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Monday, June 27, 2005
In my turn about is fair play, if I was asked to interview someone, I feel that I should also open myself up to be interviewed by them.Chet, (6/22/13 – Chet’s xanga site has been shut down) asked me the following questions.1.) I like your profile pic,where did you get it? I went to Google search pictures, and found this one. It is of Emily Dickens.

2.) Why did you CHOOSE it (does it represent a conviction you have that women should wear long dresses ONLY,for example)? I picked it because I liked it, she was writing in a book which represented a journal to me. I do tend to wear skirts and dresses, but that is because I think I look better in them. When I lose some weight, I will probably wear pants too, but right now, I just like skirts and dresses. I think that people should wear what they feel is comfortable, but within reason. I do not believe that “everything should all hang out.”

3.) As you seem to like things that help people get to know one another,have you ever played THE UNGAME (a game designed specifically for that purpose?) Never even heard of the ungame, is it a game board? Is it a question and answer game? Not sure about it. I do love playing spider solitaire, but that is the extent of my gaming.

4.) You’ve written before on your site about sexual abuse you’ve endured… has it affected you in terms of things you struggle with,even NOW,as an adult believer? I myself endured a lot of emotional and mental abuse from a cruel alcoholic stepfather,for example……as I’ve grown up,I find myself very distrusting of MEN in general and PASTORS in particular(and,sadly,some of the pastors have DESERVED to be distrusted.) You obviously trust PASTORS quite a bit……so what areas DO you struggle with,as a result of *your* background? Note: even though The Deal is you have to answer ALL questions,if you’d rather SKIP this one,that’s fine by me! I am sorry to hear about your abuse and how it affected you. I had and occasionally have problems sexually. My husband is the sweetest, kindest man in the world, but there are days when the memories are close to the surface and I tend to avoid intimate contact with him. But he also respects that there are a few things that I cannot stand in our intimate relationship, and he honors them. I don’t distrust men, but I am careful. I had bad experiences with pastors too, and shied away from them for years. I had one pastor, when I was in the custody of my sister, tell her all that I told him about my past, and she almost killed me. Her husband had to pull her off of me. So I stopped talking to pastors, which was ok, because I also didn’t talk to God at that time.

I think the most profound effect on my life from the abuse on the negative side is that I spent 40 years hating God and anything God stood for. I was led by God, I am certain, to Pastor Don, who is the one and only pastor who has been consistently trustworthy, godly, and a great pastor. With his gentleness and godly love, I was able to finally come to a relationship with God. But as Pastor Don would also say, God had his hand all over it. I also tend to try and be controlling, and that spills over into my relationship with God. I am not all that trusting even of God.

On the positive side, what happened to me, I hope makes me more sensitive to others who are hurting. When I say, I understand, I think they know that I do. And I pray that God uses my past and experiences to help others and to somehow be able to use them for His kingdom.

If you want to read about my testimony, it is written in bits and pieces on the following dates in 2005: March 15, 19, 29, 31, Apr. 2, 7, 16.

5.) What are your HOBBIES? I love Xanga, handicrafts, quilting, counted cross stitch, and making arts and crafts for the Sunday School. Right now, much of my time is taken up with Bible study, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and kid and family things. Perhaps one day I can pursue my hobbies with more time.



About Heather Marsten

Welcome to Heather's Blog. I'm looking forward to meeting you and checking out your sites. I just moved about nine years of material over from another blog site, Xanga, who may close down mid-July. At first I was disappointed to make the move because I had a lifetime membership at Xanga and had to spend weeks transferring posts. But now I'm thrilled. Already I've met new bloggers and read many new websites. Blogging is a wonderful way to expand my horizons and garner new ideas. I'm a happily married mom of three young adults. My husband and I are proud to watch our children grow and venture out into the world. My daughter is still in college but my two sons have graduated. One has a job and the other just graduated and is in the process of finding a job in his field, physics. Anyone know of any jobs out there? I'm proud of our children and love watching them grow and mature. They've become fine, compassionate, and loving people. Empty nest? Nah, I'm too busy to let an empty nest bother me. Not enough hours in the day. My husband and I enjoy quiet time together and I have many interests to pursue - one of which is blogging :D I am a born-again believer and love God. As you read this blog, you will discover that Bible studies thrill me. There is so much wisdom contained between the covers of the Bible and I am fortunate to sit under the teachings of a remarkable pastor, Pastor Don Moore. Members of our church (Living Word Chapel in West Hurley, New York) are encouraged to teach and there are visiting pastors who stop by our church, I also study the Bible on my own and love sharing what I learn. One other passion is writing. My current work in process is a memoir. A scene from my memoir was published in a book called: Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unaware - an anthology of angelic encounters compiled by Cecil Murphy. I'm hoping my memoir will encourage other survivors of abuse. I grew up in a home filled with abuse, including incest. For most of my life I was searching for something that would fill the void of not being loved by my parents. I tried many ways to find that love -- therapy, relationships, occult studies, and keeping my life so filled I had no way to think about my past. It was only when I discovered God that I was able to put the pieces of my life back together and walk forward in a joyous life. My nickname - wondering has changed from wondering where the heck God was in my life, to wondering what incredible adventure is going to happen next. I hope you enjoy my site. Please say hi, share some thoughts, and ask questions. I look forward to meeting you and checking out your sites. Have a blessed day. Heather
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