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Thursday, April 13, 2006
My husband wrote the following for our family regarding the Seder: In the picture below are Ellie, Deb (standing behind Ellie), George, Jim (my husband) , me, Julie (standing behind me), Christopher, Katherine, Edward.
Last night we attended the Passover Seder at Living Word Chapel. About 100 people
attended the 6-10 PM supper. The kids may look happy in this picture but when I told them we were going to the Seder they asked me why?  I told them, “Tradition!” 

They then said that we had only gone to one other Seder and how could this be a tradition?
This younger generation has a smart answer for everything!
I’ve been to other Seders. The food at these were nothing to write home about. But the LWC knows how to do good Seder food. We had turkey, string beans, carrots, and fantastic baked potatoes. There was also the usual Seder stuff, horns, readings, matzos, bitter herbs, etc.
But then there was singing and there was Rabbi Michael and his wife. They spoke, telling a glorious story that melds the story of the original Passover, with the symbols of the Seder meal, and passion of Christ. This took about an hour.
I particularly liked how the Rabbi described how at the Passover the family took a lamb (“without spot or blemish”) and taking an absorbent hyssop plant struck the lamb’s blood against the mantle, and then both vertical doorway supports, in such a way that the blood of the innocent lamb would have splattered on the entire family. The pattern of striking the various parts of the doorway would have followed the pattern of the sign of the cross.
Another story concerned the removal of the last traces of leavening from the family’s house. The feather used to sweep the yeast representing the Holy Spirit, the wood spoon representing the cross; the yeast representing sin, and the destruction by fire the destruction of sin on the altar of sacrifice (Jesus).
And of course, the same bitter herbs we were eating would have been the same bitter herbs that Jesus would have dipped in with his betrayer.
At this Seder I asked Christopher to be the “Papa” for the table, with Katherine being the “child.” Next year it will be Edward’s turn to be the “Papa.” Tradition!
[first lines of the play]
Tevye: A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no? But here, in our little village of Anatevka, you might say every one of us is a fiddler on the roof trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune without breaking his neck. It isn’t easy. You may ask ‘Why do we stay up there if it’s so dangerous?’ Well, we stay because Anatevka is our home. And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word: tradition!
If you are in the neighborhood next year please feel free to join us.
I brought forward the notes from last year’s Seder (below) they are very good to read because they show just how much Christ is represented in the Seder. I also included last year’s pictures. Jim took a few pictures from this year, so I am going to share them.Rabbi Michael and his wife Gail Zeitler are showing how the matzo represents the Body of Christ. It is pierced, and bruised (the scorch marks), and there are stripes.z32427832

I was reading a bit of an answer to the four questions. My reading had to do with Pharaoh being told by God through Moses to “Let My people go”



We were singing at the end, Rabbi Michael and Gail Zeitler are on the far left, Pastor Don Moore and Cynthia Moore on the Right,  our music minister Joy and her husband Ray Pollard are in the middle.

There were so many hands behind the scenes that didn’t get on the pictures. The teenagers served the tables, many hands cooked incredibly good food in the kitchen, and so many helped with the Seder. We had lots of visitors who had never experienced a Seder before. What a blessing. I kept last year’s pictures in because there were a lot of similarities from the previous year, and it might give an idea of what it was like. I highly encourage you to attend a Seder if you haven’t before.


These are pictures from last year, I thought you might be blessed as Passover will soon be here. Someone mentioned that their church did a Passover and how symbolic it was of Jesus and it recalled to mind my entry from our experience last year. Hope you do not mind the repetition.As promised, Seder picturesz4830582


After prayer and songs, the Seder was opened with blowing on shofars. Rabbi Michael is on the far right.


Here is Pastor Don and his wife Cynthia.


Here are all but Julie who were at the table. Mike who is a wonderful example of God’s healing power, my daughter Katherine in the orange, me, my husband Jim, my sons Christopher and Edward (in red). The boys were particularly happy to be able to wear yalmukas and Jim was in the role of papa.


Katherine, with the help of Gail Zeitler was asking one of the questions in Hebrew.


Christopher was reading a response to the questions asked.


We were examining the matzoh to see the piercings, and stripes and hearing about how it is a perfect picture of Christ.

Here is another group shot of those who attended. Julie had rejoined our table.



There was a lot of singing and great joy.

We learned a lot and everyone had a good time. There were some funny incidents too, like when Christopher refused to listen to reason and liberally slathered horseradish on his matzoh and we thought he was going to turn red and blow up, but he got it down. What pleased my heart was that everyone is looking forward to next year’s Passover.


Currently Reading
Walking from East to West : God in the Shadows
By Ravi Zacharias, R. S. B. Sawyer
see related

We had an incredible Passover last night. Jim took pictures, so I will update the Passover entry and add some more pictures. Funny how each year the Passover is different (this being my second Passover, so I don’t have a lot of experience.) Right now in the Kay Arthur study of Ruth and the Kinsman Redeemer we are going over all the Passover passages. Pretty incredible.

I am reading Ravi Zacharias’ autobiography, Walking from East to West and came across a quote that I immediately read to my kids.

Page 12 “I have concluded that it is an exercise that is well undertaken by everybody–to journal and write down one’s thoughts at shorter intervals. Memories are good reminders of what God has done and where we could have done better. I remember the time an older man asked me when I was young, ‘Do you know what you are doing now?’ I thought it was some kind of trick question.
‘Tell me,’ I said.
‘You are building your memories,’ he replied, ‘so make them good ones.’
If each reader would glean just that from the book than it will have been worth it.”

Ravi Zacharias then goes on to talk about how in every life you wished you did things differently, and stated that he wished he had gotten more of his parent’s history. and continues “I nevertheless came away with the absolute certainty that God has ordered my steps and that God was there, even in the darkest moments of my life. I know this as surely as I know I exist. He never abandoned me and has brought me by His grace and mercy this far. This is the most certain truth I possess, and it is truly liberating.”

For me it is interesting that as I pursue God more in my reading and study I am beginning to see more of God in my past. At one point I thought God only intervened about four years ago, but now I am seeing His hand more frequently in my past.

Wanted to share a funny story with you. Last night at the Passover my middle son was so angry that my husband made him go, he was sitting there at the table wishing he was anywhere but there. My daughter was worried all this week that yesterday we were going to go to the dentist (we weren’t), and it wasn’t until mid day that she finally believed that we had not made dentist appointments (something we usually do during breaks so the kids don’t miss much school).

Pastor Don comes in and says a prayer, and comments, “I can see that Ed doesn’t want to be here.” (Edward was facing away from Pastor Don, and not displaying any outward sign- it was a Holy Spirit thing).” Ed don’t worry, it isn’t like going to the dentist, and having a tooth pulled. We aren’t going to pull any teeth.”

Ed smiled – and this morning when I woke up, it dawned on me how wonderful the Holy Spirit was, to realize Ed’s state of mind, and at the same time mention dentist – what Katherine had feared all that day.

Hope you have a blessed day. When Jim gets the pictures downloaded I will share them, and maybe continue on in Revelation.



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