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Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have to tell you that I love my husband and his sense of humor. Today a remarkable series of emails have been discovered! One that I never dreamed that I would see. My niece, Becky is up visiting her mom (Jim’s sister) and dad. She brought her dog, Buzz, and has greatly desired to take Buzz to a beach to see the ocean. Did I say, SHE LOVES HER DOG. Well, she succeeded and, since that visit to the beach, the two dogs have been corresponding. Since Jim understands Rocky speak, he is typing for Rocky.

Thought you might like to see the dogs’ eye view of life:

Hi Buzz!
Rocky, The Wonder Dog, here. You can call me Rocky for short. My full name would suggest that I am some kind of Wunder Dog, from a superior race of dogs, that will someday take over the world! But alas, I am not what I may seem. I overheard my master, Mistress Heather (legal name, Mistress Shirley), say one night, “I wonder why we keep that dog.” Call me “wonder dog” now because I wonder if I’m really loved.
I guess I’m a little under the weather today. It is raining as it has been for the last few weeks. Even when it isn’t raining it sounds like it is raining as I am kept under a big tree inhabited by millions of caterpillars. Each caterpillar eats leaves all day long and keeps dropping presents on me. The accumulated cacophony of all their droppings sound just like rain, and the only time I can’t hear it, is when it is raining for real. How ironic. Whatever dog said, “Its a dog’s life”, really knew what he was talking about.
But I heard some good news today. All the dogs up here are talking about Buzz, the dog that got to go to Jones Beach this morning. Way cool! Way to go! We all hope you marked the beach so that you can call it your own. You are our hero. Who would think a mid-Western dog would make it to an ocean beach before an up-state NY dog. We hear you have someone in your life that really cares about you and wanted you to see a real beach. Every dog should have a Becky. Too bad your beach trip had to be done before the enforcement people got there. You know, you were born right here in the U S of A and you and all other dogs should have as much right to the beach as any other citizen. Don’t be surprised if those politicians in D. C. don’t give some Chihuahua that swims across the Rio Grande more beach rights than us someday!
If you took pictures please send some along. And what are your plans for future trips. Do you think you will be climbing Mount Everest someday?
BTW, would your Becky care to take me in? If the answer is yes I can take with me whatever dog food is still in the house.
(Rocky, The Wonder Dog)
Dear Rocky, the Wonder Dog,
It was WONDERful to hear from you.  Sorry about the poop; but, caterpillars happen.  In Iowa we don’t have caterpillars, we have ladybugs–they stink too.  My alpha took me to the ocean today.  I am surprised your humans have not taken you, perhaps it is because they do not appreciate the wonder of cold, rainy, beaches at 5am.  I am sending you some photos taken early this morning that I have called “The Adventures of Beach Buzz.”  Please note that the gentleman wrapped in a blanket is my grandpaw and not an illegal alien, though, between you and me, he DOES seem to be another species…  My Becky is already taken and there is simply no more room in my bed.  I do have an expensive guest bed though, which, if you are interested in visiting, is very available.  I will mark the route for you tomorrow.   My humans send regards to your humans.
Your Cuz,
The Buzz
Dear Buzz,
I just brought Rocky, The Wonder Dog, in for the night. He has not read your thoughtful e-mail yet, but I did give Rocky, The Wonder Dog, a synopsis of it. I also told him that you included some great pictures (at the top of this e-mail) of a wet, cold, and rainy Jones Beach at 5 am this morning. It must have been fun to roll in the wet sand. Rocky, The Wonder Dog, asked me to take some interesting pictures of him to send back to you. He wants them to look really good. Rocky, The Wonder Dog, says that everyone around here has become very fashion conscious lately, since Rocky, The Wonder Dog’s brothers, Christopher and Edward, were recently photographed for a British fashion magazine. No kidding! Hey, would a dog lie to another dog! Well, again, thanks for your reply and I’m sure that Rocky, The Wonder Dog will get back to you, some day. Have a safe trip back to Iowa. Say hello to Becky for me.
Jim, The Dog Whisperer
That is all for now, I will keep you up to date on any further correspondence between Buzz and Rocky. Sorry, Jim has to put a picture of Rocky up, they are on the other computer.

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