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Saturday, July 22, 2006
Someone mentioned the problem of small type. Here is a great secret, hold down the CONTROL button, and move the dial on your mouse and you can increase and decrease the size of the type.

Pastor Don’s Bible study for Last Sunday.

Basically we read Zechariah 9 -12

Note the following

To the North: Lebanon

To the East: Damascas

To the South: Askalon, Gaza,

To the West: Tyre and Sydon

God is giving a call back to Israel, and he will reestablish His kingdom in Israel. No other nation that has passed into obscurity has ever come back. We do not know any Jebusites, Edomites, or any of the other “ites”. The nations are gone and their languages are gone, dead.

Only Israel returned to the Land, and only Israel revived a language that was considered dead.

There are denominations today that state that Israel is over and done with, they missed their chance when Jesus came. This is not true, and a careful reading of the scriptures will show that Israel will return and a remnant will be saved. God is true to His word, and His word states this. And the end time passages start with “In that day”. That day is what will be happening.

The Israelites are looking for the “first coming” of the Messiah, and will probably accept the first one who can bring peace to the region – this unfortunately will be the antichrist, and that peace will be fleeting – seven years. But from Israel a remnant will remain.

This land was promised to the Israelites, and the Muslims came along and re-wrote the history in such a way to state that they feel they have a claim on this.

A reading of these passages seem to indicate that much of what is written here is happening today. What do you think?



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