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Thursday, January 25, 2007
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Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?
By Philip Yancey
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Please pray traveling mercies on us. Today we are driving to Philadelphia so my oldest can get a look at Wharton School of Economics. We are going to make a one day round trip, so prayers are welcome.

Last night I gave Julie all the comments you made on her poems and she was blessed to see them. We had one of our members teach a very encouraging Bible study which I will try to write up later today, but that usually takes a few hours to type, proof, and look up the verses.

So before I go today, I thought I would encourage you with a few more quotes from Philip Yancey’s,Prayer, Does it Make any Difference? Let me tell you, this book is one that will stay on my shelves and be pulled down time and again.

P. 137 We humans are confined to a space-time universe that began at a moment of time, but God is not. Experiments on relativity have proved that, strange as it seems, time itself is no constant.”

P. 139 “We tend to place God’s activity in a different category from natural or human activity; the Bible tends to draws them together. Somehow God works in all of creation, all of history, to bring about ultimate goals.”

P. 141, Jim (in an insert) says, “I treasure the time I spend with God more than the requests I want him to fulfill.”

P. 142 “In a few other places the New Testament gives hints of God choosing us “before the creation of the world.” God’s grace, claims Paul, “was given to us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time,” with Jesus “chosen before the creation of the world but revealed in these last times for your sake.” Our eternal life was promised “before the beginning of time.” Thus the essentials of hope—God’s love, heaven, grace, resurrection–the Bible specifically grounds outside of time and creation. Long before Einstein’s theory of the relativity of time and space, long before any notion of a Big Bang origin of the universe, the New Testament writers established these truths as, quite literally, timeless.”

P. 144 “By using prayer rather than other, more direct means, God once again chooses the most freedom-enhancing style of acting in the world. God waits to be asked, in some inscrutable way making God’s activity on earth contingent on us. Does the kingdom, or “God’s will,” advance more slowly because of that choice? Yes, in the same way parents slow their pace when the youngest child is learning to walk. Their goal is to equip someone else, not themselves.”

P. 149 an insert by Susan “I used to worry about falling asleep during prayer. Now, as a parent, I understand. What parent wouldn’t want her child to fall asleep in her arms?”

P. 166 “When I pray, it may seem that I am narrowing my world, retreating from the real world into a prayer closet in Jesus’ metaphor. Actually I am entering another world, just as real but invisible, a world that has power to change both me and the world I seem to be retreating from. Regular prayer helps me to protect inner space, to prevent the outer world from taking over. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God,” Jesus said. When I think of how long a single image crafted by Hollywood lust-masters can live on in my mind, I understand his saying. So often I fill my mind with images that crowd out all room for God. Prayer involves a “renewing of the mind,” a two-stage process of purging out what displeases God and damages me (the same, it turns out) and allowing God to fill my mind with what matters far more.”

Hope you enjoy,



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Welcome to Heather's Blog. I'm looking forward to meeting you and checking out your sites. I just moved about nine years of material over from another blog site, Xanga, who may close down mid-July. At first I was disappointed to make the move because I had a lifetime membership at Xanga and had to spend weeks transferring posts. But now I'm thrilled. Already I've met new bloggers and read many new websites. Blogging is a wonderful way to expand my horizons and garner new ideas. I'm a happily married mom of three young adults. My husband and I are proud to watch our children grow and venture out into the world. My daughter is still in college but my two sons have graduated. One has a job and the other just graduated and is in the process of finding a job in his field, physics. Anyone know of any jobs out there? I'm proud of our children and love watching them grow and mature. They've become fine, compassionate, and loving people. Empty nest? Nah, I'm too busy to let an empty nest bother me. Not enough hours in the day. My husband and I enjoy quiet time together and I have many interests to pursue - one of which is blogging :D I am a born-again believer and love God. As you read this blog, you will discover that Bible studies thrill me. There is so much wisdom contained between the covers of the Bible and I am fortunate to sit under the teachings of a remarkable pastor, Pastor Don Moore. Members of our church (Living Word Chapel in West Hurley, New York) are encouraged to teach and there are visiting pastors who stop by our church, I also study the Bible on my own and love sharing what I learn. One other passion is writing. My current work in process is a memoir. A scene from my memoir was published in a book called: Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unaware - an anthology of angelic encounters compiled by Cecil Murphy. I'm hoping my memoir will encourage other survivors of abuse. I grew up in a home filled with abuse, including incest. For most of my life I was searching for something that would fill the void of not being loved by my parents. I tried many ways to find that love -- therapy, relationships, occult studies, and keeping my life so filled I had no way to think about my past. It was only when I discovered God that I was able to put the pieces of my life back together and walk forward in a joyous life. My nickname - wondering has changed from wondering where the heck God was in my life, to wondering what incredible adventure is going to happen next. I hope you enjoy my site. Please say hi, share some thoughts, and ask questions. I look forward to meeting you and checking out your sites. Have a blessed day. Heather
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