Personal stuff and salvation message in genealogy from Adam to Noah

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Read a comment on someone’s site that they were asked how much they read the Bible, the person asking read theirs two hours a day. The comment stated that they had read the Bible twice through, and now felt that that two hours would be better put to use in helping others.

Oh my heart went out to that person and I pointed out that a musician or an athlete has to practice. We too need to hone our spiritual swords, with the Bible. And if we spend the time in the Bible, we will be far more effective in the world, and most probably would be doing more what God wants us to do by being in His Word.

And that there is a depth in the Bible that can only be found by reading after reading and spending time. (my response is a paraphrase of the comment and my reply).

But it brought to mind something I learned from Pastor Don years ago, and he repeated recently in our Discipleship Class. Given the time of the year and the fact that, while I am sharing Revelation with you, I am currently back in Genesis enjoying the Beginning of the Bible, and seeing so much were the Beginning lays the foundation for the End. Reminds me of the movie the Neverending Story.

Anyway in Genesis 5 there is a genealogy (or as I used to say a begat chapter, and had little use for them until you realize just how much God could put in the begats). Here are the names from Adam to Noah and his three sons – and what their names mean in Hebrew:

ADAM -mankind
SETH – appointed, to turn the face toward
ENOSH – a mortal, grievous sorrow, calamity
CAINAN -lament, mourn
MAHALALEL – god who is praised
JARED – comes down
ENOCH – to instruct, to consecrate
METHUSELAH – to die, to be sent forth as a prophet
LAMECH – to be smitten, scourged
NOAH – to give rest.

(if you read the meanings from Adam to Noah you have the salvation given to us by Jesus presented in the genealogy of Adam to Noah – God had it so much in His control, now read a bit further by the following three names’ meanings.”

SHEM – renown
HAM – burning
JAPETH – widespread, world-wide

And now the gospel is being spread world-wide.

I get shivers when I see how much God loves us, and how far-reaching His plan is.



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