What is happening in Israel today, Gideon, Josiah Rabbis Michael and Gail Zeitler

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Sunday we were blessed to have Rabbis Michael and Gayle Zeitler speak at our church. They are from Baruch Ha Shem Ministries International. Gayle spoke about what is happening in Israel today. She mentioned how God shields Israel, and that many of the missiles that were targeting Israel missed their mark, that God’s hand was protecting Israel.  She talked about Judges 7 and Gideon and his army, pointing out that God does not need many to fight His battles, because God  is able. God waits until His people turn away from their sin, away from their idols and turn toward Him, then He intervenes. But in this case today, much of Israel is secular, but God is intervening to protect Israel in spite of their spiritual condition.

Rabbi Michael spoke about Josiah, 2 Kings Chapters 22-25.

He had us turn to 2 Kings 23:25 Regarding Josiah Now before him there was no king like him, who turned to the LORD with all his heart, with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the Law of Moses; nor after him did any arise like him.

Rabbi Michael said that we need to come together in Righteousness because of where we are in today’s world. We don’t know the time that the Messiah will come again, but it will happen. If we look at the signs of the times, 1000’s of weather incidents, earthquakes, and all the signs that Yeshua spoke.  Now more than ever we have to come together in unity through His Righteousness.

He continued to say that we need to speak God’s words, not our words.

He gave an example about how, in Communist Russia, underground churches would meet and invariably the KGB would come and the worshippers would scatter, running for their lives. After many times of this, the pastor stated that the Holy Spirit would tell them when and were to gather, to listen for the Holy Spirit’s instructions. The next time they met all were there but one person – that was the person who was the informant. Given the way our world is going now, we may soon be put into a similar situation, where we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Josiah wanted to be like David, walking in the Righteousness of God. In Josiah’s day there were high places (altars to idols) even in Jerusalem. He ordered that the high places be torn down, the bones of the priests of the idols were scattered, and at 19 he made a concerted effort to cleanse the land of all unrighteousness. Josiah thought, after that, that he had done everything in his power. But he realized that the Temple was in shambles and uncared for. He had the High Priest take treasury money and give it to carpenters to buy the supplies  to begin to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. There is actually archaeological proof of this because a piece of slate was found with a list of carpentry supplies on it and Josiah’s signature.

In the rebuilding of the temple, they also found idols of pagan worship within the temple!. They were destroyed, and in a secret spot were found scrolls of the Torah. When the Words were read to him, Josiah wept and ripped his clothes in grief. He realized how short of righteousness he was, even though he thought he had done everything in a righteous way, but it wasn’t even close to what God proclaimed.

This is true also in our lives. That we think we are walking in righteousness, but when we hold our lives up to the Word of God, to God’s truth, we will see how far we fall short of God’s Word.

The Bible says that not one jot or tittle will pass away. We do not follow the entire Word of God completely in our lives.

Josiah had all the people gathered, so that they could hear the reading of the True Word of God. This lead to a great revival in the land, and a return to Beth-el – the House of God. Rabbi Michael said that the mountains near Beth-el are in the shape of the letter Shem if you look at an aerial photograph of the mountains.

It was at Beth-el that the people built a golden calf and worshiped at an idol’s altar. Josiah pulled down that altar and found a grave site. The grave was the grave of a prophet who had prophesied that this event of the returning of Israel to God would happen 300 years previous to the time of Josiah.

The prophets today are telling us to walk in righteousness, walk in holiness. There can be no fluctuation, no wolves among the sheep, no hidden idols in our temples (not our churches, not our bodies which are the temple of God), we need to get ourselves cleansed.

We were told to write down idols in our lives on a piece of paper and bring them to the altar. Pastor Don was going to burn them. We prayed for release of the idols so that we can walk in God’s righteousness.

Rabbi Michael suggested a book, In His Steps by Charles Shelden, which shows us how to walk in righteousness.

It was a profoundly moving service on Sunday, and I am so blessed to be able to sit under good teachings.



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