Personal study notes Revelation Chapter 4-5

Sunday, February 05, 2006
The Revelation of Jesus Christ – Jesus has set the stage of Heaven in Chapter 4. We have seen the throne, those around the throne, lightnings, thunderings and voices. The four living creatures and the 24 elders are worshipping around the throne, casting down the crowns. The stage is set for the entrance of the the next player in this drama, we know Him, and it is because of Him that we can even see and participate in this drama.

Revelation Chapter 5

In the right hand of Him (God) who sits on the throne is a scroll. This scroll is written inside and on the back and sealed with seven seals.

I learned a bit of Hebrew History which blew my mind and also sheds insight on the scroll.

In John’s day scrolls were made of papyrus, and one side was smooth, one side bumpy. Papyrus was about 8 – 9″ wide. A small book like Jude would be on one sheet of papyrus, but a larger book like Revelation would be about 15 feet long, rolled up and carried.

Because of the bumpy side most scrolls were only written on one side, the smooth side with the following exception, the title deed of a piece of property.

When a person had financial troubles and needed to borrow money, they might hand their title to a bit of land over to a lender. On the outside of the rolled up scroll would be written the conditions to redeem the property, and those conditions were sealed with seven seals. To reclaim the property you had to meet each and every condition, and then you could gain back your property.

An example of this is Jeremiah 32:6-29 in verse 10 – he signed the deed and sealed it.

So what is this scroll? As we read on we will see that it is the title deed for the earth. In Genesis, God gave Adam dominion over the earth, and Adam was in charge. He was told not to eat from the two trees in the Garden. When satan came in and convinced Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit, and Adam chose to eat as well, he gave the title deed over to satan. That is why satan is known as the prince of this world, and even Jesus called him that. He is also called the commander of the spiritual powers of the air. Satan was thrown down from Heaven when he rebelled against God, Isaiah 14:12-17 describes this fall. When Adam disobeyed God, he opened the way for satan to begin to influence the earth. Right now, we face the repercussions of this original sin in the form of disease, death, natural disasters, etc. Satan has set about to separate and destroy anything that is special to God, which includes us.

Once satan is defeated we will look upon him and say, Isaiah 14:16 “..Is this the man who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms, who made the world as a wilderness and destroyed its cities?” The problem comes in that satan used to be called Lucifer and he was the praise and worship minister in Heaven, was the angel of light. He was also very beautiful in appearance, and often when he shows himself on earth we see beauty and light, not the ugliness that he embodies. Trust me in this, many of his disguises are hard to see through, and it is easy to be tricked by him, which is why we must stay very grounded in the Word. What God does, satan imitates, and many are fooled by supposedly good works that are not from the source of God, but of satan.

I remember when I first talked with Pastor Don I considered myself a good witch. (my testimony is on 10/705) I only did healings, and helped people. I didn’t curse or do anything that seemed wrong. Pastor Don pointed out to me (and it took me some time to see it) that satan is the source of sickness and disease and if I pray to any deity that isn’t God, or lay hands on a person and put forth “good energy” from myself, or channel the forces in the universe, etc, and the person gets healed, that does not mean that the healing came from God or was permanent. Yes, a removal of symptoms might have occurred, for if satan can put a hand of sickness over a person, he can also remove that hand and cause a supposed healing. We really have to consider the source of what happens, if it isn’t of God, it can’t be trusted.

So right now satan has the title deed of earth in his possession which is why, in Matthew 4 when Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted by satan, that satan could offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. Until Jesus redeemed the earth, those kingdoms did belong to satan, but Jesus has met all the conditions for redemption of the title deed to earth. (but I give away the exciting plot).

Stay tuned until tomorrow to see who is worthy to take the scroll. Note, this is not who is willing to take the scroll. On earth we had many who were willing to take the scroll – Napoleon, Hitler, Charlemagne, Alexander, but the scroll was not released to the ones willing to take it, God would only give it to one WORTHY. Tomorrow we will join John who is crying tears and wondering if anyone was worthy to take the scroll.



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