Seasons of satanic Attack continued – Pastor Leon Forte

Monday, December 26, 2005
Hope you all had an awesome Christmas. The kids have had fun. The most popular item was a small stocking stuffer of balloon rockets. Screeching balloons zoomed all over the house. These balloons, when pumped up, were about 4 feet long and noisy. This was followed by video games, especially the new Mario Party one.

Anyway, I figure it is time to finish the Bible teaching that we received from Pastor Leon Forte’ on the seasons of satanic attack. Two seasons left. The previous teachings of Pastor Forte’ are on the following dates: 12/17, 12/18, 12/21, 12/22, and the bottom of 12/24 after the Christmas carol game. Hope the teachings bless you. Tomorrow I will start typing notes from our Friday Discipleship Class on faith (ah an area I need much growth in).


The examples Pastor Leon gave were of Elisha and the widow. He pointed out that she could have missed her blessing if she chose not to share her cake with Elisha, but instead she went against “common sense” and shared the cake. Pastor Forte pointed out that Elisha was not feeling the effects of the famine because he was being fed and received water from God, so he did not look like he was starving. But this widow was going to be giving the last of her grain to her son, and then planned that they would die. Because she sowed the seed of the cake to Elisha, she ended up with abundant food to get her and her son through the famine.

Peter, came to Jesus after a long sermon, and suggested that Jesus send the people home to get provisions. Pastor Forte said that Peter might have been suggesting to Jesus that the leadership was preaching too long. There is no passage that indicates that the people were griping about the long teaching or complaining about hunger, so one might assume that the disciples were getting tired of ushering. Jesus told Peter to give the people something to eat.

It was then that a small boy gave Jesus everything – and Jesus did the same thing with this food that He would later do with communion – he took it, blessed it, and broke it.

This small offering (not small to the boy for it was all he had), fed 5000 men – since the men traveled with their wives and children you could assume that it was between 10,000-12,000 people.

If you hold on to what you have when Jesus asks you to sow, you can bring on a season of satanic attack. Jesus took the “seed” that the boy offered and that seed multiplied. DON’T EAT YOUR SEED.

After the multitude ate, there were 12 baskets of food left over – one for each of the disciples. The boy received blessings in abundance, for not only did He sow seed to Jesus, but also to all those who shared in the food that the boy shared.

Another example is the rich, young ruler who was told by Jesus to sell all he had and give to the poor. Jesus was trying to redefine the concept of wealth – that if you leave house and home for His sake you will receive 1,000 fold.

(Notes from a previous teaching from Pastor Don – We must realize that God owns everything, so when we tithe we are not giving God back our own stuff, but we are giving God back some of what He has given us. When we clutch onto our “own” possessions, we are not allowing God’s abundance to be demonstrated.)

The sixth season of satanic attack. WHEN PROPHECY IS RELEASED CONCERNING YOUR LIFE

satan hears only what we tell him. A prophecy is spoken, so satan will hear those words spoken over you. When you begin to act on the prophecy, satan becomes very busy trying to interfere with the fulfillment of the prophecy.

I Timothy 1:18-19 This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience, which some having rejected concerning the faith have suffered shipwreck.

The Word has attracted the devil to your life. The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit.  Wage a good warfare with that prophecy, keep the sword in your hand and mouth.

When God promotes you, you are often attacked by satan. Satan does not want to see God’s kingdom advanced.

After the Holy Spirit came on Jesus after his baptism, the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days. During this time we have to assume that satan was tempting Jesus in many areas, but the Word only shares three.

If you are the son of God, turn these stones into bread. Satan questioned Jesus about His identity – was He or wasn’t He the son of God. Satan attacked Jesus in the area of PROVISION. If Jesus was the son of God, why wasn’t he being fed. Jesus used the Word to battle satan – said “It is written…”

Then satan used the Word against Jesus, by quoting something out of context – about The Bible saying the angels will keep you lest you dash your foot against the stone. So the second temptation of Jesus was in the area of his PROTECTION. Satan will use tactics to prevent you from going where you need to go, to keep you from getting outside your comfort zone. Again, Jesus knew the Word so well that he was also to say, “It is written…”

After that, satan shows Jesus the kingdom of the world and suggests that He could receive all that if He would bow down and worship satan.

Implying that the kingdom of the world is really what Jesus was after, and He could get it back. Satan will often attack you on your PURPOSE. Sometimes he will offer you a shortcut, an alternative way to manifest the plan of God to get the job done, instead of you doing it the way God told you to do. If you follow satan’s plan then God does not get the glory out of it.

Do not settle for a substitute provided by the devil. Keep in your mind the words God speaks, and use them to keep the prophecy and your vision of what God says.

If you do this, God will do that. We prophesy in part. God can only give us so much information at a time. If we knew the whole of what is going to happen to us, we might get scared, so God gives us the next step. We are to keep doing the next step until we arrive where Jesus wants us to go.

Pastor Leon then went to Albany to teach, at a church that our church helped to plant. There is a tape of that talk that I have requested for it concerns how to work with the prophecies spoken over you. The rest of this meeting was Pastor Leon prophesying over people.

Pastor Don has told us in the past, that unless we know for sure that the prophet is prophesying from God, to be careful what prophecies we take in, some are not necessarily from God. Most times the prophecies that we receive, if they are from God, will confirm what God has already told us from our study of His Word and our prayer life.

The words Pastor Leon spoke over me were so true to what I am currently working on in my life, that it blew me away. But it gave me hope that I am doing what is right to do in the situation. Prophecy should edify us (Heather’s comment) not tear us down.

In a previous talk, Pastor Don spoke about the right season for a prophecy to manifest. He mentioned that one woman spoke that he should leave Living Word and set up his own church (this was at a time when he was teaching a Bible study and sitting under the teaching of the previous pastor of Living Word). Pastor Don did not leave and form his own church because he did not feel right in the timing of this move. And it is good that he waited, because if God is not in the move, it would not prosper. If Pastor Don had left at that time, he would not now be the Pastor of Living Word Chapel, and I for one am grateful that He waited until God told him what to do, for I am so blessed with having him as my pastor.

Have a wonderful day today.


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