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Monday, December 27, 2004
CURRENTLY READING:  ETHICS by Dietrich BonhoefferInteresting thought on P. 32 Bonhoeffer states that what takes place between Jesus and the Pharisees is a repetition of that first temptation of Jesus. That both satan and the Pharisees are trying to get Jesus to do something of his own understanding, not the will of God.He also states that when questions are put to Jesus, he is not drawn into our problems. That there is not a single question that Jesus answers with acceptance of the human either-or that the person wants. He does not want to be held by human alternatives.Jesus’s main concern is to do the will of God, a will that was in place before the fall of man, before man ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Before man became conscious of good and evil.An interesting concept for me. I guess I always saw that if the actions stemmed from love, then we were doing God’s work. But sometimes what is love may not look like love on the surface.

Took my kids skiing today. It was bitter cold. Tomorrow they go to the dentist. To their way of thinking it is a waste of a good holiday day off from school.

I am surviving Christmas. I enjoy being with my kids and not having the scheduling that three kids with busy schedules entails. It is nice to relax. I spent time studying more of Revelation while the kids were skiing. I am not one for skiing – perhaps if they develop skis with cleats I might consider it.

Sometimes it feels like I am  navigating through landmines to walk through life. We never know when things will trigger memories, memories that one thought were safely buried. A look, a glance, a word, a smell, a sound can trigger the memories.

Has anyone wondered if God is as fickle as some of those  whom we have known. Can we blow it big time?



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