’t a ghost and it was the Lord, that he could….are you ready for the miracle? He could TRUST IN THE WORD FROM THE LORD. The great miracle is that, not in his own strength, or in his own ability, but in  this one thing he could put his confidence, in the ANOINTED WORD OF THE LORD. If the Lord says it, I can do it.

If the Lord bids me to come, no evil will befall me. Pastor Don said we have to focus on that because today nobody is going to get out of the boat, we would fail. Why? We would fail unless we had the command of the Lord on which to base our obedience. Supernatural miracles happen because we LINE UP with the Word of the Lord. Therefore, let us remember that the Galilee was not a test for people to fail. Jesus didn’t say, “If you believe me, get out of the boat and walk on the water.” Jesus didn’t say, “Awww, you don’t have the courage.” He didn’t chastise them or rebuke them. His concern was, whatever you are wanting, ask Him. When He gives you the command, He also guarantees the blessing.

Your heart’s desire will reach out to Him and He will respond and give you instructions. In this case, Peter’s desire was, “Lord, bid me to come.” If the Lord tells you to come out on the water, don’t worry. It is not about you or your courage, it is about your obedience to Him.

In the current tests of our lives, it is our obedience He is calling for. It’s not that you all qualify. It’s that the Father wants His children to dance around Him, just like we danced on the boat. Dance around the Lord, praise the Lord, and when He gives us a command, obey Him. If He commands us to speak, speak; to walk on water, walk. When you obey His command, then you will see your great miracle.

What a blessing this talk was because I easily fall into self-criticism, forgetting that truly it is simple obedience to Him that matters.

Then we saw the Jesus boat. During a drought, the Sea of Galilee receded enough to show a boat embedded in the bottom of the sea. Two brothers, discovered the boat, and archeologists from all over came to try and preserve the boat. Even school children were excited for the boat was dated to between 100 BC and 100 AD – right around the time of Jesus. Many from all ages and walks of life converged to try and save this boat. Truly this was a labor of love. Because the boat was so old they were very careful about how they removed the boat, fearful it would fall apart, but at the same time, they had to move fast. They encased the boat in fiberglass, and got it out of the Sea, then removed the fiberglass, soaked the boat in resin and now they have it on display.




My friend Julie was excited because she found one of the people at the museum who discovered the boat, and she got him to pose with with us for a picture. Here I am with him.


How exciting to see someone who was so instrumental in finding this boat. For all involved the discovery was profound. For Christians it is a way of seeing the kinds of boats that were used at the time and sense what Jesus and the disciples experienced. But for Israel, archaeology is giving the nation a renewed sense of identity. Helping them to realize that, yes, Israel is their country given to them by God, and that there are roots that sink deep into history. They truly belong to Israel.

Hope this blesses you and that your day is abundantly blessed.



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