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Monday, February 20, 2006
The Fourth Seal in Revelation will cause widespread Death on Earth, a pale horse, and on the horse sits Death and Hades follows with Him. Power will be given to them over 1/4 of the Earth, and they will kill with sword, hunger, death, and beasts.Remember the beasts do not have to be particularly large beasts, they could be viruses and bacteria. Imagine 1/4 of the earth killed. I am going to be keeping a running count so that you can see the depth of the pain and suffering for those remaining on the earth. So we are going to use a simple figure of 100, so that  if 1/4 of the earth was killed, that would leave 75 left.

We are going to see as the various judgments come down a significant decrease in the population on the Earth, of the things growing on the earth and in the sea. The trumpet judgments will be worse than the seals, and the bowls will be even more intense.

Praise God that we have been given such advance warning of this, and I am praying that as God wishes, none would be lost. We must make sure that as many as possible get to know and accept Jesus into their hearts.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the Book of Revelation comes with a blessing. Chapter 22:7 Jesus says, “Behold I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophesy of this book.”

Hoping you have a blessed night, I have to go and cook dinner.


Thank you for your prayers and kind words. I too am praying for a peaceful Monday.Many of the libraries around the country are offering a service of emailing about the first 20 pages of a book in daily segments. You are allowed to choose the categories, and it is called an online book club. One of the choices this week in the fiction category saddened me, and I thought you might want to see the first installment. It is not one I want to read, and I was just about to delete it and forget it, but then I thought this is horrific. It falls along the line of the Book of Daniel TV show, for it mocks Christian ministers, so I figured you might want to see what I mean, here is the book jacket cover blurb.

The book club’s site is: and you can usually access it by your local library’s website. In all fairness, most of her selections are good and I have added to my “to read” list many selections from her entries, but this one saddened me incredibly.


This week’s book:
by Martin Clark


“Plain Heathen Mischief” ups the existential ante, as Joel
King, a defrocked Baptist minister, finds life even more
bedeviling once he’s served six months for a career-ending
crime he might not even have committed. Now his incommun-
icado wife wants a divorce, the teenage vixen of his
disgrace is suing him for a cool $5 million, a fresh start
in Montana offers no hope for ex-cons of any religious
persuasion, and the refuge provided by his sister turns as
nasty as his parole officer.

Talk about a crisis of faith. On the upside, a solicitous
member of Joel’s former congregation invites him into a
scam that could yield some desperately needed cash, and
soon the down-on-his-luck preacher is involved with a
flock of charming con men, crooked lawyers, and conniving


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